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Create series of ScreenCast Training Video - repost - Create set of colored arrows Create set of digital banners for running mobile network ad campaign - Create Seven Page Templates Create Seven Page-Templates - Create several selection box and a simple shopping chart -- 2 create several sites (landing pages) - Create Shapes for Plastic Molding Machine Create shapes only in CSS - Create shareable content Create shareable content - Create sheet metal drawing/assebly in Autodesk Inventor Create Sheet Music Art from existing sheet music - Create Shipping Module for Zencart Create Shipping Module for Zencart - repost - Create Shopify App to automate fifa coin purchases Create Shopify App, Show Instagram Images (already have functions written) - create shopping app Create shopping cart - Create Short 15 - 20 second Web Video intro Create short 2-3 min course on Captivate 9 - Create Short Creative Promo Video - using clips & photos Create Short Demo Video (40secs-70secs) - Create Short Product Comparason Videos Create Short Product Videos - Create short video for website Create short video for youtube – Medical Supply company - Create shortcode, prestashop. Create Shortcodes Plugin from WordPress Theme - Very Simple Task - Create Sidebar Menu and text dropdown Create Siemens TIA Portal V13 code - Create Sikh cartoon characters Create Silence Sound File! - create similar content and design from asp website to wordpress Create similar design - Create similar music piece Create Similar One Page with my Videos (youtube) - Create similar to advertzer or profit forest Create similar to AirBnB website and app - Create similar website like create similar website like filemack - Create simple HMTL SIte Create Simple Kindle / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Image / eBook Cover Create simple 1D image for eBook cover - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers FICTION Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers for 2 seperate projects - Create Simple 1D Images/ eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images/ eBook Covers - Create Simple 2D Images / eBook Covers - repost Create Simple 2D Images / eBook Covers - repost 2 - Create simple ad Create Simple Ad Creative - Graphic/HTMl/CSS - Create simple android app to modify data from sqlite local database Create Simple Android App/Help with setup - Create Simple API Wrapper create simple APNS php demo - Create simple auto software Create Simple Autonomous PHP website - Create simple Blog Post, insert comment info into database Create Simple Blog Site - Create Simple CD Interface Create Simple CD Interface(repost) - Create Simple CSS Template Page Create Simple CSS Tool Tip - CREATE SIMPLE EA BASED ON DONCHIAN CHANNEL INDICATOR Create Simple EA. - create simple facebook store - 29 products only! CREATE SIMPLE FB LANDING PAGE FOR KIDS FITNESS COMP IN AUS - create simple FTP + FLV converter for Windows (any language) Create simple full screen camera stream using Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam - Create simple gui for importing CSVs and running through set algorithm Create Simple GUI RE: - Create simple HTML pages from PDS design Create Simple HTML Pages from Template - Create simple input text in Wordpress-Woocommerce Admin Page CREATE SIMPLE INSTAGRAM 2 SECOND INTRO VIDEO - Create simple IPhone payment app Create Simple iPhone, iPad, and Andorid Apps For Fitness Business - Create Simple Libreoffice Macro Create simple line art illustrations from photographs - Create Simple Marketing Banners for Popular Brands Create simple marketing website for action - Create simple MT4 strategy Create Simple Music Posting Website - Create Simple OSX Application to search google and display results Create simple overlay content over a PNG map - Create simple PHP pages Create simple PHP pages -- 2 - Create simple product label designs for me with logo Create simple program in C language. - Create Simple Responsive WordPress Voting Plugin to Work with Visual Composer Create Simple Responsive WordPress Voting Plugin to Work with Visual Composer -- 2 - Create Simple Seal/Stamp Like logo for certification course Create Simple Seamless Background Graphic - Create simple software program for product ordering Create Simple Software Program or Macro or Ubot - create simple timetable Create simple tool to allow users to review webpages - Create Simple Video Playlist iPhone application Create Simple Video Presentation - Create simple webform create simple webpage - Create Simple Website Easy 10 rating Create Simple Website Fast - Create Simple Website, User Forms and Email Templates Create Simple website. 5 pages only, Add Images - Create simple WordPress site + convert theme to RTL Create simple WordPress site + SEO - Create Simple, Fancy Modules/Few Other Modifications Create Simple, Modern, Minimalistic Styled Blog Template - Create single ASP webpage Template Create single avatar from photos - Create single page website Create single page website - July 2013 - CREATE SITE Create Site - Create site for Web design and Web Development Company. Create site for a security cloud service - Create Site in Wordpress Create Site Intro, Flash Animation, Video File - Create site or program that uses Google Voice to make phone calls Create Site Page Template - create site web magento Create site with - Create sitemap for videos Create sitemap from keyword list - Create sketches of women's suit designs Create sketches/illustrations to match real photos - Create slider Create Slider and Custom Shaped Video Frame - Create slideshow animation Create slideshow animation for Joomla website - Create Small Access DataBase Create Small Advert - Create Small Business Marketing List Create Small Business Marketing List - repost - Create small facebook banners for facebook posts Create small Flash Intro using given graphics and storyboard - CREATE SMALL MOBILE APP Create small modular system for work in progress [NDA required] - Create small task ( PHP ) Create Small Test Website - Create Smaller Horizontal Logo To Match My Big Logo
