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Icons are made to draw attention to the content for the viewer. Without icons, everything would look pretty much the same on your desktop. This would make it difficult to figure out what was in each file. Icons attract the customer to the product, which in turn draws the customer in.

Icon designing jobs require graphic design knowledge as well as knowledge of the software for designing icons. Icons require a lot of knowledge of working with vector based graphic design tools. If you don't have this experience things can be missed and your icon will not look like what you desire.

Listening is another skill that is very important to icon designing. Your client needs to be able to explain what they are looking for in an icon. This includes what the software of product is about and what it needs to do. Really listen to your client. As this is an important element of their business.

Icons are a way of communicating. They are interactive and creative. These are important characteristics to becoming an iconic designer. The use of color, design and structure contributes to how well an icon is designed. Working as iconic designer or performing the work on a freelance basis allows individuals to express themselves through the company's vision. Aus 370795 Bewertungen, bewerten Kunden unsere Icon Designers 4.91 von 5 Sternen.
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    1) Draw a DFD diagram up to 2 level of IS! In this DFD diagram, the external entities, the processes related to the functional groups from the first homework with established data flows should be identified, and the data elements related to the processes(functional groups)should be identified at the descriptive name level. 2) Create a data model! Describe the data elements from point 1 in relational or non-relational format. Justify your choice of format, its description and detail of that description! 3) Draw a process model! Outline the processinvolved in upselling and shipping! If necessary, explain another process of your choice that is specific to the business case (for example, Discounts for loyal users). Justify your choice of process description! 4) Describe or draw user scenarios!...

    €18 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, We are looking for someone to help us design our brand for a new ecommerce website selling coffee machines, grinders, coffee accessories including cups and milk jugs as well as freshly roasted coffee. Our business name is Coffee24/7 and our domain is which we want to be aprt of the logo too. I have attached a style we like but i think the colour needs to be themed the coffee brown and Ill attached a coffee bean wall paper with colours we would like to use. The idea behind the 24/7 concept i like is replacing the circle with a coffee bean icon?

    €14 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, We are looking for someone to help us design our brand for a new ecommerce website selling coffee machines, grinders, coffee accessories including cups and milk jugs as well as freshly roasted coffee. Our business name is Coffee24/7 and our domain is which we want to be aprt of the logo too. I have attached a style we like but i think the colour needs to be themed the coffee brown and Ill attached a coffee bean wall paper with colours we would like to use. The idea behind the 24/7 concept i like is replacing the circle with a coffee bean icon?

    €16 (Avg Bid)
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    98 Angebote

    I have a group of icons/logos I need redesigning to my liking. Please let me know if you're available to discuss the work. I have a $400 budget for all work completed. Need ASAP. Thanks

    €326 (Avg Bid)
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    38 Angebote

    Please design a logo for a new Department of Data Science (DDS). This is a group of youth and aspiring data scientists working at one of the top 10 hospitals in the world (Newsweek rating). We would like the logo to feature the initials DDS. It should also contain a recognisable icon that could be used without the initials on platforms with limited space, e.g. social media. The icon should work in black and white prints, as well as in full colours. Our preferred colours are orange, green and gray but not all three colours need to feature. The logo should look good next to our hospital's logo in green (HEX#009E58) and white. Only submissions in vector file formats will be considered. The logo would represent a scientific team that is progressive, constantly experimenting and bringin...

