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Adaptation of Codeigneiter Platagorm Workin - Adaptation of Indonesian text to Malay Adaptation of Indonesian text to Malay -- 2 - Adaptation of Screenplay to Novel - Ghostwriter Wanted adaptation of small move file to add to my website - Adaptation to phpAdsNew(repost) Adaptation to Worpress plugin - Adaptations to joomla site Adaptations to Magento RWD Template - Adapter des scripts existant Adapter des templates en HTML - Adapter un site flash ... adapter un site Web existant pour le mobile - Adapting a Flask template -- 2 Adapting a javascript to handle regular expressions (regex) - Adapting existing postnuke theme Adapting existing responsive template - Adapting one of your designs - open to bidding Adapting Os commerce 2.2 for Internet Explorer 7.0 and links - Adapting web site to an iOS+Android app Adapting website to Internet Explorer ( from version 8) - Adaption of Gallery2 or other opensource picture gallery on my homepage Adaption of HRM software - Adaptions photomailer Adaptions to 2.5 Joomla Site - adaptive clustering based segmentation for image classification -- 2 adaptive control - Adaptive filter in hearing aid system for impaired people... Adaptive Filter MATLAB simulation - Adaptive Modulation and Coding Techniques for OFDMA Systems adaptive neural network classifier - Adaptive Payments in WordPress Adaptive payments integration - adaptive spectral through wavelength based on color image compression Adaptive speech noise reduction filter software - adasdasd 23sdfsdfsdf sdfsdf sdfsd fsdf adasdasdasd... - Adattamento di un Template di Wordpress alle nostre esigenze Adattamento template WP per sito web multilingue - Adaugare produse intr-un magazin online Adaugiri site Laravel - Adblock and Adblock Plus blocker AdBlock App - Adblock Plus PROBLEM Adblock using Webbrowser Control in VB.NET - adbrite auto-click Adbrite Banner - Adbrite Invideo Carosel Adbrite like campaign page - AdBux Script Clone - ADC to TCP/IP Socket with PIC24/ ds30 ADC using microphone - Adchoice banners AdChoice icon alternative - Adcraft2011 Adcreate - Add Category text above links - Drupal expert only add chat and web cam to website - add functions to travelo wordpress theme add hipay to my website ( same way paypal is integrated) - ADD MORE FUNCTIONALITY TO THE WEBSITE (NOT A WP) Add Network gateway - ADD some Code to wordpress Site Add some custom fields for joomla Easysocial and auto join user in a group - Add "Before/After" code to basic HTML Add "Bread Crumbs" plugin to mobile site that is using WordPress & WPTouch - Add "Follow" Function To Jomsocial Profiles add "Free Shipping Icon" on product image on a bigcommerce site - add "phone number" to a lead generation widget on my website Add "Pin" Button to Make Posts Stay Popped Out - Add "shadow" and gray background while pre roll is active Add "share" feature on my existing app - Add "user_id" metadata for custom taxonomy Add "variable product" prices to all my woocommerce products - Add & Configure 4 remote users on MSSQL 2008 R2 DB Add & customize pages to an existing Wordpress Template (Frontend & Backend) - Add & Update Existing Wordpress Products from Adobe Indesign Document Add & Auctionsite - Add "Free Recycling" module to oSe Add "Free Recycling" module to oSe1 - Add "quantity in stock"etc..for Product Details,Product List add "refresh" button on an rss widget - Add ''Free Postage : Australia-Wide'' to front page of my website Add ''GD Star Rating Plugin'' To my Arras Wordpress Theme Homepage AND Minor Color Edit. - Add '.com', and '.com' and tag line to existing logo you created for me (2 versions of updated logo) Add '5 stars comments' wp plugin to DirectoryPress Theme - Add 'Featured Image' to my wordpress site Add 'Fix This Listing' Button On To WordPress Directory Website - Add 'table maker' option to online WYSIWYG Editor Add 'Team' page for my website - Add (Post Feature) in to php search engine Add (promote) our service in IT web sites - Add - Action button with sharing options Add - SOLD OUT - Message - Add .net components to Index Add .NET functionality to site - Add .XSD to a given XML - repost Add / amend Php coding for our website - Add / Remove / Sort Fields On the fly Add / Remove to VB6 Resource file using exe. - add 1 feature to php chat script and fix 2 css issues add 1 feature webrtc voice conference and 1 fix to phpsunchat chat script - add 1 page html menu Add 1 