.NET 5.0/6 is a culmination of years of work and development by some of the world’s top developers and technology companies. Built with a focus on performance, reliability, and scalability, it offers unparalleled support for most modern web and mobile application requirements. A .NET 5.0/6 Developer can build dynamic websites, desktop applications, backend APIs, IoT services, and other complex solutions that meet the needs of businesses regardless of size or industry.

With .NET 5.0/6 Developers can use their beloved coding languages including C#, VB, and F# enabling them to create solutions quickly in an efficient manner with the versatility needed for more complicated systems. Moreover the end product is always at an extraordinary level of performance and scalability due to the advancements provided by .NET's powerful libraries, supported by a large open-source community of experts on web development that are ready to take online projects to the next level.

Here's some projects that our expert .NET 5.0/6 Developer made real:

  • Developed secure customer authentication systems for complex inhouse solutions
  • Implemented features using Blazor Web Assembly technologies
  • Merged (synchronized) source codes and databases developed by multiple developers
  • Removed errors across projects and hosted them on various cloud technologies such Azure & GoDaddy
  • Built Windows Form applications with multi-user controls

As a client you can trust that whenever you wish to build any solution built with .NET 5.0/6 you can place a project on Freelancer.com and get access to some of the brightest .NET 5.0/6 Developers across the world who will work closely with you in order to understand your needs and provide you with precisely what you asked for at an unbeatable quality level. Hire a developer now on Freelancer to make sure that your project is up to date with the latest tools & technology developments as well as having it delivered according to your everchanging timeline.

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