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We've all seen examples of great graphic design. Whether it's an app, a website, an advertisement, or just a nice poster, really good graphic design makes us pay attention. Sometimes it's even enough to make us show our friends. But what about all the other designs? You've probably already seen dozens of designs today. How many do you remember?

Graphic design is what separates the successful businesses from the ones that blend into the background. If you update your designs, you can stop your customers from ignoring your business, and get them to start paying attention. You can make your designs the ones that people remember.

At, you don't need to pay exorbitant rates to get great designs. is the world's largest freelancing and crowdsourcing platform, so you can find competitive quotes for your design project. Alternatively, if you'd like to harness the power of the crowd, you can run a design contest and get dozens of designs to choose from. Getting started is easy, so don't let your business blend in, get a new design today!
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Projekt/Wettbewerb Beschreibung Gebote/Beiträge Fähigkeiten Gestartet Endet Preis (EUR)
design a mockup of a nut pouch bag 10 flavors hi we designed labels for a packaging now we need mockups of clear bags filled with nuts only pros apply thank you 0 Grafikdesign, Photoshop Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h -
I need some changes to an existing website. I need this part other website designed along with resolving the error with the slack integration. [url entfernt, zum ansehen anmelden] Ideal candidate should be able to work with Laravel and slack API 4 PHP, Webdesign, Grafikdesign, Laravel Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h €30
Design a Logo for Dubai indoor project Hi creative artists, We would like to get a logo for our new project in Dubai, The project is indoor sport hall, And our official name is IndoorDubai. We need the logo to be with the letters, Our color is sky blue. Most be smart logo, I mean by smart is to play with letter shapes in ( Indoor Dubai ) to make it look like indoor sport hall with sky blue color. We dont want drawi... 0 Grafikdesign, Logo-Design Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h €104
Design a 65 pages Real Estate Brochure Design from scratch a brochure as per our corporate brand book 51 Grafikdesign, Faltblatt-Design Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h €308
Simple Clean Shrink Sleeve Packaging for Nutritional Shake Here's what you are creating: 1. use the template is attached 2. create a label for a nutritional shake 3. Simple design with great shelf appeal 4. Name the brand, Simply CCL at the top with smaller type than the flavor of the drink. Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla 5. Use the CCL logo, not too big bottom right corner 6. you could also use an all white logo of CCL if the logos below d... 0 Abdeckungen & Verpackungen, Grafikdesign, Infografik, Verpackungsdesign, Photoshop Design Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h €95
MLM ponzi scheme script Features 3: 1 tier matrix ( 3 people to pay one person that is eligible to receive payment) Edit profile button Auto Matching & Re-Matching Purge button (appears 30 mins if a participant refuses to pay) Reject/ I can’t make a payment button Payment countdown timer (12 hours for day and 20 hours for night – night starts from 1 am) Extend time button (by 4 hours) Recycling for inst... 8 PHP, Webdesign, Grafikdesign, HTML Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h €208
archictetural design I need a 3d architectural design of a restaurant. We have the floor plan and the measurements, as well as photos of the place. We want to make some changes of layout and decoration and we would like to visualize them in 3D. We need the project ready in at least 1 week. link for 360 degrees photos [url entfernt, zum ansehen anmelden] 13 Grafikdesign, 3D-Design, Design Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h €190
Album Cover Creating an EP for my music. I want a cover photo thats artsy. I'm looking for something dark and minimal. 15 Grafikdesign, Illustration, Musik, Design Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h €23
Design a T-Shirt I would like a t shirt design in the form of a cross with the phrase BLESSED BY THE BEST. 30 Grafikdesign, Photoshop, Photoshop Design, T-Shirts Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h €25
Design a Post Card - Mail Merge Compatible I am a real estate investor and want to design a post card targeting owners of tax forfeited properties. The goal is to get them to call me before the government takes their house away. I have a data base containing a list of these people and I have attached sample here. I have also attached some ideas of post cards out there that convey a sense of urgency "you need me more than I need you... 0 Grafikdesign, Drucksorten-Design Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h €33
Design a Logo Take attached photo and make it into an editable, high quality vector format. Image must be identical to one attached. 1 Grafikdesign, Logo-Design Mar 1, 2017 Heute4d 23h €33
Magento v2 Modern Front page We have been working with a designer to come up with a home page concept, and the attachment is what we have come up with, although it looks good it feels classic and not modern. I dont think the homepage needs to be altered a lot but it needs something as it just doesnt look as good as i want it to look. It has to be clean and easy to navigate. We need to make main search prominent as lik... 0 Grafikdesign, Benutzerschnittstelle / IA, Webdesign Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h €58
Build a Website I want just a design for a school website ... Don't bid more than the budget ... my budget is limited and there is no way to increase it. The final deliverables are 4 images ... one for each page: - Homepage - Students page - Teachers Page - Parents page I will provide more information when with the awarded freelancer The work should be done within 2 - 3 days if I had any comments on... 7 Webdesign, Grafikdesign, Photoshop, Photoshop Design, HTML Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h €27
Design a Logo Need to design a logo for the big e-commerce website, that is selling the luxury clothing of famous brands. The brand name is in the attached file. 61 Grafikdesign, Logo-Design Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h €50
Design a Flyer Small non-profit looking for someone to help us design a flyer for a fundraising event we will be hosting in June. This event is for a motorcycle ride and festival to honor first responders (firefighters, police, EMTS). 45 Grafikdesign, Faltblatt-Design, Design Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h €29
Build a Website This website tries to ease the shopping system which will relieve from rush in markets. People can buy the goods from anywhere of any brand and they can also compare the products so that they can choose the best. Using this website any user would be able to register and can add products in cart for future. I have used Apache Tomcat Server and NetBeans IDE to carry out the project. 3 JSP, Webdesign, Grafikdesign, HTML Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h €187
Small Develop For Codeigniter Website I have a doctor directory script with codeigniter system. I want to change some system. 1. My system has content and video page. Doctors can video and content. When doctor add content, video, login (once earn point in a day) and completed own profile, they will earn point. For example, doctor add a content, he will earn 20points. I want to be order by point. When user search to doctors, Do... 7 PHP, Webdesign, Grafikdesign, HTML Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h €131
redesign front entrance Hill house below grade (20 stairs down from the street) needs design or architecture ideas/concept, not architectural drawings, for the better looking entrance and curb appeal! The deck entrance area is pretty small, around 15 X 20. There is no yard, just a down slope by the stairs with a couple of undesirable trees and some erosion barriers. Since we have to replace the front entrance deck, r... 23 PHP, Webdesign, Grafikdesign, Design Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h €447
Design a Website Mockup Just need to work on a logo. Match2Match is the company name but short name for the logo is M2M, tthis is about the meeting beetween sportsman and sport clubs. 27 PHP, Grafikdesign, HTML, Design Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h €133
Design a Logo I am planning to open a new real estate business that will require many new logos, websites, etc, and I am looking for a branding logo for my real estate business which is mostly, but not limited to, lakefront reatl estate sales. My 'tag line' is PIER PLEASURE. I want it to be clean, simple, but catchy. The logo doesn't have to be fancy, just catchy that could potentially include fu... 0 Grafikdesign, Logo-Design Mar 1, 2017 Heute6d 23h €95
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