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a cartoonist - a Case Study A Case Study 2000 words social work Report - A case-based workflow management tool to support decisionmak A Cased box. - A catchy short slogan A catchy username for game streaming - a CEO for a amazing new startup but we are not making the dough yet A certificate - A chandelier made out of tea cups and vintage cutlery A Change in the Teenagers - A chapter of book is needed to be rewritten A chapter on research methodology to be integrated into seven other chapters - A Characteristic WebSite Design A characters style drawing - A chat app comlpete free for sms and video chat A Chat App, Similar to watsapp - A chatting software A Cheap Electrical Engineer - a chef for a small dinner party of 10 people A chef for the 12th of July - A chemistry expert is required A chemistry homework relating to topic spectroscopy - a children's book a children's book - a children's educational workbook a children's illustrator - a chinese article writer for my travel blog - repost 写中文文章的 A Chinese freelance manage the wordpress and plugins - A Chinese Typing a Chinese user/buyer based groupon website - A christmas Image A Christmas Romance Short Story - A Church Flyer designer 2nd one A Church Multimedia Website - A Cisco 2901 router and switch configured A cisco certified engineer with experience on configuring VDSL routers - A civil enginee A Civil Engineer - A class Diagram for an online platform like A Class for a Framerwork for a game called World of Warcraft - A CLASSIFIED APP a classified app - A classifieds Website A classifieds website - A clean SEO for Website - no tricks! A clean site with app - A client hunter A client page - A clock with an alarm that can switch on/off a motor A clone desigin website with word Pless template! - A clone of A clone of - A Clone Of Link Exchange Site A clone of or similar - a clone of A clone of wordpress website with content - A closeble div over a iFrame a cloth designed - A clothing/workout gear logo A cloud app to handle data input and processing at the back end - A CMS ( in dotnetnuke) website required A CMS author website [PHP SQL ] - A CMS to be built and Install templates A CMS very similar to CushyCMS - a cocktail dress A code - a code to like/unlike all profiles in a code with C language which uses some fortran libraries - A coder to edit my php script A coder to fix a website. - a collaboration with my company providing research services 2 a collaboration with my company providing research services 2 - open to bidding - A Collection of Tattoo Images Required to Illustrate a Book. A Collection of WordPress sites as starter to permanent part-time role (updates and basic site creation) - A Colloidal Silver Primer A color chart and a revision to my php file - A COM interface for Matlab A Comany Website - a Comic portrait A comic Site need - A commercial adult website a commercial designer for project in Chicago - A Community driven website A Community driven website(repost) - A Community website a community website - A Company Fanpage/information page on Facebook A company homepage. We have a sample homepage. - A company logo A company logo - a company logo a company logo - a company logo - repost a company logo - repost - A company need people to test some of it services in the us a company now website - A company that can provide T-shirts, Sweatshirts, and other apparel of all different styles, sizes, colors and designs. A company that can provide us with 6 employees, 3 months - A company website - repost A company website 2 - A comparative study on patient satisfaction in (executive suites, VIPsuites, Out-patient department, General ward, Laboratory services, etc.)and recommendations to increase patient satisfaction a Compareative essay between two movies - A competent article rewriter needed A competent electrical engineer. - A complet C++ Mail Server -- 2 A complet Job - a complete AVL solution like GPSGATE SERVER A Complete B2B Website using NETSUITE, Cloud based - a complete design of kids slippers and shoes A complete Design website to be design - A complete implementation of a program - repost A Complete Job Portal in PHP - A complete package A complete PAID VPN service. - A complete SEO Package A complete SEO Package - A Complete VPN Solution A Complete VPN Solution - A complete website for a British Pub A Complete Website for a Real Estate Company. - A completely custom social networking web site build A completely debugged, highly reliable, trial tested, revised and perfected computer driven operating protocol (software program) that is marketable to a broad international customer base, 18 years and above, via PC's, cell phones. Pads, et al.. The progr - A complicated optimization problem in MATLAB A complicated, membership based, interactive website - A comprehensive dynamic social network for blogging and sharing creative works A comprehensive framework for secure query processing in the cloud - A Computer Based Training Application - CBT A COMPUTER BASED TRAINING SOFTWARE - A computer software or programs A computer technician need a website. - A concrete 5 develloper A Cone Raycaster with heights in each layer - A construction logo A construction project including planning, cost estimation and design of ”Six Houses, Paired 2-2” on a property in the city of siwan bihar india. - A consumer contractor help at the best quality and price to help both parties with my cost of 10% a consumer report app - a content writer a content writer - A Continuation of a book of Freddie and Bibelle A continuation of a HTML Editing & Data Processing project - A control panel based on the ExtJS/Sencha framework using the Desktop style a control that can be used on automated equipment - a cool animation introduction for you tube channel and cool background music A COOL Business Card - A Copy editor with dynamic range...
