Cross Browser is an essential web skill that involves adapting a website and its features to run properly on different types of web browsers. It's the job of a Cross Browser Developer, experienced in HTML, JavaScript & CSS, to make sure websites look great and function consistently on both mobile and desktop devices across different browsers.

Cross Browser Developers are responsible for testing websites, particularly in debugging and resolving conflicts between multiple browsers or devices. This can mean identifying bugs or improvements to enhance the design of the website’s mobile-responsive capabilities across all devices, or mastering different levels of compatibility for specialized website features.

In addition to developing a website's front-end architecture, Cross Browser Developers are also responsible for making sure the customer user experience can be carried over from desktop to mobile without any drop in quality. Their goal is to ensure that all users have the same interactive experience, regardless of what device they use and what browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE/Edge) each device has.

Here's some projects that our expert Cross Browser Developer made real:

  • Debugging websites on multiple browsers while retaining their responsiveness
  • Making interactive website features compatible with varying screen sizes
  • Enhancing user experience across different browsers and devices with intuitive navigation
  • Writing code to detect user's browser and serve appropriate content

Cross Browser Developers have become increasingly in demand as websites are required to work seamlessly across multiple browsers and devices. Whether you're a small business owner or an enterprise organization, you need an expert Cross Browser Developer to ensure your website is displaying properly on any device it runs on. Our Top Rated Cross Browser Developers on Freelancer are available to help you optimize your website for anywhere it appears online. If you’re facing cross browser compatibility issues or want to make sure your responsive website performs flawlessly based on user interactions and browser variables, post a project now and hire a Freelancer’s skilled Cross Browser Developer!

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