Projects Directory: Create 3 x max 60 sec videos with some animations, pics and footage combined - Create a blog and post weekly articles

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Create 3 x max 60 sec videos with some animations, pics and footage combined - Create 3.5 minute animated video Create 30 Adult Wordpress templates - Create 30 Forum Profiles + Make 1 Post Each Create 30 Forum Profiles + Write 1 Post on Each - Create 30 Second Facebook Video Ad Create 30 Second Intro Sales Videos For Clients - Create 30-40 products - The products are created and can been seen, so it's copypast task Create 30-45 second marketing video for new website. - Create 300 Twitter Accounts Create 300 Usernames & Avatars - Create 301 redirects on 100k+ pages from two old sites to one new (different structure and databases). Create 30s promotional Graphics video - Create 36 banner ads. All the same size. Job for KZL. Create 36 banners - Create 3D Animation Create 3d Animation - Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 2135 Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 2474 - Create 3D architectural model and two external render visualisations Create 3D Architectural Renderings - Create 3D CAD of Gym from Drawings and create walkthrough Create 3D CAD of Gym from Drawings and create walkthrough - Create 3D design of my 2D drawings and pictures Create 3D design of plastic shoe cover - create 3D floor plan from pencil sketch, req in 19 hrs create 3D floor plan from pencil sketch, req in 19 hrs - Create 3D image from 2D -- 2 Create 3d image from 2d image - Create 3D logo from pre designed vector Create 3d logo out of existing logo. - Create 3D Model for 3D Printing of Company Mascot Create 3D Model for a renovate old room to be modern room in hotel. - Create 3d Model of a Dress Create 3d Model of a Galaxy - Create 3D Model of Postage Machine Compatible with Element 3D Create 3D Model of Room - Create 3D Modelling and Animation Create 3D Modelling and its respective animations - Create 3D Models of my projects. Long-term job. Create 3d models of people and animals - Create 3d pricing matrix for at-cost calculations Create 3D printable models of barb hose fittings parts - Create 3D renderings of new housing projects Create 3D renders and 2D floor plans for a new apartment building - Create 3d Titles to Custom Specifications Create 3D Touch Features for my IOS Game - Create 3D-Printable Models Create 3D-style animations and illustrations for zombie apocalypse game (project for Djordjone) - Create 4 articles on 4 topics Create 4 articles on casual games - create 4 E-Books create 4 easy wordpress shortcodes - Create 4 HTML5 mini Games using Construct 2 Create 4 Icons - Create 4 Mandatory Photo Albums for PHP Users with Option to Create Others Create 4 maps with routes based on scanned coordinates - Create 4 pages using bootstrap. Create 4 PDF Application Forms - Create 4 simple flash banners (artwork is already done) Create 4 simple icons - Create 4 website header banners and related icons Create 4 Websites FirstDandy Only - Create 40 '50th birthday' greeting card messages Create 40 'Get well soon after surgery' greeting card messages - Create 40 Mother's Day greeting card messages Create 40 new born baby greeting card messages - Create 40-50 short professional videos. Create 40-60 seconds video - Create 45 LiveID accounts on Create 45 original homemade protein shake recipes - Create 5 Affiliate Marketing Websites Including Logo Design & Google Submission Create 5 Alternatives Simple Landing Page - Create 5 Color Charts Create 5 company pages - Create 5 Fact Videos about any random topics (minimum 2min long ) Create 5 flash slides with animated text. - create 5 illustrations images in Illustrator or photoshop Create 5 Images - Create 5 more flyer templates Create 5 multimedia presentations for the undergraduates conference. - Create 5 Pages using PHP and MySQL + Gateway API Create 5 particle effects for a game for kids in Unity3D - Create 5 seconds video intro in After Effects Create 5 short 0,5s - 3s transition animations between videos with a logo - Create 5 sport banners Create 5 spread sheets and make corrections to 15 spread sheets in our back end. - Create 5 videos featuring my website products Create 5 Videos same structure as this sample video here - Create 5 zombie illustrations. Cartoon / Comics Style. Create 5 zombie illustrations. Cartoon / Comics Style. - repost - Create 50 Adult Videos and Upload Them Onto Youtube Create 50 Animated GIF Files - Create 50 featured images for blog posts Create 50 folders for 50 lisitngs - Create 50 links. requires no