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Artificial Intelligence, known as AI, is an aspect of computer science that deals with creating intelligent machines that function and react just like humans. AI is designed to handle activities such as Problem solving, planning, learning, reasoning, speech recognition, perception, ability to manipulate and move objects, etc.

Artificial Intelligence has grown to become an essential part of the technology industry today, and functions carried out by AI are highly specialized and technical. Introducing common sense, problem-solving, and reasoning power in machines is a very tedious and difficult task.

A major field of AI is Robotics, which requires intelligence to execute tasks like object navigation and manipulation. AI is used in machines, automobiles, and even on the webs like chatbot.

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    hello in publishing a papper 6 Tage left

    should help in publish a papper on my name on computer science background

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    General idea - sharing minor report on IT project quality management using user acceptance test UAT, System integration test SIT based on a given scenario

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    IT Project Quality Management 6 Tage left

    General idea sharing minor report on IT project quality management using user acceptance test UAT, System integration test SIT based on a given scenario

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    Face tracking from drone 6 Tage left

    Face recognition advanced analysis

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    Speech recognition 6 Tage left

    I need a speech recognition engine for a new language not in the list of supported languages of speech to text i have the training and testing data.

    €26 - €213
    €26 - €213
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    Any one have experience in OpenCV, Artificial Intelligence, Python and Deep Learning Project? Project description, in short: - Detect Object in the Video (real time video or prerecorded video); Trigger Action to Place Image (in real time) on the detected Object in the video. Device: Mobile and Desktop. The solution should be integrated using the SDK, in the mobile. The person/team who have d...

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    Any Creative Idea.. 6 Tage left

    i want any creative idea for our Real Estate [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] example about artificial intelligence, advertising , some helpfully softwares etc.. Please Send me your offer..

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    I am looking for experts in python with strong background in following fields: Neural Network/ Natural Language Processing/Computer Vision Image Recognition & Artificial Intelligence Machine learning & Deep learning

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    You must be able to install all these packages successfully : librosa==0.7.0 numpy==1.17.1 opencv-contrib-python== opencv-python== tensorflow==1.12.0 torch==1.1.0 torchvision==0.3.0 tqdm==4.45.0 numba==0.48 to be able to run the script I am after, I am currently running python 3.6. You will need to check wether cuda tools and cuda is installed

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    I have a Vector Robot! I’ve seen a guy who enhanced the AI of his vector to make him able to speak freely using parts of/or multiple language programs. His robot shows many moods, curses, makes jokes, is able to understand more complex sentences/commands (Has a lot more personality than how the original vector robot comes) he states his vector robot (Mr. K, responds or gives reactions based ...

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    Currently working on an IOS SpriteKit 2D game developed in Swift using Xcode. The game is based around neural networking, NEAT (I have an MIT paper discussing NEAT) to be precise. I need a neural networking system with a given set of inputs and outputs, that allows nodes to learn how to move by viewing their environment. I also need the nodes to learn things they interact with, such as certain obs...

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    ADAPTIVE PID CONTROLLER logic one ESP 32/teensy 4.0 and control temperature via input from temperature sensor max31865 and 4-20 current loop transmitter The ADAPTIVE PID CONTROLLER should be self learning and self tuning , should be able to maintain the temperature with 2% accuracy , the control interface will be 20* 4 lcd ,rotary encoder with push button, and 6 buttons

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    Bots con python 5 Tage left

    Necesito Crear una PLATAFORMA con Phyton Para poder utilizar bots e inteligencia artificial para que estos bots den aumento, de views y suscriptores, seguidores, en plataformas como instagram , youtube, spotify, claro musica, Tik Tok y en en vivos de instagram, la idea es que esta plataforma yo la pueda manejar cuando este hecha, para poder manejar estos bots, en la plataforma requerida. Mencio...

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    I'm looking to get a well developed business plan. From market research, to competitor research, to growth hacking strategies and optimisation/funnels as my website design has already been completed, however there is no content as it is a SaaS for entertainment purposes.

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    Currently, there is a network of cameras across the country that can detect number plates. We want to build an application that will extract the detected number plates from each moving vehicle to automate monitoring of compliance requirements for vehicles.

