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Content marketing is the process of creating and sharing relevant, valuable, and engaging content to attract and retain customers. The main use of content marketing is to drive customers to take a desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

Content marketing can be very effective in driving sales because it helps build trust with potential customers. If they see that you're an expert on a certain topic, they're more likely to listen to your recommendations. In addition, content marketing can also help improve your search engine ranking, which brings even more traffic to your site.

Overall, content marketing is an excellent way to reach new customers and grow your business.

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    Wir suchen für unseren Online-Handel Unterstützung im Bereich Kundenservice. Deine Aufgaben: • Bearbeitung von Kundenanfragen jeglicher Art • Kommunikation mit unseren Logistikdienstleistern & Lieferanten • Überwachung, Dokumentation und Bearbeitung von Konfliktfällen auf diversen Plattformen • Retouren koordinieren, aufgeben und bearbeiten • Allgemeine Überwachung der Bestell- und Versandprozesse • Reklamationsbearbeitung Die Einarbeitung vor Ort in 49451 Holdorf wäre Grundvoraussetzung. Anschließend kann die Arbeit im Home-Office erledigt werden. Vorgesehen sind durchschnittlich 4-5 Stunden täglich. Die Arbeitszeit kann flexibel eingeteilt werden. Wir freuen uns auf deine Nachricht!

    €17 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €17 / hr Gebot i.D.
    3 Angebote

    Wir sind ein deutscher Online-Versandhändler und suchen deutschsprachige Mitarbeiter für das Einpflegen von Produkten und Erstellung von Content. Wir sind an einer langfristigen Zusammenarbeit interessiert. Die Arbeitszeiten können flexibel gestaltet werden, je nach Absprache ist es möglich, 10-40 Stunden wöchentlich zu arbeiten. Tätigkeiten: - Recherche und Erstellung von Verkaufsbeschreibungen und -daten für unsere Neuprodukte - Erstellung von geeigneten Produktbundles - Erstellung von Angeboten auf Online-Marktplätzen (Amazon & eBay) Anforderungen: - Sehr gute Deutschkenntnisse - Selbstständige und schnelle Arbeitsweise

    €21 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €21 / hr Gebot i.D.
    9 Angebote

    Dla polskiego Producenta zapachów do pomieszczeń poszukuję osoby odpowiedzialnej za tworzenie contentu W JĘZYKU POLSKIM. Praca zdalna. Pracy jest sporo, bo projekty dopiero ruszają. Będą to: wpisy na blogu na stronie, jakościowe artykuły do dystrybucji w sieci, posty na Linkedin i FB, opisy produktów na www oraz na Amazon. Poszukuję osoby, która dobrze czuje temat zapachów: na bazie olejków a także odświeżaczy. Zapachy produkowane są dla hoteli, restauracji, klinik, biurowców i innych klientów B2B. Opisy na Amazon będą dla odbiorcy indywidualnego.

    €21 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €21 / hr Gebot i.D.
    10 Angebote

    I created a web-based platform to streamline credit application and credit report ordering processes for businesses, utilizing cutting-edge technology. The automation of all processes has kept my production costs low, and I offer unique pricing options including freemiums. However, I am struggling with branding and would appreciate assistance. Mainly Linkedin content + ad. I may consider going with GoogleAds and FacebookAds if recommended.

    €212 (Avg Bid)
    €212 Gebot i.D.
    17 Angebote

    Stiamo cercando una figura che gestisca il nostro team content marketing. Le caratteristiche richieste sono: puntualità nei progetti, leadership, organizzazione, creatività e esperienza in prima persona. La persona dovrà gestire un gruppo di 5 persone: 2 video editor/grafici design, copywriter, programmatore, gestore delle ads social. Avrà il compito di organizzare il team e i progetti, pubblicare il contenuto e migliorare il lavoro a livello qualitativo e creativo. Disponibilità 3-4 ore dal lunedì al venerdì. Preferiamo candidature che hanno un proprio canale YouTube. Selezioniamo solo candidati che parlano fluidamente la lingua italiana, ma che non siano residenti in Italia, ma da qualsiasi altra parte del mondo.

