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    I need a software to create and add members in telegram channels. The application must have the following features: 1. Creation of a number of virtual numbers (ex 2 million members). 2. Registration of these numbers in Telegram. 3. Join them to the specified channels (without any limitation on the number of channels).

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    Website app development 6 Tage left

    Hi we need someone to help create a text to process map software Kindly check the document attached to see the scope of work Someone with experience on process maps

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    I have a data structures project on metro management system which is in Java language. i just want to convert the code in c++ language and it should be working.

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    System Engineer 6 Tage left

    To change GST percentage to our invoicing system on the website.

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    Case Study - Create UI mockup 6 Tage left

    Only bid if you have enough experience in System Development and Methodology. See attatched Image of case study.

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    Swap Trading Tool Page Project Requirements: 1. Integrate 1Inch multichain aggregator swap api with income from fees 2. Short sell orders function 3. Limit buy and sell orders function 4. Stop loss orders function 5. P2P swap function 6. UI similar to 1inch UI 7. Full code documentation 8. Testnet testing 9. Edits and fixes 10. Live launch

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    Require a freelance controls software programming engineer to write a programme for use on a Crouzet Millenium 3 controller. First project is a controller that can measure the height of water in a tank via a pressure transducer and to open/close a water solenoid valve at certain levels.

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    Hello Need small software development project that stores the names and other data. Please apply asap if you can start after hiring. Thanks

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    The project is to create a virtual co-browsing application, allowing multiple users to interact with a remote browser, embedded in a browser. Users need to be able to request a remote browser on demand. The remote browser will only exist for the duration of the user session. After that the remote browser session needs to be persisted and the instance stopped. Don't worry about the front-end application / user interface - I already have a browser-based frontend app that this will plug into. This project consists of 3 parts: 1. Client side remote browser (client) - Running in a client browser 2. Server side browser (backend) - Running in a container / virtual machine 3. Infrastructure to request a browser (infrastructure) - Running backend instances in a data center Please r...

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    i need to create a quick sample app for windows for a demostration. (can be done visual basic or anything faster) I am looking results today if possible check attached file

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    Blockchain Website & App Expert require for Payment Exchange and own Payment Gateway - Platform Require Like Stripe and PayPal + with multiple options for Accepting payments and Sending payouts globally. Website & App Design Responsive Website & App Development (Flutter or React Native) Modern Design, Extra Smooth Transitions & 3d Look Money Exchange. Wallet - Account, Transactions, Card, etc. Payment Gateway. (API, SDK & Plugins) Panels/Dashboard Full Website & App Control - Admin Panel & Staff Panel Website, App, Admin & APIs, SDK, Plugins Complete Documentation and 6 month complete Support -- Users can credit payments to their website account (from any source) -- Users can withdraw payments to any required accounts (banks, cards...

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    RFID systems integrator requires developer with experience in developing on KEONN RFID readers. Applicant MUST have experience in developing on Keonn RFID readers

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    Hello there, I will like you to integrate a Discoed bot to manage our Discord servers and perform the following tasks: 1. Scan chats for violation 2. Assign participation levels to users 3. Mute, boot or permanently ban users if they commit a certain number of violation 4. Set up polls and allow users to be able to vote 5. A security bot

    €24 (Avg Bid)
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    Se desea desarrollar el código en javascript para obtener datos de una web externa , especificamente una curva y tablas que cambian en tiempo, y registrarlo en una base de datos mysql

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    A budget is requested for the project of a simple management program for a discotheque (program – online site): - Expenses Section: • Add the categories of expenses that the disco has (this information that is available for the user to add in the program), such as: Rental, License, Employees, drinks, electricity, water, Dj, sound, security, among others; - Revenue section: • For example: VIP Zone, Cards, bottles, tobacco, hanger, among others; - Entry number of people: Male and Female These are the inputs we want to have data to analyze: • Per night; • A month; • Per annum; You want graphical analysis of this data: • Profit per night; • Profit over time; • Revenues as a function of time; • Expenses as a function of time; • Entry of m...

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    I'm looking for an expert who has worked with premiumpress themes before escort, dating. I want to collaborate only with those who have worked with these premiumpress themes before and have experience Thanks

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    premiumpress expert -- 3 4 Tage left

    I'm looking for an expert in premiumpress themes, who has worked with premiumpress themes for escorts or dating

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    premiumpress expert 4 Tage left

    I am looking for an expert in the premiumpress theme I only collaborate with experts who have worked with premiumpress themes before. thanks

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    I require a professional to reproduce data which is being produced as a header on requests in a mobile application. You need to be able to be very good in reversing android or iOS applications and must have done these kind of tasks before. Please message me for more information and I will need to make sure you are experience before I can hire you on this task

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    I need a Point of Sale and Inventory Management Software. Feautures: Point of sale Payments Inventory Management Sales Analytics Employee Management

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    I need help to compile again becausewe forgot to add 2 features. Please write me if you can start right now.

