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Code to create individual dates for recurring events. Code to create light effect using LEDs -Arduino/ raspberry Code to create new font for Cannon i80 printer Code to create QR Code - C# Code to create QR Code - C# -- 2 Code to Create Subdomain for Members Automatically code to create SVG file Code to Create Word Document Code to CSS/HTML some pages code to debug web page problem Code to decrypt AES-128 in ECB Code to Design a Form ( MysqL & Mailchimp) code to detect url in focus in all major browsers Code to detect if pop-up blocking is enabled Code to detect Logged user in ASP.NET AJAX code to detect phone disconnect Code to detect username of the user or if they are part of a Generic active directory group Code to detect when called party answers call
Code to detect Windows Aero running. Code to develop in C under Linux, struts, etc code to diaplay the live feed of a Toshiba 15A IP camera in Code to disable authors software on command Code to disable MS Office Clipboard code to disable program Code to display current time in six different offices. jQuery, Moment.js Code to display date 10 business days in the future. Code to display different versions of website to different users code to display image in grayscale Code to display link to register page in vbulletin Code to display query from an ip Code to display tracking information from curier in our webpage Code to echo php / mysql on html pages Code to echo php/mysql on html pages code to echo text from one irc channel to another on a seperate irc server Code to email Online Form