Cryptography is the study of hiding information. It intersects the disciplines of engineering, computer science and mathematics. Cryptography is involved in securing passwords, access to sensitive material and to computer systems. If your business needs help with cryptography, you can hire freelance cryptography experts to fulfill your tasks. Start by posting your cryptography task today! Cryptographers anheuern


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    Project Overview (Verifiable Random Function) will generate pseudorandom numbers in a deterministic fashion. That is to say, simply generating a random number is not good enough. We need to be able to prove it is random and this goal will be achieved using Verifiable Random Function. We need to create a module that can generate a deterministic random function. This random number should be able to be verified by other participants. Each node takes a seed and private key to generate a pseudo random number and a proof pi. Fx(seed number) = random number, proof pi Fx (last hash) = 1421123151, 131235231 Using the random number, the node will shuffle the participating list of nodes and divide them into 3 buckets. Original list [ node 1, node 2, node 3, node 4, node 5, node 6] Fx(seed, origin...

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    Project Overview: -Our system is going to be composed from a variety of underlying base modules that will be used to define all of the abstractions for actors, their actions, and their relationships. With the premise to remove as much trust from the system as possible it requires a heavy reliance on cryptographic protocols. You will be tasked with adding a Distributed Key Generation pkg to the key generation module. We need a standardized struct to encapsulate a generic interface shared by our current & possible future implementations for Distributed Key Generator (DKG) to allow for a consolidated method that changes dynamically depending on the context. An example of distributed key generation implementations that we need are: FROST Schnorr DKG using ED25519 Feldmann Secret Sharing...

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    I would like someone to research and write and extensive, comprehensive and deep technical whitepaper on Crowdfunding and Launchpads Platforms. The person needs to have outstanding English and copywriting skills. He/She or his/her team also needs to have advanced knowledge of blockchain, finance and cryptocurrency. Based on the demand placed, no less than 20 pages is mandatory for the word document with format as Arial letter, 8 size and normal margins. Remember to note all references and put them in the last page. No copy and paste without reference. The reason for this job is that I am working on a new Crowdfunding/Launchpad platform. So, this whitepaper will be included in a bigger one that is currently being wrote on Tokenomics and Governance. The platform will have its own token that...

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    I want create token in polygon matic and want to use in this script or looking for ready exchange script like this

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    I want to protect my windows application exe through obfsucation and prevention from reversed engineering

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    I want to protect my windows application exe with Obfsucation,prevention from reversing engineering

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    I am getting ready to launch our NFT collection which will be a play to earn game that will have beta versions available for the presale members. I believe I need a presale smart contract and minting page. I plan to do another extended version of the presale in the future.

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    Hello There Very urgently need small Cryptography project to be done . The deadline for the project is 16th august, so please apply asap if you can start it today. Thanks for reading

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    I have some daily tasks that i have to do for work which are very boring and time consuming. the tasks are to place thousands of orders for services on a website. I wanted to automate this and i'm a software developer myself so i started using macros then switched to selenium. i tried so many things including blocking images for the site but still all of that is not fast enough because the site itself is slow too. So i thought i should communicate with api directly without having to use a browser at all. but now i have some problems. the api is strange unlike the apis i work with. for example to create an invoice, the browser posts this data to a url fjOd3pbxQN5L and it's static so i know posting this data will always create me the same invoice which i need. Server responds with ...

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