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Have you ever been on a website and gotten "lost?" User frustration is still the first reason people abandon a website. Optimizing the presentation of your website through effective organization means the difference between people finding what they want or becoming frustrated and clicking away from your site (and maybe on to a competitor's)!

Information architecture is the discipline of defining the structure, organization, navigation, labeling, and indexing of a website. Classification decisions will not only be based upon current best practices, but also on specific case variables such as business goals and strategy, current size of the website and future expansion plans, your audience(s), etc.

User interface / information architecture refers to the concept of designing how a user interacts with a given software application or system. Designers and developers are usually engaged in conceptualizing the user interface before finalizing the same with the customer or the client. You and your business can use some freelancer help in the area of user interface and information architecture. Post your job today to find freelance help!

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Design eines App-Modells Zu erstellen ist ein ähnliches App-Design wie bei "Lovoo". Die App soll für iOS und Android komptatibel sein. SCHAUT EUCH DIE APP LOVOO AN, DANN WISST IHR WAS ICH MEINE! 12 Grafikdesign, Benutzerschnittstelle / IA Jul 9, 2017 Jul 9, 2017Beendet €578
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