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An app similar to this app - An app that could predict the diagnosis An app that culcuates how much time a person wastes for the ipod touch/iphone - An app that repeats text using your own voice for the ipod touch/iphone(repost) An app that sells items as auctions and buy it now option - An app to be built an app to be built - An App to help students. An App To Help You Cheat On Your Spouse .... - an app using iphone/ipod camera An app using shiny app - An app with 2 buttons after clicked, which can access and allocate mobile network parameter when click one button, and dial number for another button An app with a possible scraper built in - An Appellate Brief based on "mock facts" An apple app - an application android - open to bidding An application based on iOS and Android - An application for creating fake members for Telegram An application for creating fake members for Telegram - An application for Iphone , Android and Windows phone An Application for iPhone and Android - An application like Whatsapp with Video and voice calls An Application Needed - an application that is based on distributed systems An application that launches during an incoming or outgoing call. - An application to track movements in relation to the ball in mini-games An Application To View Images - an applogy email 2 An appoiment interface. - an appstore AN APPY DEV - An Arabic Website for a crowdfunding campaign An Aracbic Academic Writer and Researcher is Required urgently - An architects to draw a plan for a soft conversion and an extention of consevatory An architectural drawing converted into a 3D model - An Array of Grades An array of photos taken for an online photo image library - An article An article - An article about Food Security. Is it possible to feed the worlds population in an environmentally and socially accepted way? An article about football fanaticism - An article about poverty in Lithuania - repost An article about QuickTime errors - an article for company profile & advertisement publication An article for icanbecreative - An article on "How to lose weight" An article on "Politicization in budgeting is influenced by several Actors. Explain the Actors involved clearly" - An article on the history of the bicycle An article on the possibility of a world without slave trade and colonialism - An article titled: How Schools Kill Creativity. an article tittled child protection in Nigeria - An article writer needed an article writer needed. - An Article..... An Articles On Pinterest/Facebook/Etsy/Twitter - An artist for a comic book. An Artist impression of a new building which is currently under construction - An artist to draw for project of a childrens bbok An artist to draw for project of a childrens bbok - an artist to teach people how to do caricature An artist who can design cosmetic labels and who may be familiar with FDA label guidelines - An as built drawing An As creative writing piece checked but need it in 4 hours - An ASP/mySQL script needs fixing An ass kicker - An assignment completed at 1st class quality An assignment for Academicintegrit - An assignment on Assembly Language - ARC - repost An Assignment on C language - An assistant an assistant - an assistant to post on my business social media and promote by products on the platform AN ASSISTANT TO WORK 3 DAYS A WEEK IN MY BUSINESS - an attractive style needed An Attractive website for a Nature Park - An Audio CD Question An audio engineer - An Augmented Reality Animated/3D Futuristic Video an augmented reality aplication - An Auto Galery Web site An Auto Hot Key Macro - An Autocad project An Autocad project - An Automated system to generate a site map for Google. An automated way of checking if websites are mobile friendly - An Automator or Itunes Script that organises my iTunes Movies An Automator Script or any small MAX OS app to Verify Folders for certain criteria - An awards ceremony, need shots of award winners and general crowd An aware consumer - An camera app which can have location, Comments, Projects Code, Date and Time Stamp An Candle, with Adobe Photoshop - An customised app for devices interaction and communication An database-driven information website - An e commerce business plan plus ppt An e commerce business plan plus ppt -- 2 - An E-com shopping cart upgrate to higher version an E-commence Website - open to bidding - An e-commerce website An e-commerce website - An E-Learning course scripted An e-learning module for our Company that can help us to place certain programs on digital platform. - an easy bank program An easy bit of Ajax / Javascript - An easy iPhone app to timestamp medical pages An easy java applet interface - An easy part-time online job for native speakers An easy photo album app - An easy reading summary