DevOps is the integration of software development (Dev) and information technology operations (Ops) that emphasizes collaboration, communication, and automation. DevOps engineers help organizations reduce risks while ensuring reliability and scalability in their IT products. Working with a DevOps Expert can be extremely beneficial to any business as it helps them streamline processes and increase quality assurance.

DevOps Experts can help manage the lifecycle of any digital product from idea to final delivery. From gathering requirements, testing and releasing software in a safe manner, to maintaining scripts for daily operations, DevOps engineers are able to ensure end-to-end lifecycle management. DevOps also makes sure that changes are quickly adopted and rolled out after tests have shown they can perform properly in production environments.

Here's some projects that our DevOps Experts made real:

  • Setting up application on Kubernetes using Nginx Ingress controller
  • Building Kubernetes cluster with relevant networking solutions
  • Automating build process for web applications
  • Installing and configuring cloud solutions
  • Deploying applications on managed platforms such as IBM Kubernetes Service
  • Installing and configuring servers such as Zabbix to receive data from other sources

If you need help managing your IT operations, hiring a DevOps Expert is the way to go. offers some of the most experienced experts in the field that can help you reach your goals in no time. You can post your own project today on and find an experienced DevOps Expert ready to give you the best quality result!

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    Need install bitnami docker on vps ubuntu server with yml file with custom add-ons folder and remove flag for no empty password for db and remove default db for bitnami Also need file can edit on it

    €33 (Avg Bid)
    €33 Gebot i.D.
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    i need a person with the following have deep debian knowledge know how to setup a cron service know how to setup log rotation know how to deploy a laravel 11 application Must work via anydesk If you can talk via zoom while working it will be better

    €53 (Avg Bid)
    €53 Gebot i.D.
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    We are seeking an experienced Azure DevOps Architect to help us utilize Azure Pipelines, Azure Repos, and Azure Boards for our project. The main objectives of this project are to achieve continuous integration and deployment, facilitate collaboration and communication, and manage the project in an Agile way. The project will require skill with Power Shell. Ideal Skills & Experience: • Experience with Azure Pipelines, Azure Repos, Azure Boards • Power Shell programming language proficiency • Knowledge of Continuous Integration and Deployment • Comfortable working within Agile Project Management frameworks • Strong collaboration and communication skills.

    €1102 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for an experienced DevOps specialist to optimize my Hostinger VPS. Here are the key details: - **Cloud Platform**: My VPS is hosted on Hostinger and I'm not planning to migrate to any other platform. - **Setup and Configuration**: I've already set up the VPS and configured some basic settings. You can refer to the documentation I've attached for further details on the current setup. - **Key Requirements**: The main task I'd like you to help me with is optimizing the server. This includes enhancing its performance, efficiency, and reliability. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong understanding ofVPS. - Excellent knowledge of independent handling of the project - Excellent knowledge of DevOps - Proven experience in web applicati...

    €23 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €23 / hr Gebot i.D.
    21 Angebote

    Join our Cloud team as an experienced engineer. You'll design and scale our solution from an infrastructure perspective across multiple clouds. Key Qualifications: 5+ years of engineering experience. Proven SRE or DevOps expertise. Strong experience with Kubernetes and Kubernetes operators. Ability to understand, write and review code in Go. Solid experience with AWS cloud infrastructure. GCP/Azure would be a plus. Skilled in observability practices. Contributions to open-source projects are a significant plus. Initiative at the level of independent project/task management. The position expects on-call shifts during working hours. Preferable time zone for this role is GMT+0 - GMT+4 Technology Stack: AWS, Kubernetes, Go, Terraform, Postgres (RDS), VictoriaMetrics and Prometheus ecosyst...

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    The goal of this project is to optimize Azure Front Door for a content delivery network (CDN) serving primarily static web files: HTML, CSS, and JS. The designed CDN should display seamless compatibility with various browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. Key Features Expected: - Efficient Load Balancing - Robust Web Application Firewall (WAF) Top Skills and Experience Required: - Deep expertise in Azure Front Door configurations - Thorough understanding of CDN operations - Familiarity with static web file operations - Proficiency in cross-browser compatibility testing

    €37 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    PLEASE NOTE This is a project that is a testing project where I want to have four instances created with appium and testing. It is NOT an app project I'm seeking an expert Appium developer to create an iOS compiler that can work efficiently with Appium native and Flutter. Work to do(I assume it is something like this): 1. setup appium on a mac machine 2. install flutter and swift compilers 3. probably create a docker instance for each compilers from that MAC machine 4. enable so testing can be made after the app has been compiled and results can be stored into logs. The above should be done the same for Android Key Requirements: - Design and develop the iOS compiler. - Integrate the compiler with Appium native and Flutter. - Focus specifically on compiling functi...

