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An app made - An app similar to 'Hailo' (taxi app) - repost an app similar to bibi or whisper. - An App That Can Take 30-60 Photos Per Second An app that connects two random people - an app that receives 25 bytes of data through Bluetooth An app that repeats text using your own voice for the ipod touch/iphone - An app to be built An app to be developed - An app to insert a csv file into a DBase An app to invite co-workers to some event - An app where an individual can upload a photo to try different hairstyles. An app where it takes a picture and tells more info - An app. An app. - An application An application - An application for creating fake members for Telegram An application for creating fake members for Telegram - An application for finding and purchasing repair parts for cars An application for government funding for a Brewery in Ontario - An Application Form and PayPal payment an application in apple store - An application that can detect if camera or microphone is being accessed. An application that can reply to LI messages - An application to manage clients an application to order pizza - An application with Qr code, like Camcard application An applikation for (Iphone / android / Windows phone ) But one platform at a time - An Apps portfolio An apps that combine skills and interest - an arabic version of foodswitch app An Arabic voice is required - an architect/interior designer An architects thought evoking logo - An Array of Grades An array of photos taken for an online photo image library - an article an article - an article about dream. An article about explainer videos - An article about poverty in Lithuania - repost An article about QuickTime errors - An article for a business magazine An Article For a Wedding Blog - An Article on "How present corporate corporation are maintaining social responsibility. Discuss the reasons behind corporations behaving responsibly, in term of PR benefit gained and also from a more altruistic stance" An article on "How to lose weight" - An article on some usefull sport exercises An article on staying in touch with friends & family abroad during the holiday season. - An article summary An article titled: How Schools Kill Creativity. - An article writer need An article writer need for on going project - An Article..... An Articles On Pinterest/Facebook/Etsy/Twitter - An Artist impression of a new building which is currently under construction An artist is needed - An artist to draw for project of a childrens bbok An artist to draw illustration pictures in a children book for publishing - An artist to take my sketched logo design and possibly improve it, while making it digitized. an artist to teach people how to do caricature - An as built drawing An As creative writing piece checked but need it in 4 hours - An ASP/mySQL script needs fixing An ass kicker - An assignment about Data Management An Assignment About Design Patterns - An assignment on accounting - 1 - repost An assignment on accounting - repost - An assingment about childhood studies an assinment about router - An assistant to deal with weekly client enquiries and to manage some simple social media tasks An Assistant to do webinar training with my customers. - An attorney an attorney to call my brother and tell him to stop harrassing my father - An Auction Website An Auction website - an auditor's report for my small private company An auditor, cpa - an auto accept program for appraisals - open to bidding An Auto Ad Launcher - An Autocad designer well versed with the program, and able to it to plan real estate projects and deign work within the real estate industry An AutoCAD Drawing - An automated social script An automated sport betting website - An automatized Excel Spreadsheet An automatized Excel Spreadsheet - open to bidding - An awards ceremony, need shots of award winners and general crowd An aware consumer - An camera app which can have location, Comments, Projects Code, Date and Time Stamp An Candle, with Adobe Photoshop - An design for manufacture and patent. An design logo - An E commerce Website An E commerce Website - open to bidding - An E-Commerce Platform for Games An e-commerce platform with distributor login - An e-commerce website for an online pet store An e-commerce website for custom made clothings and accessories - An E-store An e-wallet accepts Libyan issued [credit, debit, ATM] cards - An easy ecommerce website An EASY Essay - An easy job for an experienced Flash Programmer An easy job for an experienced PHP/MySQL programmer - An easy PHP Bug Fix - repost An Easy PHP homework help - only few lines of code needed - An easy task for every ONE An Easy task for php experts | add a report to a script - an easy work for you an easy work for you - An eBay template design An Ebay-like Joomla Component - An eBook based on traditional/ancestral/paleo nutrition an ebook cover - an eBook of 40 pages - open to bidding An ebook on Bruce Lee - An ebook that talk about health and fitness for office workers An ebook that talk about health and fitness for office workers - open to bidding - An ecommerce site for home delivery for a restarunt chain An ecommerce site on tictail - An eCommerce website built for a business owner within the hot tub industry An eCommerce website built. - An economic assignment an Economics project - an editor / proofreader an editor / writer - An editor suited to working on satyrical fantasy style writing. - ongoing work An editor that will review my doctoral study proposal - an education project An educational app - An efficient bicycle/cycle rickshaw An efficient C++ Programmer with background in Parser and building Language Translator - An Electrical drawing An electrical engineer - an electronic B2B 'save the date' party mailer An electronic books app - An elegant WordPress site for building and construction business - open to bidding An Elegant yet eye catching logo - An email signature an email signature created - An emitter that sends ultrasonic signal on 22 Khz An emoji app for Iphone - An end-to-end Android app An energetic firm finding some work! - An engineer to draw location of small pool an engineer to draw up a commercial machine that can apply crystals to boots. - An engineer's plan for replacement of retaining wall.
