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Adblock extension modifications part 1 - Adboe Illustrator CS2 in Arabic AdBook Sample Shopper & Report - Adbrite clone modification and redesign AdBrite Clone Website - adbux clone or neobux clone- script without bugs AdBux Esque Site , 100% Legit - ADC Project ADC read ANDROID application for BBB - adCenter Reports - Research Bidding Process for MSN adCenter ClixScript Template - Adcraft-2011 Adcraft2011 - add chat and web cam to website Add conditional fields to JomSocial Registration - Add friends to facebook group add fullcalendar with( add edit delet task ) from database using mvc5 - ADD MORE FUNCTIONALITY TO THE WEBSITE (NOT A WP) Add Network gateway - ADD some Code to wordpress Site Add some custom fields for joomla Easysocial and auto join user in a group - Add "Apply Via Linkedin" button to job pages on WordPress website Add "Before/After" code to basic HTML - Add "Follow" Function To Jomsocial Profiles add "forgot password" and using "echo" 3 levels of users - Add "PayU" system to my web-site add "phone number" to a lead generation widget on my website - Add "Sender Adress" to my Magento backend Add "shadow" and gray background while pre roll is active - Add "USD" to suffix of prices on product and cart pages Add "user registration" feature to current word website - Add & Configure 4 remote users on MSSQL 2008 R2 DB Add & customize pages to an existing Wordpress Template (Frontend & Backend) - Add & Auctionsite Add & improve payment script - add "highlight" to my 6 logos and light text work Add "Hit Enter" functionality to a submit button - Add "selective" google translation service to website Add "Ship Too" On Checkout Page - Add ''playlist'' control to website for flash video player Add ''points'' system to social networking website, install. - Add 'buy now/proceed to checkout' button in wordpress Add 'Clone' button in for the 'Opportunity Product' List View within 'Opportunity' - Add 'kbc paypage' payment method to woocommerce (tutorial included) Add 'kbc paypage' payment method to woocommerce (tutorial included) - Add ( paypal )direct payment for only one of our website service Add ( paypal )direct payment for only one of our website service - 14/02/2017 23:50 EST - Add (Sleep Mode) Similar to IOS Do Not Disturb function to an existing app. Add (Sleep Mode) Similar to IOS Do Not Disturb function to an existing app. - Add -interface bind option to elinks web browser Add -on to previous work. - Add .PDF Apppliction to site Add .pdf upload ability to website - Add / Delete designs in flash designer tool Add / Edit Current Wordpress Template - Add /Update content to existing webpages Add 0 byte in linux elf file - Add 1 Feature Upload Photo to a Server from iOS App and fix an error Objective C add 1 feature webrtc voice conference and 1 fix to phpsunchat chat script - add 1 page html menu Add 1 page in Wordpress Site + minor editing - add 1 scene to existing video Add 1 simple component from Wordpress Template onto live site - Add 1,000 Facebook Page Fans or Even More To Market the Page Add 1,000 Likes to Alternate Lifestyle Facebook Page - Add 1/4 bleed to 2 pdf brochures I have on all sides Add 10 000 members to my facebook group - Add 10 products a day to my webshop - Manuel entry Add 10 Profiles to Social Network - Add 10,000 Followers To My Twiter Accounts add 10,000 followers to your account at Twitter - add 100 article with high qulity asap Add 100 backlinks to my website - Add 100 listing to our databse Add 100 listings to database - Add 100 Products To BigCommerce Store Add 100 products to Ebay using Inkfrog - Add 100 Products to WooCommerce Store Add 100 simple virtual products to Magento website - Add 1000 + Targeted Facebook Fans Add 1000 Articles to on my website - Add 1000 likes in fb Add 1000 likes on Facebook - Add 1000 Products to Joomla Virtuemart Online Store Add 1000 Products to Magento Site - Add 1000 Tumblr Followers to my Tumblr blog Add 1000 Twitter Followers - Add 10000 Curated Wallpaper to my site Add 10000 Facebook Friends in Roughly 1 Mth - ADD 100k REAL USA Facebook Likes to my fan page ADD 100k REAL USA Facebook Likes to my fan page -- 2 - Add 11 images to a html/javascript web page gallery Add 11 items to shop - Os Commerce - Add 125 products to my site Add 12k Myspace Friends - Add 15 sec video of IOS app preview to landing page! Add 15 t-shirt products and colour variations - Add 150 Products in a Joomla Store Add 150 products to my website on big commerce cms - Add 17,000 Facebook