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    MCU: stm32L152re Testboard: stm32L152re Nucleo 64 Toolchain: GNU ARM, Eclipse, cubeMX - Es soll ein analoges Signal für 0-200us aufgenommen werden und mit einer Referenzkurve verglichen werden. - Die Abtastrate soll maximal sein. - Vor dem Vergleich soll die digitalisierte Signalkurve mit einer math. Funktion bearbeitet werden (z.B. Quadratwurzel) - Digitale Ausgabe ob die Signalkur...

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    discrete math

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    Discrete Math Project

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    Trophy icon Android App Launcher Icon Beendet left

    Ich entwickle an einer Android-App wo Spieler gegen andere Spieler Mathe Aufgaben online lösen müssen. Da ich mich überhaupt nicht mit Design auskenne, brauche ich jemand der ein Android Launcher Logo für mich macht. Das Logo sollte zum blauem Hintergrund passen, da fast alle meine Android-Layouts blau sind. Im Splashscreen werde ich das Launcher Icon einbauen. Das Logo sollte...

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    engi math232 Beendet left

    engi math engi mathengi mathengi mathengi mathengi mathengi mathengi mathengi mathengi mathengi math

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    Ich habe einen Magento-Shop der nicht ganz fertig ist. Ich suche einen erfahren Magento-Freelancer, der mir auf Stundenbasis behilflich ist. - Template anpassen - Extension Grouped options von Brim Extensions - Extension Custom Math Pricing von Mico Solutions - Extension M2E pro

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    Write up 10 Math Problems... 6 Tage left

    This job will require you to write up ten (10) mathematical problems which CANNOT be solved on Wolfram Alpha, but CAN be solved by a human step by step. Each problem must be written out in either plain text or latex markup, and then solved verbosely (aka show ALL work), and will be tested by placing it on Wolfram Alpha. Mathematics will be college level, and solutions MUST be readable and unders...

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    Data Entry II 6 Tage left

    Potential staff accountants must possess basic math skills, the ability to analyze figures, knowledge of accounting principles and excellent verbal and written skills. They must be able to multi-task, establish priorities and organize efficiently. Knowledge of computers and familiarity with accounting software is also essential. Some employers may require a criminal background check along with a w...

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    Looking for someone to do around 15 corrections in an article. P.s: 1 correction requires math knowledge (e.g: define symbols in the shown formula)) Subject is about PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 "agile" methodologies Short term job (urgent)

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    I need: 1. Create a script (vbscript, DOS batch, kix, etc) to extract data from MS Access database. 2. Script should have option for user-defined dates built-in or as a command switch. 3. Can work with network paths (e.g. ServerShareFolder[Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]). 4. User-configurable criteria (e.g. date range, name, location, etc.). 5. Output result to CSV file. What will b...

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    Data Scientist Responsibilities include: ·      Undertaking data collection, preprocessing and analysis ·      Building models to address business problems ·      Presenting information using data visualization techniques Job brief We are looking for a Data Scientist to analyze large...

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    Tutoring service 3 Tage left

    I need help to crate a math and reading worksheet

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    I currently want to buy the math design and Algorithm of these two types of games. can you support me [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] and 25 line slot game format. [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]

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    Screenshots as shown below. I need this to be redesigned. Please show me a design that you think would fit this Math application

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    The Customer Service Representative (CSR) position is a performance based, hands-on, customer-focused role that is responsible for completing tasks associated with the center’s daily operation. Job responsibilities are expected to be completed in a manner that complies with all federal and state regulations and adheres to company policies, procedures, and practices. This position is responsi...

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    We need to translate an excerpt from the European Math curriculum to English. The key here is to understand the context and be able to transmit this to English

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    math teachers 2 Tage left

    we are e learning protal, need freelancer teachers for preparing test series for competitive exams on all subject.

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    We have the raw assembly code for two specific 16 bit Siemens aka Infineon C166 and C166SV2 based processors (they started out as an Intel X86 file and then we converted it into raw assembly). They were released over a decade ago now. The processors are SAF-XC164CM-16F40F BA and SAK-C167CR-L33M HA+ specifically. There is a specific function that runs that we need assistance determining where it ...

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    We are looking for experienced math teacher who can solve Mathematics questions of Precalculus , Calculus , Algebra , Trigonometry etc in given format and step by step solutions in detail,

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    Hi I have 6 different websites. (C++, Java, Python, Math, Engineering education)I am looking for articles and relevant links from related quality websites. Links can be nonfollow. Please describe your offers in bids. Thank you

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    We need help creating math assignments in indesign and generate PDFs. We will deliver handwritten drawings and text in a word file.

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    Educational video 3 Stunden left

    I am a private (first - 6) teacher from Egypt and want to make a tutorial Math, Science, History, ... 2d/ 3d videos. The text content will be provided to you which you need to convert to a relevant video script. The text content is related to topics from primary education. The videos should be about 5-10 minutes length. The narration in videos could be computerized or self-narrated. Characters, p...

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    Solve this math before bidding 2 + 2 = __ Note only bid with the price you can do the job and the timeframe for completing the project. I need an Android & iOS app with Web Admin Panel. I already have a design for the App, I just need it to be built. REMINDER MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT * Alarm Notification/Reminder * Save Ideas (Note Archive) * Memorable Picture Archive * Chat (Messaging System...

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    Need someone who is specialized in math, algebra to write an equation with its explanation for my medical research.

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    We are a young startup company focused on developing mobile games which transform recent research on early education into digital learning methods for kids aged 3 to 7. Our first app helps to think about math visually, enhances learning through a positive emotional experience, lays the groundwork for sound problem solving and logical thought and helps kids to apply their skills creatively. Current...