An engineered and stamped drawing - AN English learning curriculum. AN English learning curriculum. - open to bidding - An English writer for writing article on TESOL/TEFL An English writer for writing article on TESOL/TEFL - An entrepreneur website partner An Entrepreneurial Revolution - An ERP System consisting on a complete company automation An ERP/IT sales staff for UK - An essay -- 2 An essay about a book/play/poem - An essay about sustainability within organisations an essay about wishful mistakes and diseases related to it - an essay of 3 investment questions academic report An Essay of Buddhism - an essay question that needs to be answered in 2,000 words an essay re-write - An Evaluation & Usability Report Of The Existing App Design (Android Device Required) An Evaluation And Usability Report Of The Existing App Design (Android Device Required) - an event planner an event planner website using - AN EVIEWS PROJECT FOR USD 400 -- 2 AN EVIEWS PROJECT FOR USD 400 -- 3 - An Excel competent person An Excel Data Entry Form one page - An excel Macro to import from notepad and perform various analysis An Excel or Google Sheet like system that works on server only has no speed limits - An Excel template that takes an imported set of time sheets and creates an output file An excel template which enable me to update data on monthly basis with dynamic graphs - An Excellent Data Manipulator An excellent design of house - An exchange website like An exciting Academic Writing Taskc - An executable program that constantly monitors the sound card for a specific sound An executive biography. - An Existing Flyer to retouch Images & retype Price. Arabic text ready. -- 2 - ongoing work an existing logo has to be put on "transparent" - an exiterior view for villa An expanded illustration set drawn in the same style as the original set - An Experienced Author With Board Game Rules Experience To Edit 8000 word board game An experienced business researcher/writer. - An experienced Graphics designer is required to create brand homepage banners, newsletter banners, logo design based on the theme of existing website. An experienced Graphics designer required for newsletter banners once a week! - An experienced recording engineer who is proficient in ProTools. An experienced SAGE payroll operator with some knowledge of basic HR to work for one day each week at our offices in Welwyn Garden City - An experienced web developer to conduct a lesson to managers about the basics of web development An Experienced Web Developer with Excellent Joomla Experience - An expert at Bookkeeping via QB and QBO. Catchup work and then ongoing support. An expert back-end developer needed - An expert in Biometric systems needed An expert in bootstrap, ajax & php - an expert in phplist An expert in POSTMAN API sending request" algorithm required. - An Expert of CSS and HTML is needed An expert of drawing. - An Expert to build a capture page FULLFILLER An Expert to Build a Game Website - An Expert WooCommerce Developer and Paypal Express Chekout API Developer An Expert Wordpress Plugin coder/developer Needed ASAP! - An exsisting html page needs to me made responsive An extendible XML/XSLT-based web-engine - An extremely simple android game An extremely simple Twitter posting app - An game that could get shared on app store An GERMAN Simple one-click system proof - reading / selection job - An hour job! Correct some Mistakes of a 12 page brochure An hour job! Correct some Mistakes of a 12 page brochure - repost - An HTML expert to tweak/customize m my Tumblr Theme an HTML extension on ads with graphics - an I-phone app: a Greek Orthodox Ecclesiastical Holiday Reminder, Alarm Clock, Calendar with musical Holiday Hymns, Hourly chimes bells and more links An I.P expert - An idea for a movie an idea for a website - an illistrator to illistate a cartoon strip. To bring my ideas and Caricatures to life an illistrator to illistate a cartoon strip. To bring my ideas and Caricatures to life - An Illustration for a "Home Loan Guide" Content which is in a word document. -- 2 An Illustration for a Book Cover - An illustration of a hand and a package for a flyer An illustration of a high end residential development using Corten Steel - An Illustrator An Illustrator - an illustrator an illustrator - An illustrator for a children's book An illustrator for a children's book - An illustrator for a realistic face graphic An illustrator for a series of Children Books that entertain, engage and educate - An illustrator to create pictures for a children's book An illustrator to create victorian style images for ongoing sporadic projects - an illustrator who can draw 3d An illustrator who can draw images for multimedia school ebooks - An image edited for a christmas gift an image for a book - An image of a scientist/professor An image of an Asian water buffalo, in the form of a heritage inspired engraving/line drawing. - An image/text recognation project An imagination world, a themed realm as a guideline to 3D artist to create background layers for the mobile app. - An in house 'refer a friend' app An in-house developer - An Indian driver's template - repost An Indian freelancer needed for a Web scraping Job - An Industry Specific Social Media Site (AWS Web Server) An info graphic created - An Information technology project/work an information website - an inspiration of an exiting site but moresimple - open to bidding -- 2 An inspirational/motival speech - An Institutional Website for Bangladesh an instruction leaflet in line mdrawings - An integration project with RoR and Web Services An intellectual experience that has mattered to you - An Interactive Historical Timeline An Interactive LED Table - an interactive slot machine website an interactive slot machine website - open to bidding - An interactive, multi-module prezi presentation an interctive/animated characters banner ad - An interface to oracle 9i,easy to use no headache of writing queries An Interface` for a eCommerce - An Internal Project For Kenara- July An Internal Project For Kenara- July -- 2 - An Internet Marketing Project An internet marketing project. Need to build leads. At least 30. - An interview with Australian television about working for An Interviewer Required in LA! - An introduction video for our landing page An introduction written for each of 43 chapter of an existing book. - An investigation of international human resource management practices in shaping organizational performance An investigation of the dynamics of trust on international human resources management practices in shaping organizational performance - An invoicing form - ongoing work An iOs "De-Identifier App" - An IOS APP An IOS APP - an iOS app that can that users download video clip footage+++ an iOS app that can that users download video clip footage++++ - An IOS Developer An iOS developer is wanted - an iOS translator app An ios travel app - An iPad app for patient check in and queue ticket taking an iPad app for patient check in and queue ticket taking with survey - An iPhone and Android app for booking an iphone and Android app that can do face mash functions - an iPhone app developer based in Dublin, Ireland An iPhone App for a beer festival - An iPhone app that incorporates GPS, Music Apps, a built in timer, and an interface with Social Media