    €142 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, I need a Logo that works as an icon as well. The logo will be used for a Local letter. Simple yet memorable, and friendly. If this is something you can provide, please message and I will give more details. Thank you

    €66 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon logo design 2WR 6 Tage left

    "2WR" will be an online application (software) specially designed for the vehicle wrapping business and sign business . We are looking for a unique very commercial sleek logo, easily recognizable and transformable into an app icon TIP : Less is more and please NO CLIPART

    €237 (Avg Bid)
    715 Einträge

    Hi, we are looking for a logo and app icon for our app. It's an educational app that will teach world history. The logo needs to look modern, professional, clean, but also fun, warm, and approachable. I've attached some inspiration of logos we like. Think of examples like Tandem, Acadium, AirBnb and Signal. We have three ideas to start out (which you can see in the attachments, more detail will be provided on project acceptance). We want to explore these further, but we're also happy to see your ideas so please factor this into your time and costs. The project will look something like: - Initial exploration of the ideas - Selection of a couple of these ideas with further revision and feedback - A round of further revision and feedback - Ideally the final changes and deliv...

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    Trophy icon 5 Icons/Images for website 9 Tage left

    I need 5 Icons/Images in the same style , these will fill a space of height: 592 px width: 875 px. These Images need to depict 1: Decentralized Authentication 2: Lending and Borrowing 3: Governance and Voting 4: Land Deeds 5: Decentralized KYC

    €28 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Logo Design - Cash Company 2 Tage left

    Looking for a modern logo Name - Injury Fast Cash Design - Include money symbol or icons Look - Simple , modern, to the point *** please make Green logo in white background **DO NOT COPY GOOGLE IMAGE LOGOS**

    €47 (Avg Bid)
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    231 Einträge
    Trophy icon Create a door hanger 5 Tage left

    Design a double sided door hanger similar to the door hanger in the attached photo. The front of the door hanger I would like the kitchen picture that is attached to be the background of the door hanger. The picture of the contractor to be on the left side of the door hanger. The caption on front of the door hanger will be- Looking to renovate? Let us know how we can help Also the logo is attached and I would like that at the bottom with the phone number 647 909 6192 The back I would like the kitchen picture that is attached to be the background Services: Electrical Drywall & Taping Glass & Mirror Closet doors Kitchen & Bath Tiling & Flooring I would also like to have the website and email on it Also would like to add social media icons for facebook, instagram and tik tok...

    €35 (Avg Bid)
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    Need a spash screen image for a top down zombie game 1000x1000 pixels Please provide link to your portfolio. Once selected you would need to a line drawing of your idea, once approved then make a colour version. Looking for a vector style artwork. Any questions, please message me.

    €121 (Avg Bid)
    €121 Gebot i.D.
    38 Angebote

    We require a Logo Design, colour theme for a Delivery Application and an App Icon. The name of the Application is "The Homing Run" Slogan "Pulsing Every Delivery". We expect the logo to be very creative and visually attractive. All raw files will be required at the handover

    €95 (Avg Bid)
    Featured Garantiert
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    We are looking for a graphic designer to create a unique but simple and minimalistic logo for a new online store. The store will be focused on customer electronics, devices, and computer components. The logo should be delivered in multiple versions: black and white, both with and without the name. 8-9 black and white category logos/assets/icons. Possibility for further cooperation for marketing backgrounds etc.

    €328 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Google Maps Marker Icons 2 Tage left

    I need 6 marker icons for google maps. I would like them to be: the standard "marker" shape. one red van trailer icon (the back of a semi) one grey van trailer icon (the back of a semi) one yellow van trailer icon (the back of a semi) one red roll off box icon (40 yard roll off container) one grey roll off box icon (40 yard roll off container) one yellow roll off box icon (40 yard roll off container) PNG file format, 82 pixels high by 50 pixels wide, transparent around the "outside" of the marker

    €95 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a logo and a submark for a nonprofit organization, "One for We". The organization creates pathways to careers for ethnically diverse high school and college students across the country. Theme: Professional Development & Career Advancement Brand Colors: - #F2F2F2 - #594432 - #BF9775 - #D9C2AD - #F8E8D8 - #F2DFA7 Fonts: - Kollektif (Primary) - Roboto (Secondary) Notes: - We would like the name "One for We" to be in lower case letters (i.e "one for we")

    €28 (Avg Bid)
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    TASK ASSIGNMENT: NAME: essential foundation (all small letters). And the claimer/tagline is: be free to grow. We need to create a logo that will be based on the colors of the essential college logo (). The logo should be dynamic and affect people’s emotions. It should precisely symbolize growth thru changing their self. We need to show the world how important it is to care about our psychical well-being and how colorful this could be. The logo should be delivered in all variants of colors and formats. We also need codes for each color in CMYK and RGB. And we want a version with an icon without text (essential foundation) and also a version with both. Please deliver the code symbols of each colour in both pattern. OUR INTRODUCTION: We are essential foundation and we need to create...

