Biometrics is a form of authentication that relies on physical properties such as fingerprints, face or eye recognition to identify and authenticate users. Based on these physical traits and characteristics, it is possible to develop an identity system that can be used in access control and financial transactions. A Biometrics Installer can design and deliver a secure biometric system that meets the customer's needs – creating a unique user identity which can be used for authorization processes, keeping records of their customers' activities and providing access to resources with just one click.

Here's some projects that our expert Biometrics Installer made real:

  • Designing and developing secure software systems that use biometric readers
  • Implenting authentication processes based on user behaviour
  • Setting up advanced photo measurement tools for research studies
  • Installing contactless biometric systems (face, iris, hand-gesture) with fusion approach
  • Creating systems for data storage using Bluetooth Low Energy, Lora wireless networks, PPG / Temperature/ 9DOF IMU sensors
  • Developing applications for downloading and managing information from ZKTECO biometrics devices
  • Using the Needleman–Wunsch algorithm in recommender systems
  • Building telecomunications network engineering platforms using valid authentication processes.

Regardless of the scale of your project, you can count on our professional Biometrics Installers to deliver the best solution for your needs. With help from our freelancer experts you can rest assured that all your identity verification processes will be carried out efficiently and effectively. So why not post your project today and hire an expert Biometrics Installer here on

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