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Add Prices and Stock to 5 WooCommerce products - Add Print and PDF buttons to Profiles in Community Builder in Joomla Add Print and PDF buttons to Profiles in Community Builder in Joomla(repost) - Add print stylesheet to wordpress Website Add Print to Wifi Printer Feature for Android App - Add Private Messaging, Commenting and Social Sharing on an Android App add privileges module in administration - Add Product and Post tabs to homepage Add product and services pages, design and content - Add Product Description to the Variants in my shopify site Add Product Descriptions and Images to Magento Backend - Add product image to joomla Virtuemart Order Invoice- Add product image to shopping cart - Add Product information into Ecommerce Shopify store - Suit Virtual Assistant Add product information to existing MODx website. - Add Product on Ecommerce webiste Add product on edit order - Add product photo to customer order page Add Product Photos to 16,000 Products - Add product to cart in MijoShop (OpenCart) Add product to category - Add Product To My Magento Shop Add Product to my magento store - Add product to our website Add Product to Prestashop (Around 16) - Add product to Woocommerce store Add Product Translations - Add Products Add products - Add Products - ZenCart Shopping Website -multiple attributes Add Products - ZenCart Shopping Website-Part 3 - Add products and pictures MANUAL to prestashop store - project 3 add products and prices to my website - Add Products From Amazon to My Templates Add Products from another site to our Wordpress WooCommerce - Add products from webshop to Virtuemart Webshop Add products From Website to CSV files. - Add Products in My magento website Add Products in My magento website -- - Add products in woocomerce Add Products in WooCommerce +100 (mobile phones) - Add products manually to a magento shop add products on a french website codim (wordpress) - Add products on Yahoo Store Add products on your pinterest - Add Products to a Beauty E-commerce Add products to a BigCommerce store 300+ - add products to a website Add products to a website for me that has a shopping cart - Add products to Amazon - 50 at a time - Repost Add products to Amazon - 50 at a time - Repost - open to bidding - Add Products to account for fulfillment by Amazon Add Products to Amazons SellerCentral Shop - Add Products to Database (MS SQL & ASP.NET) Add products to different crafts and handmade websites - Add Products to Ecommerce Store -- 2 Add Products to Ecommerce Website - Add products to Google Shopping and Froogle Add products to gumtree Australia from our website. - Add products to Magento (Matrix) Add products to Magento (Matrix) - repost - Add Products to Magento Site Add products to Magento site - Add Products to Magento Store - repost Add products to Magento store - repost - add products to my ecommerce website 1 Add products to my ecommerce website! - Add Products to my Shopify Store Add products to my Shopify Store. Positive Feedback + Potential Long Term Work + Awesome Reference - Add products to my virtuemart webshop! Add products to my volusion store. - add products to my website - already done Add products to my website onMagento - Add Products to online catalogue Add Products To Online Store - Add Products to Online Store (Miva Merchant) Add Products to Online Store - Repost - add products to opencart add products to opencart - Add products to OsCommerce Add products to oscommerce - Add products to oscommerce store_ Add Products to Oscommerce Website - Add products to our new webshop - Repost Add products to our new webshop - Repost - open to bidding - Add Products to Prestashop Online Store - Pro II Add products to PRESTASHOP shopping cart - Add products to shopping cart add products to shopping cart (repost)(repost) - add products to virtuemart Add products to Virtuemart - Need finished within 24hours from now. - Add Products To Website Add Products to Website - add products to website Add products to website & Small changes - Add Products To WooCommerce / Wordpress From Spreadsheet Add Products to WooCommerce Catalogs - Add products to Woocommerce website Add Products to WooCommerce Wordpress Site - Add Products to Zen Cart Site Add Products to Zen Cart Store - Add professional design to PowerPoint document Add professional photographs to existing blog - add profiles to my websites Add profiles to online dating website - Add Progress bar to WordPress Upload )lugin Add progress bar while images are being uploaded - Add promo code field to checkout pages add promo code option - Add property info from old to new website add property listing without registration agent listing form on outside website - Add proxy support to an existing project (MSN BOT in C++/dotMSN ) Add Proxy Support to Perl Net::Twitter module - Add Purchase Options for Online Store add purchase price in 3 type of products in all currencies make profit and fetch on dashboard - add push notification service to iOS app Add Push Notification to an iphone rss reader app with (Server Side) - add push notifications & Optimize To iOS 7 Add Push Notifications (source code in Android Studio) - Add pushwoosh in iOS app Add pushwoosh sdk to my android studio app - add quality content to my website videos!! -- 3 add quality content to my website videos!! -- 4 - Add quantity field to Woocommerce store page widget cart OR in product table without screening refreshing to update cart. (done with ajax) -- 3 Add quantity processing / XML to my CFM code - for marr - Add questions to PSD - Fangirl Add questions to PSD - Movies - Add Quiz questions into a database. Add Quiz Questions to a Moodle Page - Add radio station to my site Add RadioTunes SDK for iOS to my xCode Project - Add random queries to net posts extended plugin -- 2 - ongoing work Add random slideshow to profile pages on site - Add rates feature on profile pics on website & blur faces in 20 pics Add rating / reviews to our exisiting Magento Shop - Add Reaction and Social Buttons to wordpress blog add read and write xml function to my gui - Add Real Swipe Funtionalty To List Tab Fragment Add real time chart library to a website - Add ReCaptacha to PHPBB3 Add ReCaptcha - add recaptcha to scriptsmill comment script Add reCaptcha to Web Form Submit Page. - Add recommended networks to Specs tab Add recommended/special/new product window on homepage - Add Redirection Code to my Main Website