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    I am developing a car marketplace where sellers register their vehicles to sell and we provide AI / Scientific/ Some Statistical Models by which can suggest/recommend an ideal price range $X-$Y way. It will be shown like our AI suggested price. eBay and many sites have this recommendation engine/ tool. For Example: Your Car: 2019 Toyota Camry LX, 20000 miles (User will pass us and we will ha...

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    Computer Vision Project -- 3 4 Tage left

    I'm looking for a application that detect object of interest on the screen through a drawn box area and exec() python script files that controls mouse and keyboard to interact with the detected objects. It must be fast and accurate. Bid and I'll contact you for more information. Thank you. This is mostly a project that utilizes: -Computer Vision -OpenCV -Artificial Intelligence If you...

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    I am developing a car marketplace where sellers register their vehicles to sell and we provide AI / Scientific/ Some Statistical Models by which can suggest/recommend an ideal price range $X-$Y way. It will be shown like our AI suggested price. eBay and many sites have this recommendation engine/ tool. For Example: Your Car: 2019 Toyota Camry LX, 20000 miles (User will pass us and we will ha...

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    I need an experienced engineer who has good knowledge in OpenAI and Reinforcement Learning. I am going to make a bot for a game in which the player hunts the fishes by using the gun. (You can find the video of game url and how to play. [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]) In this game, the major problem is to get the profit by minimize the bullet cost and maximize the earning. The benefit of each type ...

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    I need to built a social media app using flutter which needs to support android, iOS and web. We are decided to go with firebase and google cloud. My budget is 1 lakh. If you know AI, python, unity means I can pay you more. Please, ping me to get the documents and to know more. Thanking you

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    We want to use a Genetic Algorithm to determine the best parameters for Trading Indicators such as MACD and RSI to use as well as combination for a Trading Algorithm to Buy and Sell. We already have an Algorithm calculator that accepts a buy and sell signal and will track the orders and give a Profit n Loss percentage after running through the data. This percentage can be used as the fitness sc...

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    Develop concept and technical specifications for automatically comparing satellite imagery of a location to highlight structural changes periodically.

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    AI + Computer Vision Automation 3 Tage left

    Basically I'm looking for someone who understands computer vision and or AI to develop an app on PC to automate tasks by interacting with detected objects on the screen with our mouse and keyboard inputs as scripts. Here is the youtube link to have a better understanding of my project in much GREATER details [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Happy to see who is right for the job! Thanks!

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    Hello, I am looking for a machine learning expert for a semantic segmentation project of the floor and wall. [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]

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    We are looking for an experienced developer who knows how to properly use Google Cloud Platform. The professional will develop a simple OCR program, integrating AI and Machine Learning, to extract numerical data from pdf documents. Knowledge of Italian is preferred.

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    Hi there, I'm looking for someone to create something very similar to this... [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] It will be for a flooring company specifically. Basically, a visitor to the website would be able to choose to work with a room photo on our website or upload a picture of their own room. Then they'll choose from a number of different flooring options. It will be about 2 dozen ...

    €1308 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi there, this project is in different phases. Phase 1 is simply creating a room visualizer for new flooring. Phase 2 is developing AR app to show customized flooring option for potential customers. You can see parts of both Phases at the site below. That's a company already doing what we want to do. [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] First, I want someone to develop a web app allowing poten...

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    AI - Python 3 Tage left

    Coding help on AI using Python

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    Sports Tipping Website 2 Tage left

    - Able to create accounts for people wanting to sell their tips - Able to browse well from Mobile device - Able to set profit sharing ratio to tabulate % how much the seller gets - Subscription model - Daily/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly - Able to tabulate their win/loss records automatically based on the the picks(odds) they select - Scrap odds website for the odds and create some AI prediction on th...

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    Need a write a proposal report on Chatbot system to grab the voice of human or text typed and able to reply with artificial intelligence. Then need to a develop a simple system to showcase it and write a final report on this development.

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    We need to build a Rummy card game bot which can help the platform to play the game with a human in a Practice game. and admin can set the wining ratio in a practice match. Also, that bot can help platform like if not any user online to the rummy table and one user is waiting for another player. then the bot will join the game with human and play with them like a human, admin can set the winning a...