USA Fans & 500 Votes For 4 Pages #81 Add 170 article summaries to Wordpress website. one source - Add 1k restaurants to my site in a day -- 3 Add 1M+ real and active members in Existing Facebook group - add 2 cakephp pages Add 2 captions below images (html page) - Add 2 Custom Modules to OSCOMMERCE Site / Shopping Cart Add 2 customer group in dropdown on Prestashop registration / checkout page - Add 2 features into exiting iPhone application (Report viewer) add 2 features to a basic programmed game - Add 2 forms to a word press site Add 2 forms to our wordpress website. Budget is $10 - Add 2 Input Buttons to A Website Add 2 IOS and Android App together as one each! - Add 2 logos with links to the existing website Add 2 Macros in Excel Sheet - Add 2 New Images to Magento Slider Add 2 new keywords and optimise SEO for existing website, - Add 2 pages plus video screen Add 2 pages to Amazon Affiliate Site which pulls in info from Amazon - Add 2 points to a Site (5-6 hours max) Add 2 products to an existing web page - add 2 simple pages to website. Add 2 simple things in app. - Add 2 websites to social bookmarking sites Add 2 wordpress blogs to existing site - Add 20 Comments per day, for 30 days in x1 forum. Add 20 generic profiles to Social Network - Add 20,000 MySpace Friends from UK Using Many Lady Profiles Add 20,000 Myspace Friends in About One Month - Add 200 German celebrities to our online database Add 200 links to our directory - Add 200 products to an online store - repost Add 200 products to Cubecart 4 - Add 200 Twitter Followers Add 200,000 Fan to Facebook Page - Add 2000 products image description and price to prestashop Add 2000 products into a new Prestashop store - Add 2009 In add event section Add 2014 NFL Schedules to BananaSplit - Add 25 followers to my 100+ twitter accounts or read descrip Add 25 items to Magento - Add 250 Posts to a Blogger Blog (from another Blog) Add 250 Posts to a Blogger Blog (from another Blog)(repost) - Add 2column info(meta) block in WordPress Single Post Add 2D people to a Render - Add 3 Characters to an Existing TTF Font Add 3 Charts to Excel File - Simple Project - Add 3 features to our PHP website
Add 3 features to our SMS softwar - Add 3 Function into My Android Sources -- 2 Add 3 Function into My Android Sources -- 3 - add 3 letters to premade logo. add 3 lines of text - Add 3 new pages to YooChew editor functionality ADD 3 NEW PAGES, CREATE 3 BANNERS AND CORRECT WEB PAGE LAYOUT - Add 3 payment Gateways to A Site , Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Payeer Add 3 Paypal Merchant Links - Add 3 to 4 minutes of animation to 10 minute short film. Add 3 Video Players into Template - ADD 30 LINKS TO MY WEBSITE LINKS PAGE 2 Add 30 names to a Indesign File (from a word document) - Add 300 leads to our list Add 300 leads to our list of music blogs - add 3000 like Add 3000 mysql databases and upload 3000 wordpress blogs. - Add 30k real and genuine users to my social network Add 32 products ecommerce site - Add 3D modelling to existing 3D model Add 3D object into existing DWG drawing - FOLLOW UP WORK available - Add 4 columns in a wordpress theme Add 4 columns in a wordpress theme -- 2 - add 4 images i have to my homepage on wordpress add 4 instance tabs to iOS app - Add 4 pages to my website ! Lower bid and best reputation WINS ! Add 4 pages to my website ! Lower bid and best reputation WINS! - Add 40 new fields to table and update 4 php forms Add 40 New Pictures To Website And New Release Area - Add 4000 Real USA Facebook fans for 3 Pages #114 Add 4000 Real USA Facebook fans for 3 Pages #120 - Add 450 groups and images to website Add 450 products to a Wix website - Add 5 000 views on video from Russia Add 5 articles on the News section of the website - Add 5 more subpages to my existing site (Content provided by us) Add 5 new Content Pages to a WordPress website - Add 5,000 selected Facebook Likes over next two weeks Add 5,000 Singapore Females Into My Facebook Group - Add 50 items to WordPress/MarketPress platform Add 50 new products to Amazon Seller Account - Add 50 software titles to AMAZON's database Add 50 Texts to my websites+ SEO - Add 50,000 Twitter followers from KUWAIT without admin acces add 50-55 products to my Ultracart account and add buy now buttons to my site - Add 500 items to Joomla website using affiliate links add 500 listing to ebay - add 500 products to my site Add 500 Products to our Affiliate Store - Add 5000 facebook frieds in Australia Add 5000 facebook friends in Australia - Add 5000 Products