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    Objective Building a scalping strategy script (30 minutes) by compiling 2 main indicators namely Hull suite & RCI jointly with the Hit & Run strategy on trading view with notifications sent to Telegram. Main purpose to identify entry points for future trading, take profit, Safety orders, stop lose, etc.. for either manual trading or linking it with 3Commas Bot. Parameters to be met (subject to enhancement by the expert & approval by client):- 1- strategy to be workable in 4 main scenarios BTC price & USDT.D trend up or down. 2- strategy parameters to be configurable by the trader i.e. to avoid touching the script code. (Parameters to be proposed by the programmer for the client approval) 3- signals to be sent to telegram with pre-agreed msg template & information to...

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    I am looking for an experienced coder to code an indicator on TradingView (pinescript.) The indicator that I want created is explained in the link below of the youtube video it is on. It is mentioned from the start of the video until minute 6:30. I also have a screenshot image attached of the indicator that I want created.

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    Hola, busco personas cualificadas en finanzas y programación en python para desarrollar carteras de inversión optimizadas con machine learning. Es un nuevo modelo de negocio donde quiero crear una red de colaboradores independientes para cuando entren clientes. Se pagará por cada proyecto asignado. Saludos.

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    Excel to algo trading coder 5 Tage left

    Selected nse equity stocks with two strategy filters to be auto trade on broker terminal. According daily and previous day OHLC data my strategy there.. I need a coder having knowledge to develop algo trading for my strategy.

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    We can discuss detail more in bid in here.

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    Forex Trading App for Android 5 Tage left

    I need Forex Trading App Development. Android platform only. Refrance App:- Please only intrested people place bid.

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    Alert condition Pine script 4 Tage left

    I wanna introduce the following alerts when the condition label is fulfilled in the chart. I add the code and an example screenshot of other Buy alert example of what I want

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    Need a Pine Script Expert to work on an hourly basis to develop a complex strategy. Strategy including 15+ indicators with a user input to select which ones to use and user input fields to define the values used, custom time/date, multiple TP, SL types,, Trailing TP an SL and other complex condition. I know that is not very specific but I think the strategy will probably be well over 1500+ lines of code, within the limits of pine script of course.

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    - Estimation - minimum project time of 40 hours. - Must be able to listen to and comprehend English language to a very very high level. - Final coded product must be completed to perfection.

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    €26 - €52 / hr
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    TradingBot 3 Tage left

    Looking for someone at short notice to make a trading bot in php. For more info we can get in touch. Preferably someone from the Netherlands - The bot has to be able to trade all forex and crypto pairs. - There has to be a timer function, so we can set up times when the bot starts running and stops. - There has to be a expiry field in minutes, so we can fill in how long we will be in a trade. - There has to be a investment field, so we can fill in with how much Dollar we are going to enter a trade. - There has to be a function where we can set up the maximum amount of trades. After the bot reaches the maximum amount the bot will stop. - There has the be a minimum pay out field, so we can fill in at which minimum pay out it can enter trades.

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    Tradetron strategy creation 3 Tage left

    Hello, Im looking for a person who can create my options trading strategy in Tradetron. Strategy will be shared later to those who are interested in taking this job. Thank you

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    Professional Trader 3 Tage left

    I am looking for an expert in their field of the forex trading market. I am looking for somebody who can spot bullish and bearish trends and can confidently comment, schedule and place bids. This person must have high experience in the field and proven success of profit trading.

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    i want a (AI/Deep learning/ Machine learning) indicator that combine great strategies and develops it self , i prefer it to work in tradingview

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    Hi, I want to create a TradingView Indicator which shows information table as Green or Red based on the below volume logic Use Case: Highest volume in the last 10 days is 100000 and that day High price is 200, if today's close is greater than 200 (high price) it should show "Green" else "Red" Note:If the price already close above the high price in the previous days then it should show RED, only if its closing today above the High price then it should show "Green"

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    Order Block Indicator 2 Tage left

