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Add my personalized email to outlook - add my site to DMOZ Add my site to DMOZ listing - Add my website into your google merchant and adwords Add my website to Bing and Yahoo - add myspace friends Add MySpace Friends - No Skills Required - Add Name & SKU to page in MAgento add name and info of individual to various web directories - Add Native Map Search to An App Listed in Apple App Store and Google Play Store Add Natural Logarithm to algorithm in Google Sheets - Add need codes to user side Add need codes to user side - Add new ADMIN features to Video Share Social Network Add new Admob and startapp AD Network integration - Add new buttons & BM Vehicle Look-up function Add new buttons for search and delete - Add new content and arrange content on an existing HTML/PHP landing page website Add New Content to 2 Old Articles and Write 1 New Review Article. - Add new description tab at product page magento Add New Design and Features to Twitter App - Add new edited text to pre-existing site Add new effect in website - Add new feature in Contact form 7 in Wordpress - create invoice Add new feature in existing website - Add New Feature to an existing site (Flash/Visual Basic/JavaScript) Add New Feature to Android App - Add new feature to my vb6 app add new feature to my website - Add new features and corrections to MVC Application Add new features and fix bugs on existing iOS app - Add new features in software (C#/sql server/crystal reports) Add new features into an existing system: Office Workflow / Business Process Management - Add new features to an existing DNN module and update the website skin Add new features to an existing game - Add new features to CRELoaded 6.1 (derivation of OS Commerce) based e-commerce website (287597) Add new features to current VB.NET application - Add new features to existing paint program Add new features to existing Places Near Android app - Add New Features to Live Website Add new features to me iOS App - Add new features to our joomla module Add new features to our Laravel based platform - Add New Features to Twitter Who to Follow Widget add new features to Visual Basic.Net / ASP.NET webpage - Add new field and one form only with custom texts Add New Field For Opencart - Add new fields to k2 in Joomla Add new fields to online form - Add new forums page and intergrate with user database Add new friends to myspace account - add new function to my shortlink script Add new function to my website (Wordpress) - Add new functionality to a wordpress marketplace (built with Marketify, EDD) - new widgets, new plugins, new templates required Add new functionality to an android code - Add new functionnalities to existing CRM Add new functions - Add new functions to my exiting iPhone app 2 Add new functions to my website - Add New future on php software Quickly Add New future on php software Urgent - Add new ids for the in-app ads ( Chartboost and RevMob ) to two apps Add new image format to MATLAB script. - Add new layout to existing template Add new layout to our website - Add new membership section to wordpress website Add New Membership Subscription to Personals Ad Website - Add New Module to existing website. Redemption Code Verification Add new module to Opencart - Add new order options in magento store Add new order status to shopify - Add new page to our website (Quick Job) Add new page to story board and display users location on mapkit - Add new Pages to Existing Exchange and Money Transfer system Add new pages to existing website - Add new payment gateway to wordpress plugin Add New Payment Gateway to WordPress Plugin (Event Espresso) - Add new Product Add new Product - open to bidding - Add new products to my website 2 add new products to new website - Add new resource to C# Game Previously Worked On Add new role and permissions to c# .net website - Add New Section to Zerif Pro Wordpress Template Add New Section to Zerif Pro Wordpress Template -- 2 - Add new sponsor logo to existing promo images add new status for woocommerce - Add new Targeted friends to Myspace Account Add new template to existing pages - Add new trunk on my a2biling Add new trunk to A2billing - Add new Verified installer module to Add new video trailer - Add newly designed graphics into existing html/php coded pages Add Newrelic Application monitoring to an OpenERP server - Add News letter subcription Add news letters and fixes to website. - Add newsletter to contact form 7 Add newsletter to my dail deals website - Add ninject nuget to ASP.NET Web Form Add Nivo jQuery Image Slider to Wordpress (with some design) - Add Notification alert Add notification and facebook login - add numbers from 000 to 999 on each line Add Numbers to a List in Java APK - add of product Add of SMS capability to IEM (Interspire Emailmarketer) - Add on 20.00 for design work Add on 3 New Features to the Existing Quiz Platform- for Prasy8 - Add On Custom Framing Feature to Existing Site Add on custom tools - Add on for Bus Reservation System Add on for crawling project Feb 19 2012 13:45:52 - add on for whatsapp add on for whatsapp - Add on modules a website Add on modules a website -- 2 - Add on shipping method Add on Shopping Cart - Add on to database and website for phpexp Add on to ecommerce - ADD ON TO MY WEBSITE Add on to previous work! - Add on WHMCS Price Slider on new Cart.php with new design add on woocommerce plugin custmoziation - Add one class and main in C++ program__ -- 2 Add one classiffied to - Add one function and implement admob banner to game app. add one function i a wordpress site - Add One More Page Before Checkout - Wordpress Task - repost Add one more payment processor to a oxyclassfieds script - Add one page to our Web site Add one page to RS website - Add one small feature to the existing ruby on rails web application Add one star to php site - Add online order button to website - HTML Code Provided Add online ordering function to existing website** - Add online store to existing website Add online store to existing website and a few other items - Add ons to existin php site Add ons to existing script II - Add open close addon on top of a slider, Fix a datepicker conflict and fix responsive issues of theme Add Open External Url on Intel XDK Webview App - ADD OPENING PAGE TO WEB SITE