    €133 (Avg Bid)
    346 Einträge
    Design me a logo -- 2 2 Tage left

    Design me a logo with the following emojis..

    €72 (Avg Bid)
    €72 Gebot i.D.
    199 Angebote
    Design me a LOGO 2 Tage left

    Design me a logo with the following emojis

    €65 (Avg Bid)
    €65 Gebot i.D.
    198 Angebote

    Im looking for golden ratio design for my logo, strictly golden ratio NARAYANI AGRO SOLUTIONS PVT LTD Im not expecting my company works showcase in logo i need best design and icon it should be iconic with golden ratio give me best tq if there is any changes i ll update in comments

    €93 (Avg Bid)
    337 Einträge
    Trophy icon App Name and Logo 1 Tag left

    What I need is an app name and logo with a domain that is available in the .com. The app is a recipe/meal plan/grocery list/pantry app. In the app you can search for recipes that match watch you have in your pantry. As you cook things and your pantry gets to 0 it moves the out of stock item to your grocery list. You can meal plan for the week put the recipes you want to cook on what days. It will show you if you have everything or if you need to make an order. My problem is can't think of a catchy name or logo. Looking for creativity. I do prefer one word names. And simple logos that are easy to see since they will be on an icon at some point. It's time to be creative as you want! The only hard requirement is it needs to be an available domain for .com

    €95 (Avg Bid)
    273 Einträge
    Trophy icon Upgrade my APP icon 1 Tag left

    Description I need to update (re-design) my icon before releasing it into the wild. I want my new icon to be: *In 3D *Convey that it is a devotional app *Please don't include the word devotional in the ICON Here are the features of the app: *Devotional (Written and Audio) *Prayer Garden (where users can pray for each other- can also post a prayer request) *Bible Verse Attached is my old icon (devotional) and the type of icon I like for the new one.

    €47 (Avg Bid)
    144 Einträge
    Trophy icon New Logo for App 5 Stunden left

    I am needing a new logo for an app i'm develolping. The app will be a place for people to find local events and businesses. 1. Looking for minimalist design. 2. Color scheme is open. text UrbanFind (UF) You may play just the initial 'UF" and urban find integrated somehow. Looking for something clean and simplistic.

    €142 (Avg Bid)
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    1376 Einträge

    We are working on a camera based social media app, that operates with a similar UI to snapchat however with the difference that conversation threads remain visible with multiple users able to see them. We need some initial concepts on the camera view (create message screen), thread viewer screen and message viewer screen. Each screen will have threats, contacts, chats and setting buttons at the bottom of the screen. File, Record and Text will be on create message screen. The screens need to be modern and aimed at a 15-30 year old audience with strong modern, and clean branding. The basic concept is that the camera screen is used to create a message. The message is sent to one or more recipients. They can view and reply. The thread screen is where the video message creates a thread th...

    €23 (Avg Bid)
    19 Einträge

    - Modernize these 34 icons exported to PNG format - Make a splash image, an example is attached in gif animated format We are looking for colorful, flat-modern, and 3D icons on rounded backgrounds. Please get inspired by the attached brochure and the landing page. We are an ed-tech company, here is our landing page: Submit your project early for feedback and iterate over it. The best design will be chosen at the end of the contest time, take your time and do the right thing!

    €133 (Avg Bid)
    Featured Garantiert Versiegelt
    55 Einträge

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