Add Redirections to Plugin - Add referrer data to order confirmation email for Magento shopping cart Add referrer data to order confirmation email in Magento shopping cart - add registered avatars list in website Add registered trademark ® to our logo - Add Registration Page add registration page - add related products to woocommerce site Add relevant images to wordpress posts (READ) - Add reply notification to my website Add report - Add request quote form to Shopify Add required field to wordpress form - Add responsive ad banner in HTML add responsive background to joomla site from psd - add responsive html (ready) to site Add responsive html to wordpress website page - add responsiveness to small existing webpage - responsive css media queries Add Responsiveness to WP Site - ADD Restaurant online food ordering over fax. -- 2 Add restaurants into my website - Add resume for woocoomerce downloadbe products - repost 2 Add Resume Uploader to JomSocial - Add review dialog for unity match 3 game (2D) -- 2 Add Review Stars to website and rating database - Add Revolution Slider to my Homepage Add revolution slider to website - Add right click menu item icon to windows native right click menu through registry Add right column into a Joomla template - Add Roslyn/C# toolchain to srclib Add Roslyn/C# toolchain to srclib -- 2 - Add rotation, airprint, and open in other Apps to existing Universal iPhone/iPad app Add round roundcube plugin to plesk server - Add RSS Feed and Twitter Feed to Django site Add Rss Feed On My Website - Add RSS feed to the site Add RSS Feed to - Add RSS Function to Web SIte with WordPress Blog Add RSS Headlines to Web Site - Add RTMP support and Screenshots to XML Player Add rtpproxy support in opensips - Add salary range to existing project Add Sale Information from Configurable Product to Simple Product on Magento - Add SAPI speech recognition to existing telephony app Add SASL Authentication to Beanstalkd - Add schedule feature to an Facebook App -- 2 Add Schedule Name To Email Subject - Add screen capture to OSTicket email Add Screenlock activity to an app - add script 7 Add script 8 - add script project Add script Recording to plugin in the Open Source Elgg, and edit files to call the recorder! - Add Script to Website Add script to website - Add Scroll Function add scroll menu - Add SDK file - open to bidding Add SDK to App - Add search and Google Maps to Cake PHP drectory) - repost add search and search history future in my php script - Add search box to Wordpress Category Page Add search box with statistics ability to website(repost)(repost) - Add Search Engine in existing Add search engine to broswer button for a newly developed search engine - add search functinality in wordpress website Add search function and pages to a Website - Add Search option to my script + 3 Bonus job's Add Search Plugin and Rev Slider plugin to current Wordpress theme - Add searchable forms and reports to existing MS Access database Add searchable map with locations and reporting pages to WordPress site - Add second loop for one category on side of blog Add second Magento store with different URL - Add sections and pages to Wordpress theme Add SECTIONS to 5 existing web-pages . . NOW - Add security features to my vcx coded program Add security features to my vcx coded program -- 2 - Add Security to PDF files Add security to PHP pages - Add Selections to Contact Us Form.(repost) Add selector map to terms in custom Wordpress taxonomy and store Latitude + Longitude - Add Sendroid SDK to the existing project add seo & product feed in opencart - Add serach engine for city and country in Event Pluggin add server and client capability to application - add settning to one of my apps add several commands to script - Add Share button & push messaging to existing ios/android app add share button in my website - Add Share via SMS to Drupal Install Add Share, Join and Buy buttons - Add Shipping Charge to 15 wp site each site i will pay 4$ shipping condition. when buy total lower than 3000 shipping charge will be 250 when greater than 3000 shipping free only this you have to do in 15 site Add Shipping Code & image fix - Add shipping per region in Opencart and fix tax not showing correctly Add Shipping Plugin to wordpress site - Add shopify Product from 3rd party site Add Shopify to my website **Urgent - need done now. - Add Shopping Cart and Checkout to Existing Website Add Shopping Cart and Checkout toWebsite - Add shopping cart capability to my website Add shopping cart feature to existing website. - Add Shopping cart to existing website / modify existing text Add shopping cart to existing Wordpress website - Add shopping cart to website add shopping cart to website - Add side banners , extra pictures on a product page , and some attributes for retail store add side bar to wp page and correct width issue - Add Sidebar/Header to Vbulletin Add sidebars to website - Add Signature and PDF features to Wordpress form Add Signature Capture LIbrary to Existing Android WebView App - Add Signup Form Script to HTML Page Add signup form to HTML website - Add simple availability calendar to HTMl site Add simple backend 2 - Add simple drop down list to form Add Simple Episode Posts To My Wordpress Site - Add simple function to wordpress Add simple functionality to this Ruby on Rails app to build a Microsoft Word-readable document (rtf or doc) from template that currently generates html - Add simple news section to website Add Simple Page Purchase DVD, Tshirt , Goodies - Add simple product to magento Add simple responsiveness to HTML. - Add Simple Viewer To My Website Add simple views to existing iphone app - add SISTEM of PAY and register users SISTEM in mi site, like CMS with payment SISTEM Add Site Categories - add site to dmoz directory Add site to - Add sites header & background to installed Gallery2 program Add Sites to Directories - add size to oscommerce sites Add Sizes $ Colors To Spreadsheet for Monstercommerce Shopping Cart - Add skip silence feature on app Add skip silence feature on app -- 2 - Add slide first launch application android Add slide first launch application iphone - add slider in my wordpress site Add slider in the site - Add slides and video to game file Add slides to a Prezi Presentation - Add slideshows to web page Add Slideup to Wordpress - add small admin page
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