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    The Project shall be a Customised Software (Online & stock market based technical research software) It involves extracting data from .csv and .dat file everyday and storing it in database Then processing the database with the formulas which shall be provided by me and then showing desired output in columnar form Also need a filter screen based on given set of formulas Technically need a developer who can create and handle huge database More details when we interact

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    Hi, Greetings! We aim to develop an Antivirus Software with multiple security features to be incorporated, and needs to be functional in Windows and Android devices initially. We would expand our boundaries to other Operating Systems exponentially. I need a dedicated team of Programmers, Developers and Project Manager to bring up my product into MVP stage. Request you to contact me with necessary details on the Project requirements, man-power applicable and Pricing.

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    We are looking to develop a production module where we can monitor the production of our employees. The concept is that we develop a software and have a mobile application linked to the software. For each of our activity on the shop floor, we intend to monitor the time taken by our employees to complete individual tasks. We propose to have a qr code for each job on the floor and each process owner will log into the system with that qr code. Punch start time and complete time on his mobile phone. We are looking for a suitable person to develop this application for us.

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    I need help to compile again becausewe forgot to add 2 features. Please write me if you can start right now.

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    Freelancer software engineer 3 Tage left

    Looking for part time / freelancing software engineer with strong DS, ALGO and Low level design, knowledge of java will be preference.

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    We are two childhood friends looking for a technical entrepreneur to join our mission empowering the workplace culture by helping employers understand their employee’s well-being in real time. The concept of the idea is unseen and replaces the need of annual employee surveys allowing real time action and data gathering. If you would like to find out more information, drop us an email and we can set up a call. This position will currently be unpaid and equity would be equally split. Preferably UK based, however overseas are welcome if better suited. hello @

    €23 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    lettura e manipolazione bmp 2 Tage left

    grazie ad un'apposita videocamera acquisisco l'immagine di un oggetto che può essere posizionato in qualunque punto di un piano. ho necessità di un software che possa girare l'immagine facendo sì che l'oggetto sia sempre 'diritto'. --- thanks to a special video camera, I acquire the image of an object that can be positioned anywhere on a plane. I need software that can rotate the image so that the object is always 'straight'. I take a photo of an object that can be placed in various inclinations on a plane. See photos. I need that the photo is always rotated so that the object is always straight:

    €433 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello All, We are a small ecommerce company. We sell on different portals so we need a personalized solution to manage our inventory on all the portals in single tool. Below are some basic idea what we are looking for. Tool Requirement: Integrations: Etsy, Ebay, Woocommerce, Amazon Features: 1- To be able to download all the products (Simple and Variations from the integrated portals) 2- One channel should be a parent channel and others should be as secondary channels that syncs with the parent channel. 3- Link the product based on SKUs automatically but also have a function to manually connect Same product from two channels. 4- Products should connect based on Parent SKU but also should be able to match the variation if the variation doesn't match there should be an option to c...

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    A Machine Learning Expert 2 Tage left

    I require a Machine learning expert to create an AI software that can identify legal issues from a piece of text and answer a legal question and complete forms. I need an expert that can identify base datasets and potentially carry on working with our project on a long terms do develop the dataset with our legal team

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    Modify existing open source windows application to support UTF16 Japanese to English translation

    €90 (Avg Bid)
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    11 Angebote

    I am looking for an experienced (no code) web developer who has built a large web application or CMS If you can talk me though your live project and you are a great communicator with extraordinary attention to detail, you’ve got the job. It’s a 2+ year build.

    €15 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I am in need of an individual very knowledgeable in Artificial intelligence engineering courses, need those expertise for multiple choice test at 16:30(GMT +1)

    €11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €11 / hr Gebot i.D.
    20 Angebote

    Bespoke software design and apps developers

    €754 (Avg Bid)
    €754 Gebot i.D.
    62 Angebote

    Hay que documentar un proyecto conforme a las instrucciones que se darán adjuntas.