    €22 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €22 / hr Gebot i.D.
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    Reading Time: ~1min, 175 words Seeking a DevOps Engineer with Hashicorp Vault experience to document AND set up a 5-node HA cluster of Hashicorp Vault (Production mode) via Docker (NOT K8s) on Linux (with SSL/TLS) & with offsite back-up to an S3 bucket (on ). Documentation must be detailed enough to replicate from scratch. Consul as a storage backend is fine. Backups to occur through snapshots from Hashicorp Vault stored offsite every time there a new policy, secret, etc.. is added. Your experience + Deployed Vault cluster multiple times as described + Linux shell scripting + Docker Compose + Detailed documentation. Video is fine instead of detailed document. Acceptance criteria + I follow the provided instructions to replicate cluster deployment without error from scratch + I de...

    €493 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm searching for an experienced trainer comfortable with the Saltstack configuration management tool. Though I have an intermediate level of familiarity with Saltstack, I am enthusiastic to enhance and refine my skills. The entire training will need to be conducted remotely due to convenience preference. Key areas of training should include: - Basic usage of Saltstack: Elaborate on the foundational concepts that will allow me to effectively utilize the tool. - Advanced techniques: Push beyond the basics and introduce complex scenarios where Saltstack shows its true potential. - Troubleshooting methods: Essential for any technical tool, understanding the diagnosis and resolution processes is a requirement. Ideally, I need a trainer with concrete experience in Saltstack who can art...

    €30 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    My project requires an experienced devops to quickly establish a continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline. A ready code repository exists and needs to be integrated. Key Tasks: - Identify suitable CI system - Set up CI/CD pipeline through chosen CI system - Connect existing code repository with pipeline - Test and ensure smooth, continuous integration and deployment Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in CI/CD technologies and methodologies - Proficiency in Jenkins, Travis CI, CircleCI, or similar CI tools - Quick turnaround time and ability to work within tight deadlines

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    €21 / hr Gebot i.D.
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    Hello and Thank you for being here Just installed Anydesk 6.3 on Ubuntu 22.04 Even though I enter the correct password and does not complain, still does not enable Entering the wrong password - tells me asap it is the wrong password Help ??? Will give a 5 Star Review when this is done and will write such inspiring words for you, when done. Please understand; there is hope you can give your “best” price; been unemployed, and have cancer with bills backing up, $10 possible? Please note $10 is the max total that I can handle for this (doing hourly reduces % fee). Will leave a Glowing paragraph of feedback 5 stars : - ) My funds are low but will pay quick and leave 5 stars. Please give your best possible for your bid ? (something reasonable?) Please note there is hope we ...

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    I am seeking technical assistance for an automation deployment project focused on Jenkins and Docker for Angular and React. Here's what's required for the project: • Develop a comprehensive Jenkins/Docker automation deployment solution for Angular and React-based applications. . I already created the environment, i just need help to fix my Jenkinsfile and Dockerfile to make them work. Ideal Candidate: • Beginner to intermediate level expertise in Angular. Even if you're just starting, if you have the tenacity to tackle complex projects, you're welcome. • Previous experience in a similar project is critical. When applying, please provide an overview of your experience in this domain. In your application, don’t forget to include your years of...

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    keycloak realm help (5 stars) 3 Stunden left

    thanks for being here have keycloak realm assistance There is hope you can give your “best” price; unemployed, and have cancer with bills backing up, $12 possible? Please note $12 is the max total that I can handle for this (doing hourly reduces % fee). Will leave a Glowing paragraph of feedback 5 stars : - ) There is hope you can give your “best” price; unemployed, and have cancer with bills backing up, $10 possible? Glowing paragraph of feedback 5 stars My funds are low but will pay quick and leave 5 stars. Please give your best possible for your bid ? (something reasonable?) Please note there is hope we can mutually complete this task; we can leave each other nice comments and 5 stars for each? Look at feedback on my profile, feedback I left for many ot...

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    I'm looking for a professional who can help me finalize the product documentation and user stories for my SaaS product. Create user stories, functional and non functional requirements for a new SaaS Product. We need project documentation to get the SaaS app ready for development . We have a solution already and will someone to capture user journeys from this product and create user stories and project documentation. This Information must be inputted into Azure DevOps. User stories can be inputted in DevOps as user stories and other project documentation can be stored in the wiki. Deliverables Product Documentation Functional requirements No-Functional Requirements User Personas User Scenarios User Stories & any suggested diagrams/documentation for developer...

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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