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Humor helps you to convey a message in an effective manner. Often, you do not even require words to put your point across, a simple graphic or illustration can bring a smile to your readerâEUR(TM)s face. Caricatures and cartoons are simple yet subtle mediums of creative expression. Many freelance graphic designers and artists take on work relating to creating caricatures and cartoons from drawings and profile pictures. You can hire these experts here by posting your job.

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    We are a content creation agency and have multiple upcoming projects that require storyboards to be sent to the prospects/clients. We're looking for simplified storyboards to be drawn on a regular basis like the one attached. Recurring work available.

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    Could you please create a character for me. It is a kids superhero that represents emotions we want the kids to embody. Hi name is Ernie the snail, and his emotion Superpowers are: CALM GROUNDED PATIENT He represents calm, patience, protection, timeless, the spirals of life (and life lessons), he teaches us to slow down and feel the earth. I have attached my logo and the colours in my palette if you could please incorporate it into his design. I have also attached a pic of the kind of style I would like Ernie to look like.

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    snail cartoon 6 Tage left

    Could you please create a character for me. It is a kids superhero that represents emotions we want the kids to embody. Hi name is Ernie the snail, and his emotion Superpowers are: CALM GROUNDED PATIENT He represents calm, patience, protection, timeless, the spirals of life (and life lessons), he teaches us to slow down and feel the earth. I have attached my logo and the colours in my palette if you could please incorporate it into his design. I have also attached a pic of the kind of style I would like Ernie to look like. Payment after i see the work !!

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    hello there how are you doing today i need you to help me to create 50,000 nft art On the NFT side, I need want to have 50,000 in the game in total, so that would be 45000 fish and 5000 sharks.

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    Vector illustration artist 6 Tage left

    Need an artist who can draw digitally different characters and props in vector

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    We are planning an exciting Engagement Party at a family home. There will be a few activities for the guests to enjoy and we would like to provide a theme park style map to highlight the key activities, along with where the food, drinks, toilet, etc are located throughout the property. Refer to the attached sketch which shows the rough property outline and where the items are located. The key items we would like highlighted on the map are: - Entry - Drinks / Bar - Water Station - Food - Photo Booth - Pool - Towels / Sunscreen - Games - Giant Jenga & Finska - Toilet - Firepit These can be in a legend / key on the side of the map or called out within the map itself. Estimated Size: A1 (594 x 841 mm) poster The map should be clear and easy to read. Some examples of the styles we lik...

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    Hello, I need illustrations for Lord Ram Darbar, Lord Krishna and Shri Lakshmi Ganesh. Need it in this style. If you can make please contact. Indians will be preferred for it.

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    I am looking for an artist who could create a series of pieces similar to the attached. I would commission one piece at first with the potential of 250 unique pieces. It would be some fun art on a skateboard with the attached ape cartoon worked in. Ill check profiles and may ask for a rough sample. Thank you!

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    I need an artist that can create 10k chibbi style art for me that will be unique and original

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    I'm having an event in Tacoma, WA on April 30, 2022 from 7pm-9pm, with between 100-130 guests, and I'd like to offer live caricature art instead of goodie bags. Nothing mean spirited or too elaborate, just clean lines that resemble the artist's subject closely enough to make my guests smile. I included an example below but I'm open to other styles as well. Please let me know what your rate is and thank you for considering!

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    I would like a mural hand painted on my wall in a domestic setting

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    Harengon Paladin 6 Tage left

    I need a thumbnail image for a character I've created. A female harengon paldin... basically i need Lola bunny in full plate armor including half helm. Ears can stick out the top but flop over in the back

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    Trophy icon Draw fan art on my behalf 6 Tage left

    Draw these characters as fan art in your own drawing style. I've attached the images of the characters to this post.

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    I'm looking for someone who's funny with money. Finance is so boring, we NEED someone to lighten it up with a joke about Bob Ross painting happy little trees followed by their intelligent and witty comment about the market (stocks/crypto/Nancy Peloci/etc). Imagine Warren Buffet saying he doesn't get emotional about the market, but spits out his cherry Coke and throwing a tantrum after hearing it hasn't been made in over a decade.

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    Trophy icon Tattoo sketch 2 Tage left

    Hello, can someone please draw me a sketch of a white tropic longbird like this for a tattoo. Thank you!

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    I need an artist 6 Tage left

    I have some ranch pics of horses and my family Looking for some pencil sketches

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    Trophy icon TRIP TIME LOGO 13 Tage left

    Keith Triplett was a local basketball prodigy. He now hoping to start his own clothing line. With this logo the key things that it must include are: the name TRIP TIME A CLOCK BASKETBALL #34 We want this logo to be classy. No slang. Cartoons, vulgar.