special skill Create 50 links. requires no special skill - Create 50 simple sites create 50 social bookmarking accounts - Create 50 x Linkedin Accounts using sample profiles i'll send you Create 50 YouTube Accounts Each With One Video - Create 500 email addresses for me Create 500 emails and sign up under a link I have with different IP for each one - Create 500 Social Networking Profiles Create 500 Social Networking Profiles. - Create 52 glossary articles for ICANNWiki Create 54 HTML files containing different song lyrics, from a given list - Create 6 data/search tools with admin/user control panel Create 6 designed Facebook pages with custom forms - Create 6 LIVE Videos (Script Provided) Create 6 logo's - Create 6 smileys or something with different colors and emotions Create 6 snapchat geofilters - Create 60 Forum Profiles + Make 1 Post Each Create 60 Forum Profiles + Make 1 Signature Post Each - Create 600 Accounts Create 600 email accounts BY HAND (200 yahoo, 200 hotmail, 200 aol) and create 600 Craigslist accounts using these emails ~URGENT!~ - Create 7 excel sheets Create 7 facebook tabs/apps for a facebook page and fill it with the content and images I will provide - Create 70 website directory listings / citations entries from my list Create 70 website directory listings / citations entries from my list - ongoing work - Create 8 images that we can use as banner on our website create 8 joomla sub-pages for a url - Create 8.5 x 11 brochure / double sided Create 80 digital Stickers based on my apps characters - Create 9 ''Dog-Centric'' Holiday Header Graphics Create 9 Banner Ads for my Site - create 90 sec animation Create 90 Second Animated Commercial Using Flat Elements - Create a 'how it works' video for my billing software Create a 1-3 multimedia Explainer videos on websites such as, or any other - Create a Directory Utility API in Java Create a disavow file for google search console - Create a Lyric Video Create a marketing Campaign in China - Create a responsive wordpress theme for DVD store Create a Responsive Wordpress Website - Create a Webseite Create a website - Create a "countdown"- style app which links to Wordpress site Create a "coupon maximum order" field for zencart gift certificate - Create a "Pixar" quality Animation for a 15 minute cartoon episode Create a "Platform" or "app" for our company - Create a "Wavy" Spreadsheet from images provided Create a "Website Under Construction" Page - Create a 'Matching Deals' on RStudio between 2 Excel files Create a 'mission badge' style logo - with revisions - Create a .csv or .txt list of ZIP code divide by zones
Create a .dem to .avi application - Create a .pdf business proposal form Create a .pdf business proposal form -- 2 - Create a 1 Flash Game +URGENT PROJECT+ -- 2 Create a 1 Flash Game -- 2 - Create a 1 Minute Powtoon Video Create a 1 minute powtoons like video - Create a 1 page Ticket purchase page using paypal Create a 1 Page visual CV - Create a 1-wire device Create A 1.5 Minute Whiteboard Explanation Animation Video - Create a 10 Second Cartoon Animation Create a 10 second Promo - Create a 12 Page Portfolio Create a 12 Page Portfolio - open to bidding - Create a 15 second instagram promo Video Create a 15 second Instagram Promotional Video - Create a 1min fun professional explainer video Create a 1min after effect / 3d medical animation - Create a 2 Minute After Effects Intro Video Create A 2 Minute Animated Explainer/Sales Video (Motion Graphics) - Create a 2 Page Website to include Audio, and Video. Create a 2 page Wordpress site, similar to this example - Create a 2-page website Create a 2.5D Animation, with 5 specific moves each around 5-10 seconds *Loopable - Create a 296x90 banner Create a 2D Animation Commercial Video - Create a 2D Animation Clip Create a 2d animation explainer 20sec within 24hours - Create a 2D Animation Video with 3D Elements Create a 2D animation Video. - Create a 2D game in C++ using OpenGL (University Project) Create a 2D GIF Animation of a Ball - Create a 2D Video for product Create a 2D Video for product - - Create a 3 minute highlights video for a conference - Source video and editing brief will be provided Create a 3 Minute Video Animation - Create a 3-5 minute animated intro video to a new WebSite Create a 3-5 Minute Video - create a 30 second animation Create a 30 second animation advert for our clothing line - Create a 30 seconds Video - template or brand new Create a 30 to 45 Second Holiday Greeting Video - create a 360 degree video player Create a 360 degree Virtual Tour - create a 3D animated video - open to bidding Create a 3D animated video for a startup