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    Hi .. I need some an expert in Elliptic Curve Cryptography to explain me the algorithm of ECC in math and how we implement it to cipher the message. because I have a project request me to understand the algorithm. Thank you

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    I am setting up a tutoring company for math tutoring in Dublin. The name of the company is Dublin Maths Grinds, I would like a nice logo and nice font to go with it

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    I need an application in vbscript along with hta to capture all data send to printer asynchronously and send them on web api. The application run continuously in background and perform operation based on config downloaded from api

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    I need a vbscript that can convert the json file generated from rest API to CSV.

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    Math problem 2 Beendet left

    I have a simple geometry problem. It relates to sizing a stormwater culvert properly. Not a complex problem, but I'm getting wrong results so am doing something wrong. The geometry problem is: If you have two circles. Circle 1 with radius 1 (r1) and circle 2 with radius 2 (r2). The second circle has a chord splitting the diameter into a major segment and minor segment where the major segmen...

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    Hi Mustafa D., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. Book Cover: Title: TABE 11 & 12 Consumable Student Math Workbook for Level E Subtitles: Preparing Adult Learners for TABE 11 & 12 Math Tests and for Vocational Training Entrance Math Exams

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    We are a young startup company focused on developing mobile games which transform recent research on early education into digital learning methods for kids aged 3 to 7. Our first app helps to think about math visually, enhances learning through a positive emotional experience, lays the groundwork for sound problem solving and logical thought and helps kids to apply their skills creatively. Current...

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    We are looking for a professional to develop a solution for recognizing math problem. The solution may utilize third party solution like mathpix, tesseract. - Input: problem image taken from mobile phone - Output: 2 parts : text and array of latex formula - Support different kind of mathematics formula in K12.

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    OK - This is a Re-Post of the Project I had previously Awarded this job, However the person was not able to complete. THIS JOB REQUIRES A PERSON WITH SKILLS IN MATH. AND TO BE ABLE TO APPLY EQUATIONS TO CODE. ( You NEED to be able to CALCULATE Font Height and Text Length in a Formula) Apparently skills lacking in most. ie: Golden Ratio see: [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] I was Asked for the For...

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    We are Mindsets Learning, an edtech startup based in Melbourne, Australia producing creative lessons and curriculum to teach math, science and STEAM for middle school students in the US and Australia. We are looking for a freelance writer to join our team to help write/edit marketing materials and emails, for new content, features and offers to drive conversion. Note: Given the nature of ...

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    Typing on Latex Beendet left

    I need someone to help me type a 1 page document on Latex filled with few word explanations and advanced math equations. The person must be able to complete it in 1 hour because it is just like 20 lines and not more than a page. I have attached it below:

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    Math Problems Beendet left

    Hello, My name is Jeremiah Hernandez and i'm in the process of setting up a hemp processing plant for the production of CBD oil and i need some help with a few math problems, this isnt a long term job i just need some one to solve a few math problems for me form time to time involving concentration levels of a solute in a solvent and things of that nature.

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    I'm looking for a developer, or a team of developers, with the ability to develop a dapp on EOSIO blockchain (this is the software you need to work with [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]). Create an automated lottery, which does the following: 1) sale of lottery tickets 2) extraction of an account name among the participants, every 24 hours 3) sending the winnings to the selected accounts Gen...

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    Eligibility: Bangalore Individual Developers ONLY We are seeking an experienced Virtual Reality Engineer who aspires to apply their skills to the exciting and critical growth area of Virtual Reality. Skills and Qualifications: Experience working across cross-functional roles, building and managing teams and most importantly, with a passion for building the next big AR/VR startup. Strong techni...

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    Customise frontend and backend functionality with relevant data points collected, create new algorithm that drives database structure. Basically, I want to create a 'matching' algorithm like they do in dating sites, but for a different purpose. So people who are good at math, and can write a database matching algorithm are welcome. This is a very important skill. If you have experience o...

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    OVERVIEW & PURPOSE  NDA Agreement will be required.  A Multiplayer Racing Game Project developed on Unreal Engine 4 coded in c++. Using a  list of features below. Essentials of the design will be based on provided prototype  designs & a demo.  USER AUTHENTICATION  1. Login from Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Look into Google Firebase.  2. User Database S...

    €1 - €5 / hr
    €1 - €5 / hr
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    Hey Guys, We are an India based service oriented software company. Recently, we built a new web based SaaS tool which helps online store retailers/agencies to save huge amount of money on their digital marketing costs. Objective: We are looking for an experienced, well versed, and highly effective individual(Telemarketing Virtual Assistant) who can help us bringing potential customers to our SaaS...

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    Must know how to solve word problems and understand topics in conditional probability. Must be willing to start immediately. I will conduct test before hiring. Working hours is atleast 5 hrs per weeks

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    Hello developers, we need MVC c# developer who has experience with Math Equation generation tool. Developer must be able to create proper equation generator and images. Challenge may also contain images Like rectangle,circle etc. (shape problems) . Save in database, fetch the record and display in web page as well as create a formatted PDF. we also have android app in development ...

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    I need to hire a math and probability expert to help me solve some problems . It is an one time job but could extend to long term collaboration with recommendention letter from my company . No programming needed . Budget is fixed to 20 euros not negociable. Tns

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    I have a very simple VBScript that when opened it opens a box dialogue and displays your current IP-address, I need you to modify the VBScript so I will be able to copy the displayed IP address in the box dialogue. This project should take you merely 10 minutes.

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