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Pest control refers to the regulation and management of any species whose behavior impacts negatively on human activities.

In urban settings, this often refers to the removal of rats, mice, or bugs from buildings. Urban pest control can also include measures such as timely rubbish disposal, maintaining clean work environments, and the culling of domestic pests.

In agriculture, pest control can refer to pesticides or pest deterrents placed on crops. There are six main types of pesticides: insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, bactericides, fungicides and larvicides, named for the type of pest that they kill. The deterrents could be chemicals, netting and protective covers, or the release of another species as a biological pest control. A known problem with this solution is that the pest management species can become a pest itself. In the 1930s in Queensland, Australia, the Cane Toad was introduced from Puerto Rico to tackle an infestation of Cane Beetles that were destroying sugar cane fields. The toads became a pest as they ate large amounts of native plants and are protected by the poison secreted by glands in their eyes.

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