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Coldfusion + SQL Server + JQuery Expert Wanted Long Term Coldfusion - adding functionality to document management system Coldfusion - adding messaging system Coldfusion - adding multi image upload Coldfusion - adopting document module for Payment Receipt/Invoice ColdFusion - automate database conversion from zip file Coldfusion - Create admin screen to password protect pages Coldfusion - displaying user/renter profile information Coldfusion - Email System Coldfusion - Import XML Data Coldfusion - integration of calendar component ColdFusion - Login - Easy! Coldfusion - Model Glue Developer Coldfusion - Mysql- multiple image upload Coldfusion - On-going Work Coldfusion - OnlineStore Maintenance Coldfusion - OnlineStore MaintenanceBuild a Website ColdFusion - PayPal IPN Payment & Invoice App
Coldfusion - program to upload spreadsheet to database Coldfusion - Screenscrape Congressional Voting Data ColdFusion - server setup + old site ported to new design Coldfusion - Timesstamp Coldfusion - api integration coldfusion - update social networking sites when website updates coldfusion -> complete a form and submit via programming ColdFusion / .Net Single Sign On ColdFusion / AJAX coder needed coldfusion / css developer coldfusion / facebook developer ColdFusion / JavaScript Calendar Wanted Coldfusion / Jquery ColdFusion / ModelGlue Updates Coldfusion / MS SQL querry optimization Coldfusion / MSSQL Application with ebay and Amazon integration ColdFusion / SQL Webpage wizard