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Create a 5 page basic Wordpress template - Create a 5-7 mins Video Create a 5-7 minute music video montage with my pictures and video clips - Create a 6 step registration page Create a 6-10 min vlog (video editing) - Create a 60s Video Create a 60sec Animation for 5$ and a 5star Review on good Work - Create a 8sec Youtube Intro Create a 9 Page Wordpress Theme from PDF - Create a \\\"How to\\\" Video for Bluetooth products create a \\\\\\\"Rated People\\\\\\\" type website - create a acrobat form Create a Acrobat Form with embedded Javascript. - Create a admin system template using bootstrap Create a Adobe After Effects Plug-in - Create a advertisement flyer with pictures Create a advertisement picture that will be used to be sent through email to past clients. - Create a ajax plugin for wordpress Create a AJAX popup for a QuickTime IP web camera feed - Create a Android and IOS application - Like DeskSMS Create a Android and Ios Application and Web backend - create a android service to check for the incoming call into the blocked list numbers and if the number wont get matched then let the caller speak with the calle Create a Android UI and some of assistance! - Create a Animated Music Video Create a animated or drawing Video - Create a animated video for Hombot Create a animated video for me. - Create a Animation Video Create a Animation Video - create a app create a app - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - Create a App for Mobile devices create a APP FOR SOCIAL NETWORKING AND CLASSIFIEDS SHARING - Create a application in AngularJS Node.JS Django AWS Create a application in Jquery mobile and php that displays contact information in a json format - Create a ASPX Template Create a asteroid game - Create a Automator script (or applescript) to convert a folder of sub-folders containing HTML files to PDF Create a automization for reading table in an excel file from public ftp and store 15 variable data of this into mysql - Create a backend and editor for html websites - repost Create a backend and setup wowza for a live streaming website - Create a background stencil from an existing eps file Create a background theme for my mobile app - Create a bandcamp home page Create a Bank Account - Create a Banner Create a Banner - Create a banner for a 4 step business case Create a banner for a baby shop and a table hour - create a banner utilizing our logo create a banner with 2 clock counters incremental - Create a basic admin panel for an existing mysql database with search form Create a basic after effects video - Create a basic ecommerce website Create a Basic ecommerce website on and add products using csv feed - Create a basic membership plugin on wordpress with search feature on the members Create a basic mobile app with Google map integrated - Create a basic video for the village Neighbourhood Plan Create a basic video slideshow in Adobe AfterEffects - Create a batch file Create a batch file and integrate with Garmin Communicator Plugin - Create a beautiful Highcharts theme Create a beautiful Highcharts theme - Repost - Create a beauty store on amazon Create a Beauty Wordpress Template - create a betting website for betting on counter strike game Create a Betting website using bot , need urgent . - Create a BigCommerce store using an existing Prostores site design & data Create a bigram class in java - Create a bitcoin index like in Coindesk create a bitcoin miner client - Create a block for T3 Framework in Joomla Create a block of background colour behind some text on wordpress site - Create a blog #1 Create a blog #2 - Create a Blog for my existing website. Create a blog for my website - Create a Blog Page and integrate it to my website Create a Blog page and template edit in Wordpress - create a blog using padlet Create a blog using WordPress software - Create a Blog/website with a Word Press template Create A Blogger Template - Create A BooCover Create A BooCover - open to bidding - Create a Booking Form compatible with Wix Create a Booking Form for my WordPress site - Create a boot animation for Android Create a boot animation for Android - Create a bootstrap template with an elegant design Create a Bootstrap Theme - Create a bot for certain sites. Create a bot for Diablo 3 - Create a bot that will sign up to hundreds of forums Create a bot to automate process in specific site - Create a bottom action bar in android without title bar at the top Create a bottom to cover an iframe in a Joomla site - create a brand design, logo, tag line and story board for a food truck start up Create a brand for a medical simulation retailer - Create a brand new site (Revamp) Create a brand new Song & Music Video - Motivation Boxing - Create a Brochure Create a Brochure - Create a Brochure for the Caring Soul Series Create a Brochure from an Existing Powerpoint Presentaion - Create A Browser Like Google Chrome Create a browser macro using something like imacros - Create a bulk Majestic SEO statistics checker Create a Bulk message sending web interface - Create a business card Create a business card - create a business christmascard - with logo integrated and corporate identity Create a Business Client List Data Base - Create a business model Create a Business Model Canvas for Competitors - Create a Business plan to get investment for my business Create