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Creating an osCommerce Site creating an oscommerce template from an illustrator file Creating an oscommerce template. creating an outline of an image Creating an outstanding company logo (nutrition industry) Creating an overview of monthly expenditures and the remaining balance left of the account Creating an private server for an online browser based game creating an Rakuten Store Creating an RTL feature in a Magento Template Creating an RTL features in a Magento Template Creating an SMF theme Creating an SMTP mail server and then properly sending emails for a new Mail Marketing business Creating an SMTP Server creating an social networking and instant messaging app creating an social networking iphone app creating an sql query at runtime Creating an SSO
creating an unknown caller app for iPhone Creating an uploading system Creating an very short opening (5s) for Video Clip Creating an video Flash for header. Creating an whmcs affiliate module Creating an XML file and Flat File Record Creating an XML file and Flat File Record - 07/08/2016 17:40 EDT Creating analog of existing site (Drupal 7) Creating and activating a custom online form Creating and activating a temporary page while my site is under constructurion Creating and adding asessment to a web site Creating and adding posts on social network Creating and animating the video for a DVD game Creating and APP Creating and app on the Iphone Creating and applying new styles and graphics to an existing website Creating and building a new website