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €10 / hr Gebot i.D.
    4 Angebote

    Necesito que me gestiones ,mis redes sociales para posicionarme como el agente experto en real estate de mi zona. Busco un freelancer con perfil americano. Tiene que ser latino y que hable inglés. Quiero abrir mi canal de YouTube que edite los vídeos (de forma creativa, con subtítulos en inglés) y que esos mismo videos los suba también a Instagram, Facebook y LinkedIn. Necesito alguien que me ayude con la creación de contenidos, los videos y que tenga un perfil creativo y original. No quiero hacer lo que hacen todos. Tengo varias ideas y quiero hacer vídeos con contenido de calidad pero de forma sencilla, original y con un toque divertido.

    €9 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €9 / hr Gebot i.D.
    16 Angebote

    We have launched a new Pride Flag for sale and we would like just a few new, fresh pictures of the flag in use (perhaps on a flag pole or hanging on your wall) as well as a short video of whatever you can come up with to promote it. Funny would be best for viral content, but anything is okay. If you are interested, please let me know! We'll send you the flag and set it up. Creativity is up to you!

    €163 (Avg Bid)
    €163 Gebot i.D.
    1 Angebote

    We are looking for a specialist facebook and other social platform promotion expert to promote our website - in Ayrshire, near Glasgow. We are seeking to reach high earners, those looking for a new home, those wanting a more rural home and those looking for customisable homes with low energy eco credentials.

    €26 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €26 / hr Gebot i.D.
    14 Angebote

    has a custom CMS built for the recruitment industry. In some ways its a 'smaller' more 'tailored' version of WordPress (hence it only does recruitment). But goes more in depth making it possible to take recruitment information into the CMS to make great candidate journeys. Some examples: - - - We are looking for a content manager with a feel for design. the projects will be very structured/similar case by case from a project standpoint: 1. Booston will collect (with the client) all materials: - Brandbooks - Base images - Content (texts, video) - Connect external systems and import recruitment entities like: jobs, job attributes, recruiters, locations, etc. 2. With this information the content manager build the websites in the example: - Turns the brand into styl...

    €448 (Avg Bid)
    €448 Gebot i.D.
    39 Angebote
    content manager 2 Tage left

    Looking for a very creative person for my social media content

    €17 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €17 / hr Gebot i.D.
    35 Angebote
    Onlyfans and Media Management 2 Tage left

    Jetcam's Studio is looking for onlyfans and social media manager and creator for models of our studio. working remotely with models onlyfans/instagram and social media of her to promote her and manage her photos/videos and all of the content. *MUST PROVIDE PROOFS AND WORK* Between 5-10 hours of work, varies in periods, 6 times a week Long-term work, possibility to become a company employee officialy in the future, looking for a person who wants to succeed and work for our company and studio. Main and mandatory requirements: - Experience in the field and proven work tactics - Good communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills. - A good computer, microphone and webcam - English at a very high level Spanish at-least basic level - advantage - Flexibility in hours and good tec...

    €4 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €4 / hr Gebot i.D.
    13 Angebote

    Hiện tại công ty chúng tôi đang có kế hoạch đẩy mạnh các dòng sản phẩm của công ty theo hình thức bán hàng online và xây dựng thương hiệu. Website của cty: Nhiệm vụ: - Xây dựng kế hoạch marketing và quảng cáo cho công ty - Lên ngân sách - quản lý ngân sách marketing và content web, quảng cáo Thời gian: Phase 1 là 3 tháng. Nếu kết quả tốt sẽ kéo dài 6 tháng với các chiến dịch sản phẩm khác nhau

    €277 (Avg Bid)
    €277 Gebot i.D.
    18 Angebote

    this is a small recruiter agency looking for a marketing professional who can help us grow more. That person has to meet with new clients and getting us contracts from them. please note no digital marketing. this is a retail work.

    €59 (Avg Bid)
    €59 Gebot i.D.
    15 Angebote

    We need someone/ team to make the website more visible with SEOs and contents.

    €82 (Avg Bid)
    €82 Gebot i.D.
    42 Angebote

    PREFERS FREELANCERS IN MANILA We are a Home Loan business and we are looking for a Digital Marketer to create and help implement a digital marketing plan to help market our services to existing clients as well targeting new clients. wWneed a professional that can manage all our digital marketing for us including posts on instagram, FB, SEO etc.

    €554 (Avg Bid)
    €554 Gebot i.D.
    36 Angebote
    company branding 8 Stunden left

    i would like to make my company appearance online in a way that i can get exposed and get leads. wanna become present in the market place. we offer services and we sell equipment and spare parts. food and beverage industries.

    €22 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €22 / hr Gebot i.D.
    40 Angebote

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