Data analytics is examining data sets with the aim of drawing conclusions about the information this data contain, increasingly using specialized software and systems. Data analytics is popularly employed by commercial businesses and organizations to make better and well-informed business decisions. Data analytics is also used by researchers and scientists to either disprove or verify hypotheses, theories and scientific models.

It has several approaches and facets, and encompasses various techniques under different names, while it being used in diverse social science, science, and business domains. A particular technique of data analytics is data mining, which focuses on knowledge discovery and modeling for forecasting outcome (Predictive analytics) rather than for purely descriptive reasons. While business intelligence entails data analysis that heavily relies on aggregation of business information.

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    Need tutorial assistance in the following areas: - confidence interval & hypothesis testing - struger vs Scott’s method (bin size & random sample generation) - chi square & cramers V - binom dist & std - regression analysis (naive Bayes) - dummy variables

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    Assembly Line Controller Design an assembly line controller with the following specifications: • master start and stop button for the whole system • controls the conveyor for three separate assembly stations • the controller tracks the location of parts at each station • each station can indicate if a part has failed or is rejected, and eject it from the line • only turns the conveyor on when all three stations indicate (digital input) that they have completed their task • indicates to each station whether there is a part present or not • each station has an e-stop that must be monitored and stop the machine via an interrupt • controller stops the machine every 4 hours for a forced inspection, can only restart when all stations indicate all-...

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    DEA and SFA software project 6 Tage left

    DEA and SFA software project.

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    mohon bantuannya dalam membuat simulasi data engineering pipeline dengan menggunakan data terbuka dengan minimal 2 sumber data. Data pipeline terdiri dari komponen, Extract, Transform, dan Load. Dari proses tersebut, kemudian Anda diminta untuk menganalisis insight yang didapatkan. Kriteria: - Terdapat proses ETL: terutama bagian kompleksitas dari proses transformasi. - Analisis atau solusi dari insight yang ditemukan, menggunakan tools seperti visualisasi dan lainnya. untuk detail lainnya seperti ini kak: - untuk sumber datanya diambil dari scraping minimal 2 source (bukan ready to use kyk ucl dll). - Transform misalnya mendeteksi dan menangani data-data yang hilang, meningkatkan konsistensi, melakukan normalisasi, dsb. - Load ke database baru (bisa csv), selanjutnya mencari insig...

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    Need a freelancer for analysing, dashboard preparation for sales data [Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions]

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    I'm doing a research project to design several prediction modelling and compare them to achieve the best; I have numerous methods that I want to apply to conduct my analysis. The analysis required experts aware of using Machine learning and deep learning methods to achieve the project objectives. The Project needs to be done fast and in high quality. Requirements: I need to develop spatiotemporal models that can get implemented for how the effective disease is going to spread over time and space "not classification". it can be done based on the number of affected people each week, month and year. The required models are RNN, CNN, LSTM, TCN (Temporal Convolutional Network), GRU and a combination of this algorithm and cellular automata. * if is it possible we add machine lear...

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    Problem solving 5 Tage left

    Basic maths and business knowledge

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    hi I need help making building an MLP interaction network by tomorrow

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    We are looking for a person to help us get the document verified from an organization (name will be provided) as a part of background services. The person should be living in a Newyork USA or can travel to 254 W 54th St , New York, NY 10019 USA, easily. If you are that person, please bid. We will essentially be needing the following: 1. A set of documents to be authenticated from the organization. It will require visiting the organization, meeting the relevant person, and getting the documents authenticated. (All the documents will be provided after the task is assigned due to data protection). 2. A picture of premises as proof that the right organization was approached for verification. Please note: The task requires approximately require 1-2 hours minus the traveling time. Please apply ...

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    Power BI support for 1 month 4 Tage left

    Require work support in Power BI

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    The project titled “Department Management System” is developed using Python Tkinter module as front end and MYSQL(Mariadb) database in back end to computerize the process of management of student records as well as faculty records.

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    We are part of a worldwide network providing drug testing services. We have a presence in multiple countries. Our client wants us to conduct drug testing around Avenue Massenet 23, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva. We will train you on how to do it and provide the necessary supplies and tools. You will have to either go to the client's residence or office to collect the provided urine sample or rent a meeting room to host the session. Meeting room rental cost will be borne by us. Thereafter I will guide you on how to perform the testing hygienically and you will send us the result. We will compensate you for every test done. This is a long term project and we will hire you for the long term.