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    I am in Denver, Colorado and I will not pay what the app says is the minimum nor will I ship the project. My sketch is on the club which should help give a sense of proportion for the project. I would insist on vivid colors and some level of input on the choice of colors. I would like the character to be crisp, precisely detailed, and lifelike. I have very definite ideas of how the subject should look.

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    I am the Black Lady in Red. I need a caricature to reflect my moniker. After I pay you for it, I need to be able to claim ownership of the caricature. I will give credit to the artist, but do not want to have to have permission to use it every time I do.

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    I need animators 6 Tage left

    Spider-Man fan made project for a movie. Comic book art style. Low pay!!

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    Spider-Man fan made book art PAY!!!

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    Animated Animals 6 Tage left

    I need a whimsical. Pink rabbit real fluffy and floppy ears

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    NFT Art dogs cartoon 6 Tage left

    I need 1000 NFT’s of a dog. 2 items need to be the same on every picture (specific hair and sun glasses). See the attachment for the hair and sun glasses.

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    My boss is a tarot reader that is looking for someone to help with the design of her business cards. She would like someone to combine her image and the star tarot card in a "chibi" style for the back of her cards and also help with the overall design of the card itself.

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    I require expert advice on how to make my text and illustrations print-ready. I have written a picture book and arranged illustrations, so now I need it to be formatted for production as a book. As a teacher for many years, I would like a professional-looking book suitable to take into schools to share. My story is a humorous romp across the Countryside as Gran and Mia chase Gran's pants which are blown away during a hurricane. Gran is embarrassed until she realizes pants can be useful-who knew?

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    I am in the process of writing a manga or screen play of some sort. I have put together all the main characters aint characters and would just like some designs Tom designs drawn up to visualize these characters. Potentially in the future either make a comic or one shot manga.

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    We are looking for a sketch illustrator to create a live ilustration of an event as it takes place. The time frame is of 2 - 3 hours and the meeting will take place in Paris, France. It is mandatory the illustrator be already based in Paris.

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    I have published a Sci-Fi novel set in 2266 and would like to explore avenues for adapting it into a visual medium/animation film/graphic novel. The novel is available on Amazon in Kindle and as a paperback. It is very cinematic and action/visual and explores issues of gender and sexuality. It is not for the faint-hearted and is for adults. This a very sexualised and racy world and there is gay content. It is also violent and quite dystopian so could be described as Dark and disturbing. A short synopsis of the overall story is also available.

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    i need a creative vector artist 6 Tage left

    hello freelancers, im looking for a vector artist who can quickly create a building in this style (abstract): you can inspire by buildings like this: https://www.freepik.com/premium-vector/building-logo-with-creative-element-premium-vector_21828154.htm#&position=1&from_view=user https://www.freepik.com/premium-vector/building-logo-with-creative-element-premium-vector_21828130.htm#&position=3&from_view=user Please Mention "linez" in your bid to be considered.

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    Derivative Fan Art 6 Tage left

    I need someone to do a derivative fan art. The artwork will be provided.

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    10 x Illustrations 6 Tage left

    looking for a skilled artist to draw sketches of different types of scenarios for my social media with my own character/avatar. the idea is to present you with the content and then you draw the illustration like the link below. e.g.

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    illustrator 6 Tage left

    to illustrate children story books. fine backgrounds of the story printable and clean graphics

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    Trophy icon Flamingo illustration 6 Tage left

    Hello, We are rebranding a company and we have reached to the mascot phase, where we need a bit of help. The mascot is represented by a flamingo, but we are not happy with the illustrations we have at the moment. As we are in the rebranding process, we can't share the new name of the business, but I ​will give you some keywords that you should consider while illustrating the mascot. - cool - fame - modern - rebelness - unisex, no feminine - friendly - young - influencer - selfie This is the first step of the mascot phase, a 2d illustration .If successful , the collaboration will be for a longer period of time , as we need a lot of marketing materials with different scenarios that will include the mascot. Check below the moodboard we have done and the following link...

    €44 (Avg Bid)
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    1980s style cartoon 5 Tage left

    Looking to hire Miguel S becuase this website makes our lives more difficult.

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    I love the romantic postcards from Mila Marquis. The scenes on the postcard can be everything romantical. With hearts, trees, with animals, with kids or other people - the picture should be full of colour, love and good things. The format of the picture should be DIN A 5. It is up to you and your fantasy, what and how you illustrade. I have no special picture in my head, only, that I would like to love the picture. Thank you for your interest. With kind regards Giselle

    €56 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Professional Business logo 5 Tage left

    We are after a professional business logo for an Tech company. The companies name is Balam. Please be creative. Do something creative to the name.