A copy from - A copy of with a better and twitter-bootstraped layout A copy of Instagram for Android - A copy past of a particular aplication a copy site news - A copywriter a copywriter - A Core PHP developer individual, who can help me fix ongoing issues and new additions A Core PHP Project with CMS - A CORPORATE LOGO FOR WEBSITE a corporate performance dissertation with proposal to complete - A Correspondence Reviewer A cosmetics business website - A counter that shows number of users that have viewed specific pages A Country Report - A couple more articles A couple more mods for the site - A couple of forms required a couple of hours a week typist - A couple of small functions A couple of small site fixes - A couple photoshoot A Couple Quick PHP/MySQL Issues - A coupon mailer that fits in a #10 envelope A coupons site - A cover for a book a cover for an R&b mixtape entitled "TIME WILL TELL" - A CPA Offer Focused Wordpress Site Accepted by CPA Networks a cracking job - A creative Blog and Article Writer for the Australian Property market A creative content Writer needed - A Creative Graphics Designer Needed A Creative High Caliber Graphic Designer wanted - A creative new logo that grabs the attention of my customers A creative one pager that is a combination of a bio/resume/flyer - A creative website which depicts my quality photography A Creative wed design and development on it - A creative, eye catching, cutting edge photography website designed and built A creative, Professional, Uncommon & modern Logo - A crime alert application A crime game - A critical review of one empirical research paper (empirical paper will be given by me) A critical review of one empirical research paper (I will give the empirical paper) - a cronjob script designed in php, connected to mysql A cross browser plugin and corresponding website for major online stores - A Crosswords Solvers Assistant 2 A crowd funding proposal writer - A cryptographer/ Luhn Algorithm A Cryptographers expert - A CSS drop-down menu A CSS Dropdown Menu - A cultural service website A cumulus cloud. - A custom art peice as a gift A custom autonomic nervous system chart - a custom designed website A custom designer for t shirts, bags, hats, hoodies, and future accesories added - A Custom Facebook Application - open to bidding A custom Facebook Bot to Easily Go Viral! - A custom HTML5 canvas sketchpad A Custom Hybrid Mobile Application, written in Java & HTML5 using VS Cordova & onsen / ionic. - a custom made metal detector a custom made metal detector - A custom Mobile Friendly and Responsive Design for A custom module for opencart - A custom place page website wordpress page A custom Plugin for magento 1.8 community - A custom Script to check the product availability on Manufacturer's Sites A custom script/shader in Unity3D - A Custom Version of the EduExpression CakePHP Online Exam Solution A custom video and audio recorder. - A custom woocommerce website A custom WordPress plugin - mortgage calculator affordability - A Customer Progrmming Need A customer review website to be created - A customizable website builder for textbook stores a customization of to my small business needs as a recruiting firm - a customized pair of football/soccer boots - repost A customized Plugin - A Cute Skype Cam women A cutting edge Social Network to be developed - A dairy that can be shared and used on-line a dance group performing dance within malls - a data base site more or less like a portal A data base to track my weekly payments from my customeers - a data entry job - open to bidding a data entry job - Rehire - A data file output template creation program (C#) A Data Grabber - A Database A database - A database for my business A database for my transportation company - A database system with SQL and develop an application by C#. - open to bidding A database template which I can update myself with the details, but is ‘ready to go’. - A dating app for iPhone and Android A dating app for iPhone and Android - open to bidding - A dating website A dating website - A DDos Booter for a stress test A Deadly Recompense - A Decision Support System Expert is Needed! A decision support system for TB prevalence for HIV/AIDS patients in SOUTH AFRICA - a deleted file a delivery e-business - A Depop auto follow and unfollow bot for a macbook a derby matching system - A DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF RECTENNA (rectifying antenna)FOR EFFICIENT TRANSMISSION’ A DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF RECTENNA (rectifying antenna)FOR EFFICIENT TRANSMISSION’ -- 2 - a design for a call of duty clan A design for a car sticker - A design for a t shirt a design for a t shirt - A design for my book cover A design for my book cover - repost - A design for Web Platform A design for Web Platform - open to bidding - A design of an idea a design on a beanie - A Designed Registry Website A Designed tiger Transfered On Transfer Paper - A designer for my concept product, a POC a designer for my urban wear clothing line - A designer to produce a new company logo A designer to produce a new company logo - repost - A designer(repost) A designer/illustrator - A DESKTOP PAYMENT VIEWER APP + ADVANCED KEYLOGGER - repost A DESKTOP PAYMENT VIEWER APP + ADVANCED KEYLOGGER with source code - Repost - A detailed 3D rendering of a new charging technology A Detailed Analysis of the Children's Wear Retail Industry in UK - A detailed, web site creation project planning Gantt chart - open to bidding A detailled document describing a project - A developer that has knowledge in MapBox A developer that has PHP, MySQL, jQuery, JavaScript, some JSON and AJAX. 10 years minimum experience residing in Colombia South America - a developer to take on and redesign my escorting/dating directory site and also maintain it. -- 2 A developer to train me to write (basic) Plug-ins for MS CRM Dynamics - A developer with shopify knowlege, commercesciences knowlege, mail chimp knowlege -- 2 A developer with shopify knowlege, commercesciences knowlege, mail chimp knowlege -- 3 - A device for automatically switching of and on the lighting of a room. A device for automatically switching of and on the lighting of a room. - open to bidding - A DHCP server /client in java/C# with some modification A DHCP server /client in java/C# with some modification - open to bidding - A diary that can be used on-line