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Create Header and footer for Visual force Page. - Create Header Using Images Create header with background and search bar - Create Help File Create help file for software application - Create hi-res version of logo Create Hi-Resolution Logo from Exisiting Design - Create high quality backlinks for my website. Create high quality Blogs and post them on the internet - Create high quality version of logo create high quality video course - Create high resolution image from low resolution Create high resolution image from sample - Create highly visual marketing packages (referred to as "pitch books") in Powerpoint or PDF format containing text, photots, tables, graphs and charts. CREATE HIGHLY VISUAL RESPONSIVE WEBSITE - LANDING PAGE INITIALLY - ANIMATION + CREATIVE - Create Home Appliance product Create Home Landing Page as designed using Visual Composer - Create Home Page Slide Show Controled from Admin panel Create home page slider with 4 tabs in Woothemes Canvas - Create hompage and inside page for a restaurant job posting site Create Hompage for an APP and publish it Google store ... - Create HOT Sales Page... Create hot spots inside image, capture text property of each hot spot when it is cliked - Create How to HTML guides with examples for programmers - repost Create How to Use Wordpress Documents - Create HTM Email Signature Create htm tableless (layout ready) - Create HTML 5 Canvas based editor Create HTML 5 Game - Create HTML by using bootstrap and Less create html certificate templates - Create HTML E-Mail Signature with added logos Create HTML E-signature - Create HTML email newsletter template Create HTML email newsletter templates for bulk email marketing - Create HTML Email Template/Campaign Create HTML Email Templates - Create HTML for email Create HTML for Email Blast + Submit to FTP - Create HTML forms Create HTML forms - Create html from psd create html from psd - Create HTML link or button for PHP - MYSQL export to CSV Create HTML Listing Template for Ebay - create html online application from Create HTML online forms - Create HTML Page with Business Cards Create HTML page with craigslist search results contained not suing iframe - Create HTML pages using top CSS quality Create HTML pages ussing AngularJS Material Design from Photoshop/Balsamic wirefraems - Create html sub pages Create Html Table - ongoing work - Create HTML Template from CorelDraw Create HTML Template from CorelDraw II - create html web site (dm) Create html webform based on infopath form - Create HTML/CSS Coding from PNG Template Mockup Create HTML/CSS element from existing design (PSD provided) - Create HTML/CSS Template from Photoshop Files Create HTML/CSS template from PSD file - Create html5 animated ad from existing design (2 images/frames per ad) Create HTML5 animation - create html5 from provided screens Create HTML5 Games - Create HTML5 template from psds Create HTML5 version of Flash Site - Create huge private movie database downloading 12k movies from Torrent, Usenet and Uploaded Create Huge traffic on Adult site - Create hybrid mobile apps using Ionic Framework Create HYIP - Create icon Create icon - Create Icon(repost) Create Icon/Banner/watermark for fb page - Create icons for the nav bar of website Create icons for travel activities - Create IDX Search functionality for Real Estate Website Create IE extension from Mozilla Addon - Create illustration for new book Create illustration for new online shop - Create illustrations for a children's book create illustrations for a game - Create illustrator drawings of boxes create illustrator file from bitmap logo - Create Image and video album in C++ Create image (two opossums) for weddind rings - Create image for new website Create Image for Poster/Cover - create image map Create Image Map CEL - Create Image Upload Script Create image uploader form - Create Images and rough CAD of painting booth product Create images and slider for website content - Create Images for Kids Short Stories Create Images for my class - Create images slider with our design. Create images to be used for promotional newsletter s - Create Import Tool for Wordpress create import/export excel file function to existing parcel tracking software - create independant homepage from html template Create Indesign A5 book template - Create Indicator based in ( Visual Estrategy ) - Payment after the indicator ready, tested and approved! Create Indicator based in visual estrategy and Decompile Indicator mql4/mql5 - Payment after the project ready, tested and approved! - Create info graphics for a manual Create Info Photos - Create Infographic Style Concept Explanation Graphic Create Infographic Timeline - create Information System - Repost create Information System - Repost - open to bidding - Create inside page design based on PSD for bilalm - 2 of 8 Create inside pages based on PSD for bilalm - 3 of 8 - Create Instagram Posts (Photoshop) Create Instagram posts using template provided - Create Installation File for SQL and .Net Framework 3.5 Create Installation Guide for little Firefox/Chrome Ad-On - Create Installer setup for .net Desktop & Web application Create Installer using NSIS and modify open source code - Create Instructions on Running NLTK Twitter Sentiment Analyzer (repost) Create Instructions to Get Network (Internet) for Sumuri Paladin build - Create integration from Volusion to Kunaki Create Integration like twilext to send SMS - Create Interactive Form Create interactive form in Microsoft Word - Create interactive mobile website AND simple CMS with firebase Create interactive online classified advertisement website (Saudi-Arabic) - Create Interactive Web App from Excel Spreadsheet Create Interactive web page from Progression Route data - Create interior for house with baked lightmap create interior looks of wall ceiling and furniture small office - Create interstitial with bet365 inside Create interstitial with bet365 site - Create intro to website Create intro video - Create Intuit GoPayment Hosted Paypage Module for Opencart Create Inventor drawing of Pump System - Create Invoice Screens Create Invoice sender for eBay and Google Checkout - Create IONIC PLUGINS Create Ionic template - Create iOS and Android native APP Create iOS and Android social messaging app - MS4 - Create IOS app module for my project create ios app of android - Create iOS Emoticon Vector file
