Projektverzeichnis : Clean-up Servlets and Jsps - cleaned up data(agree or not with it and why) in small paragraph

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Clean-up Servlets and Jsps Clean-up several resumes to have the same form and content so all persons resumes follow an identical format & include the same content. I'm wanting to produce resumes, or descriptions of expertise, for several people and put each one under my company's b Clean-up tasks - For PinkCrow Clean-up the coding on our new site Clean-up the PHP code and fix a problem in the code Clean-up Website & Add Features clean-up website header code Clean-up website posts Clean-up, simplify with CSS Clean-up/fix ASP and HTML website clean-up/refresh my logo concept Clean-up/Touch-up Product Photos Clean-up/Touch-up Product Photos clean/clear rootfs so we get more room, now its 100% full Clean/Edit 5 Excel Datasheets (conform phone #, city names) Clean/Edit/Revise Website Product Descriptions from CSV (500) Clean/Fix a few webpages clean/fix html using smarty templates
Clean/Fix Wordpress Theme Clean/Format Thread Titles Clean/luxurious/food site. Work should be completed this weekend. Clean/minimalist one-page landing site for product (CMS not required) Clean/Optimize 3D Scan files of a Motorbike Clean/Optimize 3D Scan files of a Motorbike -- 2 Clean/Organise data in Excel Clean/Organise data in Excel -- 2 Clean/Simple Wordpress Template Needed Clean/Update/Fix Java Application Clean/White Magento 1.8 Theme Clean/White Magento 1.8 Theme - repost Clean2Max flyer edit Clean: Database and WordPress folders from injection attack CleanbyDesign CleanDev PhotoShop cleaned up data(agree or not with it and why) in small paragraph