page in Wordpress Site + minor editing - Add 1 png banner to my website must be responsive -- 2 add 1 scene to existing video - Add 1 word to HTML Files and upload to server add 1 word to picture - Add 1,500 twitter followers to our account add 1-3 pages to my functioning site now, set up email/domain/google SEO stuff - Add 10 pages of text to my template within 24 hours ADD 10 PAGES to EXISTING WORD PRESS SITE****** WORDPRESS EXPERIENCE - Add 10,000 Fans to Facebook Page Add 10,000 Fans to Facebook Page - Add 10,000+++ FRIENDS on MYSPACE Add 10,0000+ Fans to our Facebook Page - Add 100 followers each on 25 different Instagram accounts Add 100 friends to my LINE account - Add 100 Products Experienced Amazon Product Adder For Clothing Different Sizes and Colors MUST Prove Experience Add 100 Products Experienced Amazon Product Adder For Clothing Different Sizes and Colors MUST Prove Experience - add 100 products to my site add 100 products to my site - ongoing work - Add 100,000 fans to my Facebook page Add 100,000 real fans to my facebook page - Add 1000 facebook Likes on - ongoing work Add 1000 fans to my facebook page - Add 1000 Products Data to an eCommerce Website Add 1000 products in Amazon store - Add 1000 Products to X-Cart Store add 1000 products wordpress site (woocommerce) - ADD 1000 USA Euorope members in a group in 24h in 4$ add 1000 USA real visitors like to - Add 100000 Real Facebook Fans Add 100k *REAL* Fans To Facebook Page - Add 106 Products to Woocommerce Store Add 107 Pages To WordPress Site $5 Per Hour - Add 11 photos, 2 images, 2 letters and change out copy on 1 web page add 1100+ items to website - Add 1300 products to shopping cart Add 1350 products to database - Add 15,000 or more Facebook likes (United States Only) Add 15,000 or more Facebook likes (United States Only)(repost) - Add 150 products to OSCOMMERCE site - repost Add 150 products to OSCOMMERCE site - repost 3 - Add 179 Products From Wholesale Website to Excel File Add 18 pages of php code to websites - Add 2 Access/Word Merge functions and 2 features
Add 2 Additional questions to Franchise project - Add 2 checkbox fields in form Add 2 checkboxes and 3 Fields to the php-code of my wordpress theme - fast and easy job! - Add 2 existing modules to the homepage Add 2 extra features to web service (Wordpress) - Add 2 Features to an existing WordPress Plugin Add 2 features to existing ThreatMap Project, - add 2 functions to wordpress site Add 2 Google Gauges to Traffic Website - Add 2 Languages to PHP site add 2 layers on google map - Add 2 more features in WordPress site Add 2 more Graphs to a PHP / MSSQL Application - Add 2 new screens to a current Android Application, get data from an API and syncronize local DB Add 2 numbers - Add 2 pages to my website Add 2 pages to website - Add 2 sdks in a code Add 2 Search Page in PHP in my website - Add 2 tags in my rss output for daily deal aggregator! Add 2 tags to a video - Add 2,000 Twitter followers from KUWAIT without admin acces Add 2,040 Products To Our Ecommerce Site - Add 20 Products to eBay -- 3 Add 20 Products to eBay Today - Add 200 products to the zen cart with the product details Add 200 articles (only copy + paste) in Wordpress - Add 200 pages to wordpress website Add 200 Pinterest followers - Add 200 products to opencart Add 200 products to opencart! - Add 2000 Facebook Fan Likes & 2000 Twitter Followers Add 2000 Facebook Fans to my FB Pages. - Add 2000 Products, a pulldown bar and a product search. Add 2000 products, image description, and price to osCommerce Website - Add 20K MySpace Friends from Australia UsingManyLadyProfiles Add 20k Twitter followers - Add 25 products with our logo to our website a Add 25,000 fans to my facebook page - Add 250 products to an opencart site within 24 hours Add 250 products to magento - Add 2K facebook fans Add 2k words to an ebook - Add 3 comments below post, IOS Swift Parse Add 3 Custom field in opencart product and display in Product page in a tab - Add 3 features to Software add 3 features to the given grid component (TUR 2006-1-5) - Add 3 functions to my little php script add 3 functions to my website - Add 3 logos to top of homepage + add 3 videos to website Add 3 maintenance screens for C# project - Add 3 New Widget Positions on Footer - Wordpress Add 3 options to my script - Add 3 products to Magento shop (including custom options) Add 3 purchased mods to phpmydirectory - Add 3% Surcharge to Credit Card - site