Create iOS for Smart LED light - Create iOS UIs for my App Create IOS version of an Android app - Create iPad App for an Arabic magazine Create iPad App for hairdresser - cash system - contact administration - calender - Scheduling - WLAN Printer - Create iphone 5 Skin wrap template create iPhone addicting game - create iphone and android barcode read. Create iPhone and Android booking app from Joomla booking plugin - create IPhone App create iphone app - create IPhone app like iStudiez in some futures EN and AR create IPhone app like iStudiez in some futures in AR - Create iPhone application for customer login Create iPhone Application for Push Notification - Integrate with Amazon SNS - Create iPhone Mobile App Create Iphone Pricing App - Create iPhone/Android Application using Phonegap Create iPhone/Android application with web service and backend. - Create IT architecture diagram for academic project -- 2 Create IT back-end for data flow automation - Create iTunes Style Website Design Create IVR on Raspberry PI - Create java code for a slot machine game (images for the slots provided) Create Java Code for Adobe Acrobat - Create Java project using Java Modeling Create Java Project with SOA - Create Javascript app to highlight regions on image and display photos. Create javascript applet for emailing purposes.. - Create javascript friendly string from PHP Create Javascript from existing Applescript - Create JavaScript to make form easier to edit Create javascript to re-write CSS on an iframe - Create Job Application Form On Wordpress Website Create Job Board Page - Create Joomla 1.5 Menu & Sub Menus for Existing Site Create Joomla 1.5 Template - create joomla 3.3 website create joomla 3.4 template - Create Joomla component to register users with Steam API Create Joomla components and work on previous buggy ones. - Create Joomla Module Create Joomla Module - Create Joomla simple layout with 8 page Create JOOMLA site - Create Joomla Template Create Joomla Template - Create joomla template design from jpg using allready created joomla tempalte/site or framework. Create Joomla Template either from PSD or static HTML - Create Joomla Templates from PSD Create Joomla templates from PSD - Create Joomla website with JW Player Create Joomla Website with Yootheme Template (Air) - Create jQuery AJAX load page based on selected language create jquery animated proggras bar - Create JS dynamic buttons Create JS file - Create Karaoke And Score Vocals Create Karaoke And Score Vocals - Rehire - Create Kid's Toy/Novelty Design Prototype! Create Kid's Toy/Novelty Design Prototype! - Create KML/KMZ file from MapInfo/ESRI Shapefile format Create KMZ file/links (google earth) for a few coordinates - Create Label for product Create Label for product with our logo (supplied) - Create landing 3 pages Create Landing Page - Create landing page create landing page - Create landing page for existing website -- 2 Create landing page for Facebook page - Create landing page templates in Unbounce Create landing page to drive traffic to website from online ads - Create landing pages for 2 twitter accounts and 2 facebook pages Create Landing Pages for Affiliate Marketing - Create Landscape Images Create Landscape Park Design via AutoCad - Create latex template Create Launch Page Using Launchrock - Create Layout For Bottle Label Create layout for brochures for printing with crop marks and bleeds - Create lead list of stores in excel Create Lead Management Software - Create Leap Capture Page - (EASY JOB) Create Leap Motion app inside Unity 3D - Create letter X image Create Letter, Number and Symbol Set of Images In Photoshop(Very Easy) - Create Licensing System for Wordpress Plugin create licsense system to protect scripts from theives. - Create Limited time offer pluggin for existing wordpress portal and exitisting feature offer! Create Limited time offer pluggin for existing wordpress portal! - Create link between Tour CMS and Kashflow Create link between Wordpress user database and email system - Create LinkedIn Accounts and Add Connections Create LinkedIn Accounts and Add Connections -- 2 - Create links on a Wordpress site Create Links on - Create lipa na Mpeasa Magento payment module create liquid latex alternative recipe - Create List of APN Partners from AWS Website Create list of Audit and Tax Conferences 2017 - Create list of gastroenterology doctors in Kansas from a website around 250 entries Create list of German abbreviations - Create List videos (Countdown Videos for YouTube) Create list with data from database - Create little game with Facebook Login Create little robot program to extract data from Website - Create live wallpaper of a company logo for iPhone Create live X-Y line chart - Create local language translation page for the site in- Google Translate api Create local lead site - Create Log-In and Register for my site Create logbook loan site from template - Create Login for site create login for website - Create login/profile/ and data entry portion of website Create Login/Register form - Create Logo Create Logo - Create Logo Create Logo - Create Logo Create logo - Create logo Create logo - create logo create logo - create logo create logo - Create Logo (Milkshake) same as on picture STEP by STEP, Design Photoshop etc. Create Logo (Milkshake) same as on picture STEP by STEP, Design Photoshop or Illustrator - Create logo and website .. Create Logo and 1 Page Website Start right now - Create logo and favicon Create logo and favicon, graphic image and web page - create logo and office stationary part3 Create Logo and Packaging Artwork for a natural chewing gum brand - Create Logo and Website for Software Company(repost) Create Logo and Website Templates - Create Logo Design Create Logo Design - Create Logo for Android app Create Logo for Android Apps - Create Logo for Consulting Company Create logo for content management system (CMS) for online newspapers - Create logo for gym