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    Smartsheets 3 Tage left

    Looking for an expert level Smartsheet freelancer. 1+1-1=?

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    My name is Liane and I work with Universal Exam Solutions. We provide test administration and accommodation solutions to test-takers nationwide. For this purpose, we look for professionals who we contact on an "as-needed" basis to see if they are available to assist test takers for their approved accommodations. We provide complete training and assignments pay hourly for the entire scheduled time, even if the exam ends early. We have an exam coming up where a test taker has been approved for a Reader. This is where a person sits with the test taker at a professional testing site and reads the test content out loud to them as displayed on the computer screen verbatim. The test taker marks his/her own answers on the computer. The exam is taking place at a professional test...

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    BI PROJECT--23 2 Tage left

    Need a BI consultant for building a single page Organization Value analysis Dashboard on Power BI, with advance and clean visuals Need a BI consultant for building a single page Organization Value analysis Dashboard on Power BI, with advance and clean visuals

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    Select one of these databases on Research and Technological Development in Spain, Human Capital Stock in Spain or OECD data. Identify one problem/question, show the relevant statistics on it (I will assit on putting this/do it for you) and comment on them, arriving finally at some conclusions (Future outlook, suggestions on what would be smart do to). Make a proper and thorough analysis of the data available in the database relating to the topic you have chosen. Basic structure (Introduction (with variable explanation), theoretical thoughts, analyzis, conclusion) of an essay about 1500 - 2000 words. Basic knowledge of economic variables/measurements needed. Database on Research and Technological Development in Spain 1964-2018 (available in English), from the Instituto Nacional de Estad...

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    Create a pipeline to provision Datalake with aws and databricks using Terraform

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    Sale Forecasting using python 1 Tag left

    Create a model that provides product-level sales estimates. these data, build a model to estimate sales with a measure of estimate uncertainty. Be sure to clearly document your steps and reasoning; we’re looking for a window into why you do the things you do. 2. Provide a product-level estimate of weekly averaged sales using the data provided in the file. 3. When you’ve built and evaluated the model to your satisfaction, compose a summary section at the end of your notebook to inform business stakeholders of your findings. This summary should highlight your primary findings, actionable insights, and recommended next steps. Please check the attached file.

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    Develop an app 17 Stunden left

    A safe production app for underground mining incorporating IOT, RPA, databases, data analytics and realtime reporting

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    Data Analysis with excel -- 4 3 Stunden left

    you can do these tasks If yes , there would b too much contact after that Here's some info might help you if you can work immediately on it please give me an excel file for the final answers. of course would give you the best review ever if you can Thank you!

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    Data Analysis with excel -- 3 3 Stunden left

    you can do these tasks If yes , there would b too much contact after that Here's some info might help you if you can work immediately on it please give me an excel file for the final answers. of course would give you the best review ever if you can READ TASKS BEFORE BIDDING Thank you!

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    IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THE FULL CHALLENGE BRIEF THAT CONTAINS ALL THE CHALLENGE AND SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS AND RULES FULL CHALLENGE BRIEF: REGISTRATION FORM: Apply your network science skills to identify and characterize emerging health threats in the areas of suicide, overdose, or adverse childhood experiences. DETECTING EMERGING THREATS IN INJURY AND VIOLENCE USING NETWORK SCIENCE CHALLENGE Are you interested in working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (Injury Center) in having a positive impact on the health and safety of Americans? Do you enjoy working with network science, algorithms, and datasets? The Detecting Emerging Threats in Injury and Violence Using Network Science Challenge give...

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    IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THE FULL CHALLENGE BRIEF THAT CONTAINS ALL THE CHALLENGE AND SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS AND RULES CHALLENGE BRIEF: REGISTRATION FORM: FAQ: WEBINAR RECORDING: Predict project risks using NASA’s lessons from the past. Design a project management tool that extracts past project risk information and uses AI/ML to predict risks on future projects. RISKY SPACE BUSINESS: NASA AI RISK PREDICTION CHALLENGE If you’re an AI/ML specialist or someone who is great at extracting data from past project reports, this challenge is for you! The Risky Space Business Challenge is looking for White Papers and algorithms to help NASA predict risks on future projects. If you’re up to the challenge, you could win a share of the $50,000 purse. To participat...

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