production firm - Create a 3D animation of our product Create a 3D Animation Product Introduction - Create a 3D character from image and biped rig it Create a 3D character in Blender - Create a 3D file for a 3D print Create a 3D first person game like GTA - Create a 3D little city for a game Create a 3D little city for a game(repost) - Create a 3D model and export JPGs with our textures - Part 2 Create a 3D model and render of a two storey house - Create a 3D model of a cartoon or superhero biped character using Maya Create a 3d model of a cartoon trees low poly for games - Create a 3D model to character Create a 3d model to sell on - Create a 3D Prototype of our Footwear. Create a 3D pyramid logo for Hologramm Technik - Create a 3D side scrolling game with graphics as good or better than max axe and tiny wings Create a 3D simulation game/app using Unity - Create a 3D Video Commercial - open to bidding -- 2 Create a 3D video commercial for new website - Create a 4 page brochure in Indesign 3 Create A 4 Page Client Brief in Word/PDF - Create a 4x6 Mailer/Postcard Create a 5 min powerpoint presentation - Create a 5 Sec Video Create a 5 second 3D animation Intro and 3D banner design - Create a 5000 word ebook Create a 5000 word ebook - Create a 60 second video in Adobe After effects from a Template I will Provide Create a 60 Second Video of Winery - Create a 7.5 hours Video Tutorial having Slideshow, Text, Infographics etc. Create a 7.5 hours Video Tutorial having Slideshow, Text, Infographics etc. - 2 - Create a 90 seconds Youtube Video Commercial Create a 90 secs Animation Explainer Video - Create a a small custom nested Visual Composer element Create a A3 Map and provide file - Create a admin backend with PHP, JS and MYSSQL -- 2 Create a admin page to add latest notification for college website - Create a adsense web site with unique articles and SEO!!! Create a Adsense Website - Create a affiliate website in WordPress Create a After Effects (CS5) Motion Graphics video from supplied footage and images. - Create a Amazon Webservice Account and a SES amazon in production Create a aMember Template - Create a Android app that polls the GPS and posts it to a url Create a Android app that works with No Root access - Create a animated commercial movie around 2 min long Create a animated commercial Video - Create a Animated Video Create a animated video - create a animation Create a Animation - Create a antivirus / dashboard mobile app for android Create a Apache config file for multiple domains - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - Create a app /desktop gadet create a app android for website - Create a app to interact in dating websites as a robot Create a App to manage expenses and appointments. - Create a article order UI for existing iOS APP Create a AS3 game preloader - Create A Auto Bot create a auto sales area on my wordpress site - Create a B2B promotional video in Retail Hypermarket Advertising CREATE A B2B SITE LIKE ALIBABA - create a background and improve all building drawing Create a background for a radio-player! - Create a Badminton Game in Unity 3D Create a Baidu campaing similar to our Adwords campaign - Create a banner Create a banner - Create a Banner - Ugliest Room Contest - Need a rating? - Repost - open to bidding create a banner / need to see a mockup first - Create a banner for responsive landing page made with bootstrap. Create a banner for shop and a opening time brochure - Create a bare bone template from an image for a homepage Create a Bare-Bones, Simple Mac User Interface - Create a basic app. Create a basic app. with QR - Create a Basic HTML Page Create a basic HTML website from Image or PSD - Create a basic site on Wordpress MU Create a basic site on Wordpress MU(repost) - Create a Basic wordpress site Create a basic wordpress site with template - Create a bayesian network giving probability Create A Bazi Calculator with the person date of birth charting. - Create a Beautiful Wordpress Template Create a beautiful Wordpress template for ebooks membership site based on my mockup - Create A Better Site Design Based On This Example Create a better theme for my blog! - Create a biding website for car wraps and lettering jobs. -- 2 create a BIFF5 file with eVC++ or eVB - Create a Bitcoin (BTC) & Peercoin (PPC) Private mining pool. Create a Bitcoin application that sends fake transactions to the Chain. - Create a Blackberry Smart Client (Client side of a RIA) Create a Blackjack poker game with a GUI interface - create a blog create a blog - Create a blog and post weekly articles
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