of a short article, must be familiar with MLA and In-Text Citations An easy recommendation system - An Easy Uni Assingment with C Programming an easy website - An eBay Reseller to Sell My Items on eBay An eBay Reseller to Sell My Items on eBay - repost - an ebook and a report writer needed. An ebook app - An ebook manipulation An ebook manipulation -- 2 - An ebook on voice training An ebook published on financial planning - an eCommerce Web Development & Web Design company An ecommerce Business Directory - An ecommerce website An ecommerce website - An Ecommerce website with Ruby on Rails An Ecommerce website with Ruby on Rails - repost - An editor An editor - an editor for my first novel that i plan to publish entitled 'the living list' An Editor For My Thesis 5-Minute Short Film - an editor who can pull together a whole lot of writing. an editor with marketing experience - An educational website with stuffed in material An educator resource book - An Efficient PHP Programmer needed urgently An efficient RSA public key encryption scheme. - an Electrical engineer familiar with heaters - Rehire An electrical engineer proficient in reverse engineering a device into a PCD sketch - An electronic device and PCB layout designed An electronic device with a camera, gps device and a memory - An ELT Seminar An Email & Phone Marketing Expert to Sell Premium Domain Names for High Commission - An email signature to match my existing business card An email subscription form that registers users on my Amazon SES mailing list - An Emoji icon app for iphone/ipad and android An emote artist - An Energy Savings Company Logo An engaging biography/profile for my website - An engineer to look at my 2 car garage An engineer to look at our stone edge polisher, marmo meccanica LCH 711 SE - An Engineering first year Assignment
An Engineering first year Assignment - open to bidding - AN English learning curriculum. - open to bidding An English native speaker is needed - An English voice required -- 2nd time An English writer for writing article on TESOL/TEFL - An entrepreneurial app An Entrepreneurial Revolution - An ERP Software An ERP System consisting on a complete company automation - An essay An essay -- 2 - An essay about Socrates needed An essay about sustainability within organisations - an essay of 1000 to 1500 words an essay of 2500 words on " Impact of cyber warfare to the ministry of defence" - an essay qbout an addiction an essay question that needs to be answered in 2,000 words - An Evaluation And Usability Report Of The Existing App Design (Android Device Required) An Evaluation of Financial and Business Performance of Wal-Mart for the 3 financial year(latest financial statement) - an event planner an event planner website using - AN EVIEWS PROJECT FOR USD 400 -- 2 AN EVIEWS PROJECT FOR USD 400 -- 3 - An Excel competent person An Excel Data Entry Form one page - An Excel macro to identify payment evasion An excel Macro to import from notepad and perform various analysis - An Excel template that takes an imported set of time sheets and creates an output file An excel template which enable me to update data on monthly basis with dynamic graphs - An Excellent Copywriter for writing a business profile An Excellent Data Manipulator - An excersize in C Data Structures An Exchange Website for Bitcoins between USD and other Crypto Currencies - An executable program on windows to do an http get An executable program that constantly monitors the sound card for a specific sound - An Existing Flyer to retouch Images & retype Price. Arabic text ready. An Existing Flyer to retouch Images & retype Price. Arabic text ready. -- 2 - an existing website rebuilt. An existing website to change layout and function navigatio and colour - An Experienced Author With Board Game Rules Experience To Edit 8000 word board game An experienced business researcher/writer. - An experienced individual to post my URL on You Tube Videos An Experienced Infographic Designer - An experienced Sales agent in Catering and Hospitality industry An experienced Sales agent in Catering and Hospitality industry -- 2 - An Experienced Web Developer with Excellent Joomla Experience An experienced wikipedian. - An expert at Bookkeeping via QB and QBO. Catchup work and then ongoing support. An expert back-end developer needed - An expert in Asterisk - Java needed An expert in Biometric systems needed - An expert in mathematics is required. An Expert in Microsoft Word to Excel conversions - An expert needed to fix SEO related bug in Joomla An expert needed to install and customize phplinkdirectory - An expert resource on Ruby-on-Rails An expert review writer and blog writer - An Expert Web Designer Wanted - 1 @ $5000 An Expert Web Designer Wanted - 4 @ $5000 - An exploration of plagiarism: the perceptions of senior nurses