developed in Magento Add 3,000 Twitter followers from KUWAIT without admin access - add 30 products on my prestashop add 30 products to my wordpress sites - Add 300 product offers Add 300 products into our system - Add 3000 mysql databases and upload 3000 wordpress blogs. Add 3000 products from The manufactures site to our Volusion site - Add 332 domains to Google add 350 product with 1 image each to website - Add 3D Secure to my existing API credentials Add 3D text and color to PNG and generate GIF file using python - Add 4 columns to OEIC extract add 4 extension - Add 4 items to existing php order form add 4 language ME SITE WEB - Add 4 pages to my website ! Lower bid and best reputation WINS! Add 4 pages to several word documents and a header and page numbers - Add 40 New Pictures To Website And New Release Area add 40 products to magento store - Add 4000 Real USA Facebook fans for 3 Pages #120 Add 4000 Real USA Facebook fans for 3 Pages #122 - Add 45 Wigs to Excel file for Upload to Website Add 450 groups and images to website - Add 5 .aspx New Url's to our .net Webpage Add 5 000 views on video from Russia - Add 5 more subpages to my existing site (Content provided by us) Add 5 new Content Pages to a WordPress website - Add 5,000 selected Facebook Likes over next two weeks Add 5,000 Singapore Females Into My Facebook Group - Add 50 new products to Amazon Seller Account Add 50 pages on my website* Simple job - Add 50 Texts to my websites+ SEO Add 50 Users from CSV into Wordpress - Add 50,000 Twitter followers from KUWAIT without admin acces add 50-55 products to my Ultracart account and add buy now buttons to my site - add 500 images add 500 items on wix store - Add 500 products to database Add 500 products to database (for freelancer "favi") - Add 500-1000 Articles on my website through Add 5000 products to shopping cart - Add 5000 members to two similar facebook groups add 5000 names and emails to our database must be done in 3 days Max! - Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers - Add 55 products to Yahoo store Add 55 products to Yahoo store - repost - add 6 fields to a wordpress plugin form and save in the database. Add 6 hyperlinks to flash movie. - Add 600 followers for our twitter account -- 2 add 600 products to prestashop, you must look for better pics online - Add 7 new pages to Certifi website Add 7 pages to an existing WordPress site (4 already exist) plus small changes - Add 7000 products from one site to another Add 7000 Real USA Facebook fans for 4 Pages #107 - Add 840 subscribers from a CSV to a newsletter subscribe form Add 87 item catalog and shopping cart to an existing site - Add @media Mobile Responiveness to theme Add [[wiki links]] support to jekyll via a plugin - Add a Captcha to a preexisting Contact Form Add a filmstrip category selection to php Auction Web - Add a "File Upload" button using PHP to my website Add a "forgot password "" screen - Add a "snap to" feature to an existing parallax website Add a "splash screen" to a wordpress site - Add a ''pictures'' functionality (add/view/modify/delete) to a textual REAL ESTATE website in ASP. Add a ''pictures'' functionality (add/view/modify/delete) to a textual REAL ESTATE website in ASP.(repost) - Add a 12 Page PDF as a Form on my Website Add A 2nd Category Description to 2 Custom Post Types WordPress - Add a \"Print\" button, with code, to our existing process (PDF explains) - repost Add a a logo to 150 images - Add a B2B menu to an existing B2C website Add a backfill ad network for intertitial ads, and Rewarded videos in a CORONA SDK platform mobile GAME - Add a banner at the top of a existing joomla site - repost Add a banner feature in Magento site - Add a basic flash player to my site from my RSS Add a basic membership feature to existing WooCommerce shop/site - Add a blog for my php website Add a blog function to my wordpress site - Add a blog to my HTML site!! Add a blog to my opencart website - Add a Booking System to an Existing Website -- 2 Add a Bookmark Link for FireFox on html page - Add a bundle plugin code to existing MAC sw in Objective C. Add a bundle plugin code to existing MAC sw in Objective C. -- 2 - Add a button to IE toolbar Add a button to my homepage - Add a calendar / event system to our CUSTOM cms site. Code ignighter. Add a calendar booking to my website - Add a Captcha in a simple contact form Add a Captcha in a simple contact form - Add a car into a map - Unity3d