    €147 (Avg Bid)
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    1- Se aporta un enunciado FIJO para todos, hay que respetar y cumplir lo que en él se indica, se puede ampliar (si con ello mejorase su comprensión o realización para algún alumno) pero no obviar nada de lo indicado. 2- TAREA 1: Se ha de recoger en un apartado los REQUISITOS/REQUERIMIENTOS FUNCIONALES. - Éstos han de ser comprensibles, bien redactados, sencillos, breves, concisos, concretos,.... tratando de evitar ambiguedades, redundancias,..... - Para ello, se ha de hacer uso de los modelos de RF mostrados en el Tema 3, se admite elegir cualquiera de los 3 allí mostrados. 3- TAREA 2: Se ha de hacer el modelo E-R. - Se puede hacer uso de cualquier herramienta de modelado gratuita, se indicará la herramienta con la que ...

    €57 (Avg Bid)
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    3 Angebote

    A developer with a good understanding of Archer platform Skill Sets : Data driven events, Advance workflow, Calculations, Notifications

    €18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €18 / hr Gebot i.D.
    21 Angebote

    Need someone with experience in configuring PeopleFluent OrgPublisher software

    €7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    - I am looking for a ready-made product of warehouse management it is usually called as WMS. It needs to be in react-node framework only. -If you have this, we will also need to integrate this into other relevant systems - It should have latest/modern WMS features/aspects, it should provide top notch user experience - Its should be scalable to accommodate everything in warehouse management - please contact only if you have it built already

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    I need to develop project like Service: "" Replace multiple computers or vps with virtual browser profiles, login and manage multiple accounts same time in one place. The project includes the following services: -Control browser fingerprint -Manage multiple browser profiles -Collaborate in a team -Setup business workflows -Develop web automation Project: - Website (similar to website) to trade products, API to support developers and support automatic payments + Paypal + Coin (bitcoin, usdt). + webmoney + perfectmoney Full website including admin management page. - Software (similar to software) used to create profiles and set profile parameters and then save on the server when needed will download to the client computer for Fake Browser Fingerprint. The ...

    €9602 - €14403
    €9602 - €14403
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    Application is about earn money ? from using your phone

    €790 (Avg Bid)
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    15 Angebote 1 Tag left

    In your proposal, please let me know how much it would cost to build something like using React Native

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    The peruse of the project is to create a reaction time scenario(s) in a driving simulator General requirements: • The project will be developed in English, however there will be simple way to change the Language without a programmers • Welcome screen – to be simple way to change the Language without a programmers • Automatic gear shifting • Hardware requirement – Minimum Intel I3 , 2 GB memory, no special graphic card • Standard driving wheel with brakes - USB connected (Thrustmaster or Logitec) • OS – WIN • development using Unity 3D • All scenarios will be with dry and wet (rain) environment • Several BRANDING option should be allowed – i.e. put logo and other company information in the application &bu...

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    Hi I need someone who can help me to setup power bi and azure infrastructure. this is based on 200 employees simultenously using this service. We will only consider persons to bid who have experience setting up azure database and front end pbi embedded services

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    Java application 1 Tag left

    create a program (in Java) that comprises the following functionality: • Allows the user to scan for devices on the network • Identifies port information and socket information (e.g. domain, type, protocol, hostname) • Saves all information to a file that is encrypted/decrypted with a password • Include guidance for user of the program . Program should be in (.Exe) . Simple GUI .Detailed comments for code

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    Amazon Connect - Voicemail setup 1 Tag left

    I require assistance to set up my existing Amazon Connect instance with a voicemail solution. The solution should: - Utilize the cloud deployment template created by AWS - Be incorporated into an existing Contact Flow, and initiate a voicemail if no agents picks up incoming call or if inbound is after business hours - Send an email, using transcribed voice-to-text, including an attachment of the audio recording

    €8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Adding AI to elearning video platform - computer vision microcategory classifier process for microlearning videos During uploading of videos to howclip, there is an area which requires users to select or add "microcategories" which is a parent/child multi-level category management tool We would like an AI tool to help identify what category of learning is going on in the video - which will help towards determining the "microcategory" of the clip/video. There are many AI solutions for computer vision classifiers. We want to be able to claim we are an AI powered website for venture capital interest. These are some of the potential tools that can be used to implement (we are open to the solution) - 1. () 2. AWS 3. 4. etc This is video instructional screen recording...

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    A software needs to be created which would have a list of the clients, the regular tasks of every client, any special task which can be added. There should be one software which is handled by the manager who can assign every task to a particular employee and the employee would get a notification on his mobile/laptop that he has to do a certain task till a certain date. Once the employee has completed the task the task is marked as done in the software which can be seen by the manager. More details and suggestions we can discuss privately.

    €551 (Avg Bid)
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    36 Angebote