in the context of professionalism and patient care an export in matrix 7 - an extra row adding to new products on my magento site An extraction program - An front end android app and back end system similar to Uber or Tripda An full experienced developer with Surge deploy - An Honest Opinion (testiomonial) For My Health And Dieting Ebook An hour job! Correct some Mistakes of a 12 page brochure - An HTML Custom Website An HTML expert to tweak/customize m my Tumblr Theme - an HYIP site that has instant deposit and withdrawal An HYP EXPERT - open to bidding - An id hacked. Need it retrieved. Asap An ID site where people can look up their "account" with an Identification number and see the status of their account (example processing, completed, waitlisted ect.). - An illistrator for the cover of my book an illistrator to illistartor a cartoon strip. To bring my ideas and Caricatures to life - An Illustration for a "Home Loan Guide" Content which is in a word document. An Illustration for a "Home Loan Guide" Content which is in a word document. - open to bidding - An illustration of a girl. An illustration of a group of around 15, mostly females, for a Christmas card - an illustration that may be minipulated An illustration to represent me, for my beauty blog - an illustrator an illustrator - An illustrator for a children's book An illustrator for a children's book - An illustrator for a childrens book An illustrator for a childrens book. - An illustrator of a children's book an illustrator of a short childrens book I have writen - An Illustrator to Illustrate my Childrens Books. An Illustrator to Judge Children's Drawings For a Contest - An Ilustration for Food brand . Want an illustrtaion of cooking instructions for rice in 5 steps. An ilustration/artwork for our wedding invitation - An image I designed to be made neater and clearer to be printed on shirts An image jpg file that includes your slogan - an image superimposed onto another An image that conveys a social concept - An implementation of linear interior point simplex algorithm using MATLAB(repost) AN IMPLEMENTATION OF RECOVERY ALGORITHM FOR FAULT NODES IN A WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK - An independent sales rep, with an artistic background An independent short horror film. Which will be released on youtube. - An indicator for MT4 - repost An indicator for MT4 - repost 2 - an InfoGraphic - open to bidding An infographic 4 items with key features on each item - an innovative design for smart water bottle project An innovative IT company seeks Promoters and Marketing Associates - an Instagram bot - open to bidding An Instagram BOT - repost 2 - An integrated business tool An integrated shipping software for FedEX, DHL, UPS, TNT, CanadaPost - an intelligent monitoring school attendance system An intelligent website design company for a trendy web development required - An interactive map of the building from the inside. PHP or JAVAScript -- 2 an interactive membership based software program to manage schedules - an interactive social hub of information about various distilleries & the whiskies they produce. - repost an interactive software - An interesting photograph of Funko Model figurines taken on the beach An interesting php project - An Interior design picture An interior design plan for a building project - An internal project for Kenara-As per the discussing An internal Project for Kenara-Dec14 - An internet poster on poker forums (up to 600$ per month) An internet poster on poker forums (up to 600$ per month) - repost - An Interworking between Two heterogeneous voip protocols An intranet for my real estate brokerage to track transactions - An introduction video for Upwork An introduction written for each of 43 chapter of an existing book. - An investigation of the dynamics of trust on international human resources management practices in shaping organizational performance AN INVESTIGATION OF THE IMPACT OF TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (TQM) IMPLEMENTATION IN THE MANUFACTURING LIBYAN FIRMS - An invoice matching piece of VBA An invoice matching piece of VBA - open to bidding - An Ios and Google app An ios and web app that works with photos music and text - An iOS app that can add overlay to pictures and upload to instagram an iOS app that can make Dubstep music - An Ios application for my product An IOS application using rss or xml to retrieve relevant news articles - An IOS game prototype /no graphic need An iOS game that is similar as Planet vs. Zombie - An ip ban, geo target and form submit script! PHP An Ip specific code For Pay Per View Streaming - An ipad&iphone game an ipad/iphone app for ios and android - an iPhone app an iphone app - An iphone app in which people can order An IPHONE APP like Carousell - An iPhone app prototype created