Create Smaller Horizontal Logo To Match My Big Logo -- 2 - Create SMF Forum Skin from Fireworks PNG Create Smiley Packages for me - Create Snapchat Filter for my Town Create Snapchat Geofilter - Create Social Bookmarking Accounts Create Social Bookmarking Accounts - Create Social Media Analytics - Aggragate Details - Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google +, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, VK, Reddit, Soundcloud. Create Social Media Apps for ( Android and IOS ) - Create Social Media Pages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Create Social Media Performance Report - Create Social membership feature on Arcade site CREATE SOCIAL NETWOEK - Create Social Networking site Create Social Networking Site And Mobile App - Create Payment Plugin for Gravity Forms Create Payment Plugin for Gravity Forms - Create Software 1 Create Software Algorithm to Cut-out objects in digital pictures - Create Software for Nutritionist create software for online shop management - Create Software Program - Windows based - Fix Error Code Create Software Program - Windows based - Fix Error Code 646 - Create software to extracts leads from linkedin Create software to gather information from other sites for mine. - Create Software, Site, Apps and System - Same other Create software/add-on for website - Create Solution Bot for instant purchases (eCommerce) create solution case studies, white papers, blogs - Create some 3D models of uman characters for use in SFM Create some 3D product renders from simple 2D DXFs - create some backlinks for my websites Create Some Banner - Create some catchy lines Create some category images - Create some dashboard using tableau Create some dashboard using tableau - Create some features on a shoplift website. create some fillable Word of pdf forms - Create some graphics for my website Create some great product page to sell source code of game - Create some images Create some images - Create some Joomla Template Create some Joomla Templates - Create some new page URL's and Upload some pages (already coded) to a server Create some new pages on my wordpress site - Create some pics with a clear iphone 6 case and glass screen protector Create Some Picture - Create some responsive webpages using HTML, CSS, JS and Bootstrap 3 Create some responsive webpages using HTML, CSS, JS and Bootstrap 3 - Create some software Create some software - Create some vector artwork - open to bidding Create some video graphics (indians only) - create something new - logo Create something similar or Script For cash gaming Site like worldwinner - repost - create sound effects to an android game Create Sound F/X for Kids Game - Repost - Create Spam Patrol Logo Create SpamAssassin plugin - Create specific slideshow conveyor-belt style Create Specific Virtuemart 2.x Report Plugin - Create Splash Screen in all iphone sizes Create splat effect sprite sheet for mobile game - Create spreadsheet create spreadsheet - Create Spreadsheet From Vehicle Log Book Create Spreadsheet From Vehicle Log Book - Create sprite characters for game Create Sprite for 2d Character - Create SQL file From C Program Header Files Create SQL Functions - Create SQL-query to display users total logins / sort users by total logins Create sql-table from hmlt-code - Create SRT of a 4 minute video Create SSC (Indian Staff Selection Commission ) mock tests - Create stand alone scrolling thumbnail page to display a report Create stand alone using Inno Compiler - Create statements in PDF format Create static 404 page - Create Static Webpage from Mockup Image Create Static Webpages from MySQL - Create step by step web design instructions Create Step Carousel Viewer v1.6.1 using jquery for wordpress site - create stock chart program algorithm Create Stock Chart program in an algorithm - Create Stored Procedure create stored procedure - Create strip down raspberry PI OS version Create Strip poker game - Create Style guide and Website Sliders Create style guides - Create Sub-domain folder on host (cpanel) upload material Create Sub-domains & Manage From Admin Panel on my website - Create submenu style in magento Create Submenus / Drop Downs for Header Menus on Website - Create subtitles in WebVTT format for videos Create Subversion Database from backup - Create Superadmin and Admin accounts and dashboards for that calculator site create superadmin user for joomla 3 - Create survey on survey monkey create survey on SurveyMonkey based on a questionnaire saved in a Word document - Create SWAGGER for existing API Create Swahili Language Lesson/Course Plan - create sync products with ebay and prestashop Create synology APK for DS414j and DS413 PPC CPU - Create Tab Boxes Create Tab in Excel That Pulls Data - Create table from API on website create table from Excel file+ other minor edits URGENT - Create Tableless html from PSD Create tableless layout of existing website - Create Tabs in Shopify 'Atlantic' Theme for Product Page Create tabs in Shopify product page - Create Task and Project Management Application Create task for a native English writer: 1000 word article about 3 online dating sites written on base of research - Create tea brand for mass market Create Tea Packaging Design - Create Teltonica FM1100 DCS with functions integration to Open GTS Create Temperature Logs from - Create Template for Create template for aedating - Create template for MotoCMS from Monster template Create template for Movable Type blog - Create Template HTML pages from existing template create template html website flat design - Create Templates Create Templates - create tenancy template, invoice template, leaflet design all on ms word and illustrator - open to bidding Create Tenant and Landlord profile pages - Create Test Prep Materials Create Test questions - Create text animations on After Effects - Futuristic video Create text are to make CKEditor function properly on a local hard drive. - Create texts for a catalogue. create texts for categories and company pages - Create the ''engine'' for a website that uses PHP/MySQL/Smarty create the 200 blog, not blog comments - Create the Best Stand at the Show create the best website ever - Create the Design in a HTML/PHP Webpage. Create the design of a 5 screens APP. - Create the Highest Degree of Innovative, Sophisticated, Functional Website on the Market Create The HitMix Squad DJ's & Promotions Radio Station APP!!! - Create the Logo of the next iTunes Create the LP about marking game - Create the mobile version for