    €25 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for 2D Character designers / digital illustrators for long term work. Sample images are attached in the PDF. Rates can be paid are $5 - $8 per character design $1 - $3 per trait. Normally projects contain around 1 base character and 30-200 traits. More than $1500 work can be given monthly. Send your offers with sample characters you've designed, price and timeframe (faster the better) for each project . This will be for NFT

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    I want to draw the picture in cartoon funny style and make some modification to meet my requirement.

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    Please bid only if you have truck art elements. Looking for flowers, animals, scenery and other truck art design elements which are popular in Pakistan and some part of India. Thanks

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    Create me a logo 5 Tage left

    Create a logo for a fantasy football team. Team is called the HasBeans and I need three heads in cartoon on the logo. HasBeans underneath Our motto "They were good, but now they're not" underneath again. I have provided a rough sketch, along with photos of all three. Colours for are black, blue, red and white

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    We are looking for an experienced NFT artist who can make traits for our 5000 NFT collections. I will attach some images for our base character. If you already experience in this job please apply on this job with some examples of your previous NFT art projects.

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    We are creating an NFT art studio and need people to assist our artist with certain tasks and illustrations. These are what a few of our current NFTs look like from this first project. You will be working with one of the cofounders of the studio. Styles will be different for each project we design and create, so you need to be very creative and have good technique. Being proficient in photoshop and illustrator is basically a must. If you know how to use other programs that's a bonus. This has the potential to become a full time job and evolve into something big as other NFT projects will start coming to us to want to work with us and hire us to design their projects.

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    Sales Stock Illustration 5 Tage left

    Hello, Im trying to develop a Design. My goal or achievement its trying to inspire entrepreneurs that are trying to improve their businesses or someone that is trying to reach their goal. I want to create a motivational art with a quote or saying and make a piece of art that can inspire someone as also having a decorative frame. This design that I want to create is about sales, especially very similar to the movie from the wolf of the the wall street, where they are trying to make sales as a corporation. In this design I want to inspire companies that have vendors, in this case they concentrate on the stock market, but my goal is to inspire companies or people that do sales for living. I want to be very detail on this design. If you can see the video, you can see people on the phone, peopl...

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    Karen Stuart 5 Tage left

    Hi, We have 8 staff leaving at the end of March and I'd like to give each of them a colour cartoon caricature of the team together creating a scene ie a logo'd van with their logo on) showing each of them in the van driving to their new premises with tools falling out of the van as they go, and a big message saying Bidding you Farewell to Biddenden (with the Biddenden village sign in the distance. Then underneath the text Wishing you every Success from everyone at WFM (and our logo) It needs to be A4 size please with 8 copies. All I have is portrait style photos of each of them on our website. Can you help please, and what would the cost be please? I look forward to hearing back from you. Many thanks. I'll supply further mages after you'e sent me a quote please ...

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    Hi! I'm searching for someone who could add on an instagram reels some cartoon like animation (2D) (for ex: splash of water, colorful footsteps). It has to be childish, fun and colorful as it is for a children campaign. Thanks

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    Retro female golfer drawing 5 Tage left

    I need a drawing of a vintage female golfer putting. I have already had one done (please see attached, says Cheeky Golfer in the top left corner). The new one (please see attached photo) needs to have her putting. The new girl will have a slightly different look but same idea.

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    This is our Instagram page to get to know our style and brand and a sample called cow planet is attached to show an example of what we want we make tufted rugs and we like to add light and lovely illustrations using simple curved lines and so Use picked colors from the rug itself and use the font attached to write the name of the rug ... we will give you a little number of photos of the rugs and their names and simple ideas of what illustrations would be nice for them !! also, we are open to your ideas :D

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    Need to hire a cartoon painter 5 Tage left

    Need to hire a cartoon painter Please show me your work! :)

    €87 (Avg Bid)
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    67 Angebote

    I need someone for an ongoing project to illustrate worlds, characters, etc. for a gaming themed website. I need someone who can work fast and is able to fill in the gaps of my imagination. This project will start immediately and is ongoing as I will need new illustrations weekly. The attached files are examples only. These were uploaded to simply give you an idea of the type of illustrations I will be looking for. I do not own these.

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    120 detailed fashion outfits 5 Tage left

    SCOPE: illustrate/draw 120 detailed fashion outfits SKILLS: you are an expert fashion illustrator designer with exceptional drawing skills and artistic sensibilities MATERIALS: you will receive 120 characters as B&W pencilled outlines with general description of the proposed fashion/wear (NOT actual photos) DELIVERABLES: one hundred and twenty significantly different hyper realistic color fashion illustrations as JPG or vectors set on the characters received NOTE: the files delivered can be pencil drawn, digitally rendered, oil/acrylic as JPG or 3D files (OBJ/FBX) Winning bidder will sign an NDA

    €960 (Avg Bid)
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