Nginx is a powerful, versatile web server and reverse proxy with a focus on performance and low resource utilization. It is used in large, highly trafficked web applications such as web hosting, eCommerce websites, content delivery networks, and more. A Nginx Developer provides expertise to make sure the most efficient setup is achieved when working with Nginx. Nginx Developers understand how to optimize this platform’s performance and the many other responsibilities that come with managing it.

Here's some projects that our expert Nginx Developer made real:

  • Set up servers for web hosting, eCommerce websites, content delivery networks, applications on Kubernetes - with Load Balancer, Ingress Controller and network
  • Upload and code Node.Js projects on Linux web servers
  • Cache static content in CDN’s
  • Troubleshoot HTTP/SSL errors
  • Deploying applications un digital ocean servers
  • Work with OpenSSL certificates for localhosts on Ubuntu
  • Ensure secure server settings with routers and VM's

At you can source world-class talent to work with Nginx developers that are the best in the business to help you build IT security, web hosting capabilities and more. Maximize performance from your applications by utilizing the expertise of our global community of Nginx Developers. Hire a Freelancer with proven experience in managing infrastructure on the platform efficiently and safely -contact them today to work on your project!

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    I am seeking an experienced developer proficient in Node.js, nginx and bash scripting. The main tasks will involve: - Configuring nginx reverse proxy: The primary purpose of this configuration is to enable caching and data scraping. Your expertise on this matter is crucial to ensure optimum performance. - Bash Script Development: Ability to create robust and efficient bash scripts is required. For the nginx configuration, we will be implementing a unique caching strategy centered around data scraping. Hence, a strong understanding and experience in various caching strategies, particularly related to scraped data is imperative. Successful delivery of this project will require a strong understanding of server-side programming, excellent problem-solving skills, and experience in managing co...

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    LetsEncrypt-nGinx Setup Guide 6 Tage left

    I require complete documentation to assist with setting up LetsEncrypt as an SSL certificate provider for a server running nGinx as a proxy for multiple domain names, including wildcard domains, on Ubuntu 22.04. The initial setup begins with Ubuntu 22.04 and nGinx already installed, focusing on integrating LetsEncrypt for SSL certificate management. This guide should be detailed, encompassing both the installation and configuration processes, and designed to facilitate a smooth, automated renewal process for the certificates. Ideally, the documentation will enable a secure, efficient setup for managing SSL certificates across multiple sites hosted on the same server. **Key Requirements:** - **Installation Steps:** Step-by-step instructions on how to install LetsEncrypt certificates for us...

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    setup ubuntu machine with the following: - nginx - .NET 8.0 - SQL Server - Install SSL certificate

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    I am in need of an experienced freelancer to assist in migrating my small Linux-based website to a new server. The task involves moving my Nginx setup, Python Bottle framework, cron jobs, and physical website files. It's important to note that the database will not require migration. This project is time-sensitive but should not present a challenge given its small scale. Ideal candidates will have the following skills and experience: - Profound knowledge of Linux OS and its command-line tools. - Extensive experience with website migration, particularly involving Nginx and Python environments. - Familiarity with cron jobs and scheduling tasks on a Linux server. - Proficiency in Python, specifically with the Bottle framework. - Ability to ensure a seamless transition with minimal to no...

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    Azure Pipeline & Nginx Setup 4 Tage left

    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer to set up a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline using Azure DevOps for my project, which leverages HTML. Additionally, I'm seeking assistance with configuring Nginx, as I am uncertain if an existing configuration file exists. **Key Requirements:** - Expertise in Azure DevOps for CI/CD pipeline creation and management - Strong knowledge of Nginx, including the ability to assess existing configurations and perform setup or adjustments as needed - Experience with HTML-based projects, ensuring smooth deployment processes - Ability to work with and guide me through the Azure cloud platform for optimal project setup and deployment **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven track record with Azure DevOps and Nginx config...

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    Proxmox Expert: Networking 4 Tage left

    I'm seeking a highly skilled Proxmox engineer to assist to do configuration of Proxmox on my system, focusing on two critical areas: the setup on a network running over a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and optimizing this network for efficiency and stability. Additionally, the professional will be tasked with troubleshooting any network issues that arise during or after the setup process, ensuring a smooth and optimized environment for my virtual machines, which will predominantly run Linux. **Key Responsibilities:** - **Network Optimization & Troubleshooting:** Utilize expertise in networking to ensure that the Proxmox setup is optimized for running over a VPN. Identify and resolve any network-related issues to ensure a stable and high-performance setup. - **Virtual Machine Man...

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    I'm in need of a specialist experienced in ffmpeg and nvenc to design a live stream panel for me. The source of the live stream is a ffmpeg nvenc encoded system. However, the question of which streaming formats the live stream should be transcoded into was skipped. Thus, I require a freelancer who can recommend and implement the most suitable formats. Completion of the project is needed as soon as possible. Ideal Experience and Skills: • Proven experience in designing live stream panels • Advanced knowledge of ffmpeg and nvenc • Knowledge of different streaming formats • Able to provide recommendations based on expert knowledge • Capable of working under a tight deadline

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    Deploy Next.js App in Cpanel via AnyDesk 15 Stunden left

    I am in need of a proficient developer who can assist me with deploying my personal portfolio application. My development environment is on Linux, and I aim to deploy the application on a hosting platform that supports cPanel. Here's a brief overview of what I'm looking for: **Key Requirements:** - **Deployment Expertise:** Experience in deploying applications, particularly on platforms that allow for cPanel management. - **Linux Proficiency:** Must be comfortable working in a Linux development environment to seamlessly integrate and deploy the application. - **cPanel Knowledge:** Familiarity with cPanel for hosting apps is crucial, ensuring the application's successful launch and ongoing management. - **Remote Assistance:** Ability to use AnyDesk for remote access, as ...

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    I have a wordpress website, with a custom database. All data will be stored there. I need to get, store and update data provided by an external API. The update would happen via cronjob or custom function coding. I’ve seen DYI videos for custom post types which are fairly easy to do. However this, again, will be for a database.

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    I'm in urgent need of a Node.js developer with experience in API integrations, specifically Razorpay's API for payment processing. Key Aspects: ihave ubantoserver uneed to setup apache +mysql and nodesjs in server - Implement the Razorpay API in an Ubuntu environment. - Allow for one-time payments through Razorpay. - Integrate the functionality for handling refunds and cancellations in Razorpay. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in Node.js and API integration - Familiarity with Ubuntu environments - Prior knowledge of integrating Razorpay's payment processing features.

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    Ubuntu VPS Flask & Nginx Deployment 4 Stunden left

    I am seeking an experienced freelancer to deploy a Flask application on my existing Ubuntu Linux VPS server. Technical knowledge in Nginx and Gunicorn is required for this task. Here is what you need to know: - Server & OS: I have a VPS running the latest version of Ubuntu. - Tools Versions: The versions of Nginx, Gunicorn, and Flask to be installed should be the latest. Experience in the usage and deployment of these tools is essential. - SSL Certificate: The project includes the setup and installation of a free SSL Certificate - specifically Let's Encrypt. You will need to handle this aspect of the project. You should be experienced in Linux server management, specifically Ubuntu, and have a clear understanding of secure internet protocols. I look forward to your...

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