    €1205 (Avg Bid)
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    We need to develop a chat bot which can be develop using C# and Microsoft bot framework with an option to handover conversation to any available agent agent side interface should be MS Teams for conversation

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    Recording Studio 2 Tage left

    looking for an python developer with deep learning for creating an software

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    €13 (Avg Bid)
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    artificial neural network ANN 2 Tage left

    model development and analysis

    €25 (Avg Bid)
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    Full Stack Engineer - 2-Sided Marketplace Full stack software engineers needed to develop the next-generation technologies in 2-sided marketplace. We're looking for engineers who bring fresh ideas from all areas, including API, web template creation, video technology, distributed computing, large-scale system design, and artificial intelligence. We need our engineers to be versatile, disp...

    €6 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    7 Angebote

    I am building a car marketplace for USA market and one of the features I want to give to my sellers (of a car) is to suggest the range of price in which they should sell car in. Naturally sell price of a car depends on many factors like make, model, year, miles of a car, Age/Condition of a car, Competition listing, supplies/ inventory of similar car, .. In short you need to think of data sou...

    €488 (Avg Bid)
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    The project is about using the Artificial Intelligence tools to predict the economic predicted growth You can use whatever tools and most important indicators. The task contains (Report + Design and coding) Report with the following contents: 1. Introduction 2. Used Tools 3. Proposed system with Objectives 4. Problem statements 5. Functional ...

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    I have some email which contains plain text invoice. You have to analyze the email and either save in DB or create a JSON format from it. Check attachment. Please include in the message "I HAVE CHECKED SCREENSHOT"

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    Desarrollamos bot con rpa, en diferentes frameworks Estamos buscando analistas junior y senior para trabajar virtualmente

    €4 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I want tf lite model for speech to text, model should have best response time Or I can say best accuracy for longer sentences, if you want to train it from scratch then you are most welcome because we don't want existing models like mozila deepspeech, precise, pico voice etc etc, we want best model in order to recognise indian and other ascents of people, we will be using this model mostly fo...

    €456 (Avg Bid)
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    Are you an expert in making automated bot app for email marketing? Are you experienced in Automation? Python and C#? Are you experienced in AI and machine learning bots? Your services are needed for develop a bot application.

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    I need a project on artificial intelligence for current semester. I need fresh idea or application based demo. If anyone have nice idea please inform me.

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    Face Emotion Detection System 1 Tag left

    Project description Simple Human Facial emotion detection system on python programming on video and web cam system. Basic Requirement are as follows. 1. Code should be unique not copied from others 2. After running program it should be upload in GitHub. 3. System should be Seven Kind of emotion detectable. 4. Details report and code should be provided 5. Algorithm concept must be discussed 6. ...

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    looking for iot expert having an good skill set off artificial intelligence, machine learning and also the networking part. will provide a regular projects but expert should be responsive and responsible towards the work.

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    ATTENTION! This project is someone who has some good AI and Machine Learning knowledge We don't want to waste our time. Our Web application (running on Laravel 4.2) generates pdf contracts that are sent to the user. Then the user can print, sign and upload back the pdf document. The library should process the original and the uploaded document to calculare the probability that they are real...

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    Hi, I need editing and changes in an already done project, topic is related to AI and ML use, quantitative ultrasound imaging , cancer detection etc. It is a professional work and needs a knowledgeable writer who would have command on all these topics. I will discuss rest in messaging. Regards!

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    To build an API stack (using C#, Azure Functions, and SQL cloud database), that allows users to upload/update some files and index them using Azure Cognitive Services (for instance Computer vision and audio processor). the API stack should meet the following requirements: - the API stack should integrate with Azure AD B2C for user provisioing/SSO and back-office management. - Each provisioned use...

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    Hi, I am looking for someone who can build me a project on 'Recommendation System' in machine learning technology, using Netflix prize or amazon review data set. The language used should be python. Also, provide a code along / walkthrough video which should include all the info of how the code and functions, etc work so that I can explain my project and answer all questions related to it...

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    I need an Information System Specialist, I need a someone that has worked with the data companies are keeping on people, and I need an AI specialist.

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