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C Programmer needed for simple encryption & decryption program -- 2 C programmer Needed; Easy money; easier job. C Programmer or C# Programmer Needed - Experience in Digital Photo Frames - Android O/S C programmer project for Mark c programmer require for assignment C Programmer Required C Programmer required C Programmer required C programmer Required C programmer required C Programmer Required (K&R Standard) C Programmer Required - Embed OLE without MFC c programmer required for assignment C Programmer required to add few lines of code to write xml on drive, and re-compile console - I will give full souce code with instructions C Programmer Required To Compile Open Source Code EXE C programmer required to custom software development C programmer required to implement licensing module to apllication C Programmer to 'Convert' Python Network Code and Add Multithread
C Programmer to hire C Programmer to modify Postfix server setting C programmer to parse network protocol C programmer wanted C programmer wanted (2nd call) C programmer with deep C knowledge C programmer with multithreading experience C Programmer with PHP experience needed. C programmer with PIC microcontroller (8 & 16 bit), with experience of following embedded peripherals - GSM (GPRS), GPS (sirf binary), accelerometer and I2C C programmer with Talent Skills in Data Processing and Architecture c programmer wrk C Programmer-Debugger Needed C Programmers C Programmers C programmers c programmers needed c programmers needed - Repost