to Magento Store Add 5000 Real USA Facebook fans for 1 Page #90 - Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers from India Add 50K fans to current fanpage - Add 5mm bleed and outline fonts on 1 page pdf Add 6 autoresponders to membership site - Add 6 Products to my website Add 6 slides to Power Point to match existing design and feel - ADD 65 URL's TO WEBMASTER TOOLS REMOVE URL Add 650 flash games with descriptions - Add 700 Products to Amazon SellerCentral - Must be Amazon Experienced Add 700 Products to Amazon SellerCentral - Must have Amazon Experience! - Add 80 Products to Oscommerce Shop Add 80 products to OSCOMMERCE website - Add 94 listing products into Shopify website Add 95 products to my WooCommerce website - Add \"Toggle Switch\" to turn Albums On/Off in our JomSocial Gallery Add \"Vat incl.\" message in Magento Site - Add a "close icon" on a google map pop up + Add thumbnail image on Facebook for shared posts Add a "Contact Us" page to my website - Add a "News element" to my website Add a "NEXT" and "PREVIOUS" Button To WordPress Website - Add a ' buy credits feature' on auction site 15usd strict Add A ''BUY'' Button to A Website - add a 1 to a small 170 excel records with phone #'s add a 1 to a small 800 excel records with phone #'s -- 2 - Add a \"function post to\" from an xml to virtuemart 2 shop Add a \"like\" button to website - add a auto plugin to my site.. or create one - repost 2 Add a Auto Post social media Pluggin to my Website - Add a background to photos of models Add a background Youtube video to a div - add a banner to website, fix deals/capture page add a banner we have to a video we have - Add a bleed to a pull up banner art file Add a block region to my Single Blog Post Template - Add a Blog tab to existing website Add a Blog to a PHPLD V4 Web Directory - Add a blog to my website. Add a blog to my Wix website - Can spend $15 - Add a border to a logo in css Add a border to the shortcode - add a business on all 411 directories, yellow pages, google and other search engines and job directories add a business on all 411 directories, yellow pages, google, yelp, whitepages, superpages and others - Add a button to my video site Add a button to my website - Add a calendar on my homepage that shops everyday with the events and their images from the backend of the events Add a calendar to products on my online store - WooCommerce - Add a Captcha Security form Add a captcha to a google form - Add a Category (with properties) Single Page WEB app (AJAX for Autocomplete) Add a Cell Of Info and Data Base - add a chat system to my website add a chat to a wordpress site - Add a class with 3 methods to an existing Xcode project add a clause to our php form meaning people must add their email address. - Add a collar to photo model pictures Add a Color Option To Amazon Item Page - Add a complement to a software - open to bidding Add a complex calculation in a mobile app iOS and Android - Add a contact form to my homepage Add a contact form to my homepage and add some better design feature to bring the site to life - add a cookie to javascript popup Add a cookie to our HTML/Javascript Popup - Add a couple of files Add a couple of improvements to website - Add a CREDITS section to my bootstrap website Add a CRM api's to our Wordpress website - Add a custom field (Stock Quantity) into sales_order_edit Page - Magento CE 1.7 add a custom field in virtuemart admin email - Add a custom permalink in a Wordpress website and other URLs rewriting -- 2 Add a custom product attribute under price in shop page, product page and featured products. - Add a Customer Chat to a Landing page Add a Customer Chat to a Landing page - Add a delayed stock ticker to a Power Point Slide Add a deposit function in Wordpress - Add a digital product inventory module to Prestashop Add a dinamic chart to a website - Add a domain to our server Add a domain to our server - Add a drop down menu to my video player Add a drop down menu with blank pages in prestashop - Add a dynamic page, scraped from another site Add a dynamic pricing page in my existing wordpress website - add a extra function linux-java Add a face - Add a facebook type wall(video, link, message, photos) feature Add a facebook welcome tab to our facebook page - Add a feature in my running website project Add a feature in the app - Add a feature to a software Add a feature to a software -- 2 - add a feature to an existing visual c++ application Add a feature to an existing website - Add a feature to existing PHP application