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Icons are made to draw attention to the content for the viewer. Without icons, everything would look pretty much the same on your desktop. This would make it difficult to figure out what was in each file. Icons attract the customer to the product, which in turn draws the customer in.

Icon designing jobs require graphic design knowledge as well as knowledge of the software for designing icons. Icons require a lot of knowledge of working with vector based graphic design tools. If you don't have this experience things can be missed and your icon will not look like what you desire.

Listening is another skill that is very important to icon designing. Your client needs to be able to explain what they are looking for in an icon. This includes what the software of product is about and what it needs to do. Really listen to your client. As this is an important element of their business.

Icons are a way of communicating. They are interactive and creative. These are important characteristics to becoming an iconic designer. The use of color, design and structure contributes to how well an icon is designed. Working as iconic designer or performing the work on a freelance basis allows individuals to express themselves through the company's vision. Von 368,783 Bewertungen, bewerten Kunden unsere Icon Designers 4.9 von 5 Sternen.
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    We need to get custom-built icons (land survey equipment) PLEASE PROVIDE US WITH EXAMPLES YOU CREATE BEFORE CAN THEY BE 3D ICONS? false Product Category false Accessories false Accessories / 3D Laser Scanner Accessories false Accessories / Accessories for Tripods false Accessories / Bubbles false Accessories / Cables false Accessories / Chargers and Batteries false Accessories / Containers and Bags false Accessories / Data storage / Memory / USB false Accessories / Field books / Drawing pads false Accessories / Leveling Staff false Accessories / Line, dot, and rotating laser accessories false Accessories / Marking / Sprays false Accessories / Mixer false Accessories / Other tools false Accessories / Pole adapters false Accessories / Prism and GPS / GNSS Poles false Acces...

    €94 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Logo and Icon Design 8 Tage left

    I am seeking a designer to create a one-of-a-kind logo and app icon for my dating app, "KoChat." The app's slogan is "With no Chat" as it does not feature a chat function. The name "KoChat" has dual meanings - it can refer to the plural of wedding dais and also implies a "knock out" chat experience. The primary color for the app is #9610FF. I am looking for a design that is simple yet unique and can stand out against competitors such as Tinder and Bumble. Please note that the whole point of the app is no chat, so please no chat symbol at all. There is no chat.

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    Hello I am looking to design a logo for my new company called „extra“ or „extra.“ the letters should be of a design that is easy to read and recognizable could also be all capital letters EXTRA or EXTRA. The plan is to use this logo on blankets / towels in bright colours and large size. Additionally to the word I am also looking to design an icon that can represent the brand. The company extra stands for everything home related that is new, modern and elegant, design focused and exclusive / extravagant. We are looking to tell a story of being extra- extra ordinary, extra level - something unique and recognizable. Looking for creative ideas on both icon/ brand label and font of the brand name.

    €15 (Avg Bid)
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    Creat banner for my app 5 Tage left

    I need banner for my app in App Store

    €22 (Avg Bid)
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    Mobile App Icon 5 Tage left

    I need an icon image for a mobile app. I have the brand identity(logo, name, colors). The app icon has to be in PNG format and NO alpha/NO transparent. 1024x1024.

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    Create a Logo with theme Icon 5 Tage left

    Create a logo with them Icon. it should be interesting , unique and hint the logo for an Icon selling website

    €11 (Avg Bid)
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    48 Angebote
    Trophy icon Design Custom Icon 1 Tag left

    Hey, I would like you to design a custom icon that I will use as a chapter heading in books. The books are about a military scifi story where a group of veterans get drawn back into a big war. I attached a few examples.

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    Graphic work PR 5 Tage left

    hi there, I need with existing branding 1) social media headers (twitter, linkedin) 2) Icons - 8 simple icons (1 colour). example

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    63 Angebote
    VIRUGROUPS 5 Tage left

    looking for graphic designer for my website and application icons

    €62 (Avg Bid)
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    We want to get professional icons for our application; **** Important notice: We are not looking for a logo (our logo is attached with the ad) we are looking for a logo icon that is suitable for the mobile application according to the sizes attached here *** We need the following sizes. 1- 16x16 size 24x24 size 32x32 size 64x64 size (ico format) and also in icns format 2- 150x150 (png format) 3- 44x44 (png format) 4- 32x32 Idpi (png format) 5- 36x36 Idpi (png format) 6- 48x48 mdpi (png format) 7- 72x72 hdpi (png format) 8- 96x96 xhdpi (png format) 9- 144x144 xxhdpi (png format) 10- 192x192 xxxhdpi (png format) Attached our logo.

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    we already have a mobile app running (DEEESHA) would like a ui/ux designer to give a professional feel to the user - entire journey .. the color codes are final..(which u can see in the logo of DEEESHA) in the playstore.. changes can be made to the images/vectors/boxes / transitions/ icons for processing / fontisizes/ font types/ flow back and forth.. Current figma is available

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    I need a graphic designer to create logos, UI for mobile apps, websites , buttons, icons, nice layouts, websites and more. Long term contract and full time possibility. Please make sure you have experience and now good design

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    Trophy icon logo for an transportation app 3 Tage left

    I want to create a logo for a online website that deals with transport of different things that can be watched online for their live location. The name of the website is emptytrucks. I want to catch attention to every private person that can carry something : cars, dogs, furniture, bikes , ….. Hi, in the last minute i changed the name to pickupjobs , but your ideas are wonderful. I will award Somebody that Draws a combination with a normal car with the boot open , the location drop or the GPS location arrow and a minivan. The picture needs to take us to a image that is on the google maps and a space that can be used for carrying goods.