    Hello there, For a project I'd like to have an Indicator which will detect Order Blocks at any timeframe. Once a Bullsih or Bearish Order Block is formed, I'd like it to highlight that range in Red or Green. Once there's been a close above that Bearish Order Block (Broken), it can be removed from the chart. Same applies with the Bullish Order Blocks. Once there's a candle close below that Order Block, it can be removed from the chart as well. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

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    5 min candle strategy for GOLD Conditions 1. if 7 am candle closes green- 1 point goes for the trade to be a sell. if candle closes Red- 1 point goes to trade being a buy Wick (top or bottom) on 7 am candle is larger- if wick is larger on top- 1 point towards sell, if larger wick is bottom- then 1 point towards buy 3. Short term trend- in the past 5 candles is the trend up? if so 1 point towards a sell. if the 5 candle trend is down then 1 point towards a buy. Yes countertrend.... 4. support and resistance- at the specific 7 am candle is there a support or resistance area close by- if closer to the top of 7 am candle 1 point towards a sell. If a support area is closer to the bottom than top 1 point towards publish the point count above and or below the 7:05 candle also need this for au...

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    This EA is complete although there's one critical issue which I haven't been able to solve. On occasion, when entry requirements have been met, a trade is NOT placed. I can provide you with clear examples

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    I need a pinescript using the function. Initial Scope: - Set an initial base time (as ) for the first vertical line - From the base time I need vertical lines projected to the right hand side of its starting point and should overlay across the chart time-series and into the future (where there is no price data) - Length between vertical lines (from the base time) needs to be a variable based on bar count (bar count should be dependant on input resolution variable of my choosing i.e. 1H, D, M etc) - I want the ability to draw multiple sets of vertical lines (all with differing lengths between its respective next line) all from the initial base line Please refer to the "Cyclic Lines" indicator in TradingView, this is what I need but in script/ indicator form. Screenshot attache...

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    I want a program that automates what I currently mark by hand. I use the built in volume profile of Tradingview and mark horizontal lines at key levels at the POC (most important) VAL, VAH. The lines must be accurate. Once we have the lines we filter out certain invalid ones. Recap here are the steps. 1. Acquire and display POC, VAH, VAL values. 2. Remove invalid ones

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    i want an automated demand and supply indicator that would identify demand and supply zones on following concepts. 1- rally base rally 2-drop base rally 3-rally base drop 4- drop base drop.

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    Needing a Arbitrage DeFi Trading Bot for ETH.

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    We are looking for legal and financial assistance in acquiring trade licenses from german stock markets catering to compliances and data analysis for investors (charts, graphs, and tables). For reference to the types of data involved, kindly check

    min €52 / hr
    min €52 / hr
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    TradingView Strategy Pine Script 1 Tag left

    Get certain signals from 2 external invite-only indicators (no source code) and use them to form a TradingView strategy as per my directions in order to backtest previous data. Budget can be increased for applicants with previous experience with ‘TradingView’ . This is not a project for people to Try out / Have a go / Attempt / Learn. Even if your programming / development skills are up to it. Only people with previous experience with Pine Script and similar projects will be considered. Please do not post / apply if you don’t have that specific experience already. Thank you.

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    Pass a FTMO Proptrading Challenge 14 Stunden left

    Pass both phases from a FTMO Challenge without violating the rules. The account will be 50k at the beginning and can be traded longterm with p-split. Pls only send me an offer, when you did that minimum 10 times and i get a 100% guarantee. I need some proof that you are a experienced trader and i would prefer to show me some accounts.

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    I have 2 indicators that I need to combine each indicator gives different signals etc I want to combine into 1 indicator that gives 1 signal when both trigger "buy" and 1 signal when both trigger "Sell" i have settings and specifications for everything just need it combined into 1 no generic bid, please start your bid with "i can combine 2 indicators"

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    Code in Trading View 5 Stunden left

    MUST know Pine Script and have written code in trading view previously. The project is to have the code look at multiple stock tickers based on indicator parameters and send a notification to either slack or discord (api already exists) when parameters are met. NO AGENCIES. Also i am not paying someone to learn this, you MUST have experience.

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