Add OPOS printer support(repost) - Add option in xt-commerce template Color, corrections in the Template add option manufacturer for virtuemart search module - ADD OPTION TO UPLOAD IMAGES IN CONTACT FORM WORDPRESS add option to upload more picture to a website - Add options to my music player app Add options to my Web page + send xml to srever FTP - ADD or GRAB Facebook Fans from Competitor add or mirror sample copy site - Add ordering page Add ordernumber and total price excl. shipping variables (Magento) - Add other language to website Add other languages to Magento site - Add our content to 60 web 2.0 website Add our Coupons to Coupon sites - add our link to your website or blog Add our link your websites - Add our researched keywords+description to our Overture/GoogleAds Account Add Our Site Search To IE7 Search Options - Add over 230 products in Bigcommerce admin panel Add over 300 products to Magento - Add own scrollbar in the textarea of the website Add ownCloud User Registration - add page curl html add page download video page to already completed website and fix any error - Add Page to c# .net Website Add page to current website - Add page to OC Add page to Open Cart AP - Add page to zen cart Add Page Transitions to WordPress website - Add Pages & Graphs: PHP Add Pages & Graphs: PHP and SMARTY PHP - Add pages and paths to current drupal-based website Add pages and text to Wordpress website - Add pages to a WHMCS module -- 2 Add pages to a wordpress - Add pages to existing website Add pages to existing website - Add pages to Add Pages to Magento Site (CoVaLiDiTy Only) - Add pages to the website, develop social media marketing pages Add pages to Web site inc navigation change - Add Pages Website - Pay Today/Fast Job Add Pages, Blogs to Website. Enhancements - Add pagination to file sharing database - repost Add Pagination to Isotope Javascript plugin - Add paleo data to spreadsheet Add panel for feature on purchased template - Add parameter to existing iterative regression algorithm to choose LS vs LAD. Add Parameters to API Client in C# (Great Project) - Add parts ordering function to ecommerce site Add parts to admin interface / fix some parts - add password to website Add Password-Protect to PHP project - Add payment API to OScommerce Cart Add payment api to this page - Add payment gateway Add payment gateway - add payment gateway into wordpress website add payment gateway page to site - add payment gateway to ringtone website Add Payment Gateway to website - Add payment method and drive more traffic to my site -- 2 Add payment method in Opencart - Add payment processor as discussed Add payment processor extension to MAGENTO store - Add Payment to an existing site add payment to my website - Add PayPal "PayNow "button Add Paypal & Emails Export option to a WordPress eCard Plugin - Add Paypal and Moneybookers to file share site add change password Add Paypal and Moneybookers to file share site add change password(repost) - Add PayPal button to e-commerce website Add PayPal button to Joomla Website - Add PayPal credit card payment facility to existing website Add PayPal credit card payment facility to existing website - take 2 - Add Paypal Gateway to our WebPortal Add Paypal HTML Code - Add paypal payement on my magento website Add paypal payment in one of our website service - Add Paypal Payments Pro to older Interspire Shopping Cart Add Paypal plugin to CakePHP order-forms and manually configure.. - Add Paypal subscription to site Add Paypal subscription/recurring payments for Wordpress - Add Paypal to our e-commerce (387934) add paypal to our website - Add Payroll module in one of the existing PHP based HRMS Add PaySafeCard to my checkout form - add pdf files to a form Add PDF format to reports in OpenGTS - add pdf.js to yetishare script Add PECL bbcode plugin and adjustments in Phpbb - Add people to FB Group in the city you live in based on a specific profile add people to my group on FB - Add Person To Picture Add person to Wikipedia-org - Add phone number in menu bar of my wordpress site add phone number module in desktop & mobile - Add phone number verify system (SMS & Voice) in our website Add phone numbers and emails - Add Photo & Video Galleries to my website Add photo & video gallery to a website - Add photo filter in existing iPhone/iPad app Add photo filter in existing iPhone/iPad app - Add PHOTO SHARE AND FACEBOOK TIMELINE COVER TO SITE Add Photo sharing module to my personal website - Add Photos and Text to Templates add photos and text to wordpress theme - Add photos to my website Add photos to my website (budget is a placeholder) - Add PHP calendar to Wordpress blog Add php Captcha - Add PHP features to existing PHP website Add PHP Features to my website - add php mysql features to existing social website Add PHP mySQL secure login to existing website - Add PHP to make a contact form work Add PHP to MSSQL for Cpanel - Add Physical Mailing Addresses for Employees (18b - IC) Add Physical Mailing Addresses for Employees (18c - IC) - Add picture gallery Add picture gallery and Vimeo to Joomla site - Add picture uploading and commenting features to Android app Add picture/pdf function in News & Announcement - Add pictures to Flash File Add pictures to front page and shopping card change - Add pictures to website Add pictures via serial print function into WORD - add Pinterset followers, likes add Pinterset followers, Pinterest likes - add player to IOS app in Xcode 6 add player xfilesharing pro 1.7 - Add plug-ins and features to my website add plug-ins to my Wordpress website and edit - Add Plugin to Xinha (Open Source Online HTML Editor) Add Plugin via database to Wordpress Website - Add POI to google autocomplete api -- 2 Add point of sales features to my CakePHP portal - Add polygons in Google earth add polyvore button / wanelo button make it work woo-commerce - Add pop-up call-me and login forms on the site with css Add Pop-Up CheckBox that Opens URL to Search Box - Add pop-up to Shopify site