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    I need a graphic designer to create logos, UI for mobile apps, websites , buttons, icons, nice layouts, websites and more. Long term contract and full time possibility. Please make sure you have experience and now good design

    €18 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Looking to have a high quality resolution version of this logo done with some touch ups to it + a better/higher resolution version of the Astonish icon. We need you to: -Fix the letter 'A' at the beginning of the astonish logo, so it looks like an upside down V - the font used for the logo is Montserrat - added bold for the 'Astonish' part and just normal for the 'Group' part. -Create the logo in a black version with transparent background + a white version with transparent background -Create a higher quality version of the Astonish Icon in both black and white.

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    Trophy icon westmac logo design 5 Tage left

    westmac logo design Westmac or western mutual assurance corporation is a financial and home buying corporation located in the United States serving ohio and Florida below are some logos we like do not copy these logos use as inspiration use the font not the symbol we want a W icon in a square

    €28 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon I need a logo design 2 Tage left

    This for a gym app in Australia. Can you please add a kangaroo lifting weights. for example lifting a Dumbell or adding bar bell on its back. Make it look nice and modern please. The app will be called Fit Hopper

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    I have a website () where I use Font Awesome (). From time-to-time, I need new icons that work like the Font Awesome but are not available in their catalog. Currently I have some icons (implemented as font awesome svg files) where I would prefer to have customized versions. For example, I have a two-level org chart where I would like the top level placeholder to be a speech callout (like in a cartoon) and for the second level to consists of three or four folders. What I would like to establish is a relationship where there is a fixed price to produce an svg file for each icon I request. If I ask for one that is complex, I am willing to pay proportionately more. The icons need to function the same way the Font Awesome files do, meaning changing the CCS "fill" property changes the...

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    Trophy icon AutomateIQ: Logo for New Company 1 Tag left

    We are seeking designers to create a professional and authoritative logo for our client, AutomateIQ. The company specializes in providing development and automation services for businesses. The logo should be simplistic and convey a sense of technology and professionalism. Gradients and shadows should be avoided. It would be ideal if the logo includes an icon that can be used as a Favicon. The font used in the logo should also be provided. The colors should be printable, and Pantone colors would be helpful. The logo should be landscape, not portrait. A version of the logo with the company slogan, "Intelligent Automation & Development," should be included for use on letterhead and documentation, as well as a version without the slogan for use on smaller media such as mobile ap...

    €92 (Avg Bid)
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    create a logo for app icon 8 Stunden left

    create a logo for app icon which sample is attach below

    €14 (Avg Bid)
    €14 Gebot i.D.
    40 Angebote

    I have a list of 15 to 20 words. Eg Implementation, Development, Training, Discovery etc I need an icon for each one. All icons should be the same 'style' and 'theme' as they will be used on a website. I don't need them created, I just need assistance finding them from icon websites. I few ideas for each word would be great! I will provide an excel file containing the list and you would need to enter the URLs of the icon I understand the icons will be watermarked but that is fine, I will purchase them once happy with the collection. I have attached some examples of the style I like. something with colour and where possible, in the theme of reports/dashboard/visualisation development

    €19 (Avg Bid)
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    51 Angebote
    Trophy icon Logo design 1 Stunde left

    Use this icon and colors and make a full logo for “Webbly nyc”

    €23 (Avg Bid)
    716 Einträge
    Icon Design 1 Stunde left

    Design a set of 30 Icons in SVG / AI format for the logistics industry in India. Icons need to follow or sync with Most of the icons are to represent trucks in the Indian market. We require a side view to show the type of truck. Example: Pickup Auto, Pickup Truck, Mini Truck, Truck, Trailer, Tippers. With different wheel, axle combinations, and body types. I attach few examples of images for reference ().

    €36 (Avg Bid)
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    41 Angebote

    § Who we are We're a small business that host seven-a-side football competitions in a state on Brazil's northeast region. The company will be called "Liga Potiguar de Fut7" or by its abbreviation LPF7. § Project We want a minimalist logo that mix the company name (LPF7) with any of state's symbols (described below) with color in pastel tones. I want the vectorial file for further application § Inspirations Follows the state's symbols: - State Info <> - Genipabu Dunes <> - World's largest cashew tree <> - Fortress of the Three Wise Men <><> - Newton Navarro Bridge <> <> - Natal City Park <> &...

    €17 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Redesign our logo Ende left

    We need a logo for "FLiK". Current logo attached. "FLiK" is the correct case. Logo should use the text as the main part of the logo. Current logo variations are attached. -We want 2 variations, similar to what we have now 1. Square logo. This will be saved in many sizes for use in applications 2. Horizontal logo. Used for website and other places 3. Icon for FLiK to match style of CUT, COPY, PASTE icons ( included) The winner will provide the vector versions as well as the square version as .PNG in full size, 32x32,48x48,128x128. Make sure the design scales down and holds its form. What it does? FLiK handles movement and placement of things. Again: The core concepts: FLiK is concerned with 1. movement 2. placement We are looking for a minimalist design...

    €138 (Avg Bid)
    2562 Einträge

    I have a landscaping company and would like to not necessarily start from scratch but remodel a new logo and make an icon that goes along with the logo. For the logo I was thinking of still KEEPING THE SAME FONT but making it more sharp. I would also want to spread out the lettering and use (if not the same) a similar color to the files I have attached. Feel free to make different colored versions of the the logo. And also if you're going to put leafs there, can you make sure it is not Japanese maple leafs or a regular maple leafs. In the process of making my first logo I forgot to put the word Landscape under it. Make sure the word landscape doesn't get in the way of the logo and and have it were it is still visible but doesn't affect the main logo. If it is possible to hav...

    €231 (Avg Bid)
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    1049 Einträge

    Please design a minimalistic logo and icon(sublogo) for a beauty salon. The name is : SF Beauty Look for attached example to see which kind of style is wanted.

    €54 (Avg Bid)
    1182 Einträge

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