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Combinatorial Optimization is a type of mathematical optimization that deals with the selection and organization of a given set of elements. A Combinatorial Optimization Expert utilizes their knowledge and experience to solve customer problems in a variety of optimization techniques such as systems design, decision making, scheduling, simulation, and project resource allocation, as well as computer science topics such as graph theory. They specialize in finding ways to efficiently reach the most optimum solution out of many possibilities in order to maximize a company or individual's return on investment.

Here's some projects that our expert Combinatorial Optimization Experts made real:

  • Developing models and tools that help solve customers’ toughest problems through mathematical optimization
  • Crafting algorithms that process large data sets to identify patterns and correlations
  • Analyzing customer requirements and constraints, identifying key areas for improvement using Optimization models
  • Implementing Linear Programming models in programming languages like Python or Java to create feasible solutions
  • Creating algorithms using Metaheuristics such as Genetic Algorithms, Swarm Optimization, Particle Swarm Optimization and Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm (NSGA)
  • Using Artificial Intelligence based optimization methods for finding the solution for complex problems by determining the best combinations
  • Interpolating points in MATLAB code to solve optimization problems
  • Using Hybrid Firefly and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms to solve optimization problems with efficient time complexity and computational complexity.

At we have a talented pool of experts in this field who are capable of delivering industry standard solutions through cutting edge technology. Our Combinatorial Optimization Experts are highly qualified individuals who are able to adapt and deliver any challenging yet achievable task. We invite you to post your own project on so that you can take advantage of our experts' experience and skills.

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