a business plan visual outline to help me set up a crowdfunding campaign - create a buss card Create a bussines plan for chrome mining - create a c lone of web site with same content and modify design Create a C Program - Create a C# RSS / Atom Object Model Create a C# SIP client connecting to Asterisk - Create a C2C platform based on a Megento template Create a Caching Solution for Prestashop Website - Create a Calendar - ongoing work Create a calendar app on Macbook - Create a Campaign (non admin panel) -- 21 create a campaign fo - Create a card counting bot Create a card game App - Create a cartoon / short comic strip Create a cartoon about the end times - Create a cartoon for business - hand drawing Create a cartoon for my book cover - Create a cartoon version of me Create a Cartoon Video - Create a cat animation for a mobile application Create a cat animation for an app - Create a Category based and Tube linked Thumbnail Script -- 3 Create a category list view and add to cart for Woocommerce - create a certificate create a certificate - Create a character from a photograph - repost Create a character in 3d - Create a chat application
Create a Chat application - Create a Checkout in PHP Create a checkout modul for Prestashop - Create a child theme for my site Create a child theme for the Zerif Lite theme - Create a Christian Video Website Create a christmas background for a website + alternatize a logo - Create a chrome extension for auto-like posts on a page -- 2 Create a Chrome Extension for Google Calendar - Create a circuit this is capable of doing division between two 5 bit unsign Create a circuit this is capable of doing division between two 5 bit unsigned integer numbers. - Create a class for Visual Composer Grid, Create a class for Visual Composer Grid--- - Create a classified website (kind of like Craglist) Create a classified website . - create a clean html based invoice template Create a clean iOS app based on existing Android app - Create a clickable schematic for a Magento Website Create a clickable/interactive prototype for a hybrid mobile application - Create a Clone for Create a clone of 3 exisitng pages using bootstrap - Create a clone of the website classifieds - repost Create a clone of this Horoscope Facebook Application. - Create a cloud version of existing software program Create a Club Promotion Video 2016 - create a cms website ---- Create a CMS website for a small medical consulting company - create a code that after a person click the button, that button disappears and no longer appears. Create a code that answers the requirements of this homework assignment - Create a collection of 45 amazing full body emojis based on the provided images. Create a collection of 75 amazing emojis based on the provided images. - create a comic strip using real phtos Create a Coming Soon launch Page - Create a commercial quality song with vocals Create a commercial renovation Real Estate Proforma - Create a company app ( to be used on iPad, and has website accessibility) Create a company application that allows users to create tickets in autotask - Create a company logo Create a company logo - create a company profile create a company profile - create a company wikipedia page create a company wikipedia page - create a complete animated video Create a complete dating affiliate script through xml feed - Create a complex dating website Create a complex Javascript tree table - create a computer program Create a computer website with content - Create a Conference Outline document Create a Conference wordpress site with custom admin fuction - Create a contact database - repost 3 create a contact database using filemaker pro12 - Create a Contact List with Info Create a Contact of pharmacies in Spain and Portugal - Create a content type and portlet for Plone: Create a content website - Create a Cooking ebook based on a specific ingredient type Create a Cooking How-To video - Create a Copy of a MLM based website Create a copy of a one page website for my own use - Create a copy of my Android application for IPhone and IPad Create a copy of my multiple domain magento website to a test server - Create a Cordova Plugin for Windows 10 Geofencing and Register to Parse Opensource Server Create a cordova plugin that manages mock location - Create a Corporate Identity for online casino Create a corporate identity kit - Create a Corporate Video / Cartoon Create a Corporate Video by Intoducing our company and explaining our Business Services and Industries - Create a couple of android activities with good layout practises, see attched .pdf Create a couple of custom buttons in Salesforce - Create a Coupons Website Create a coupons website - Create a cover photo - facebook for a upcoming track Create a Covetella INSEAD talk Video - Create a creative and easy to navigate company website Create a Creative Animation / Video for my Youtube true view advertisement! - Create a CRM in php - Jquery on a MVC or Yii framework - relisted - Repost Create a CRM in php - Jquery on a MVC or Yii framework - relisted - Repost - open to bidding - Create a Cross Platform Desktop Application Create a cross platform mobile app - Create a crowdfunding site - open to bidding Create a crowdfunding template to a website - Create A CS:GO Gambling/Case Opening Site Create a cs:go jackpot b 0 t script for my existing website - Create a CSGO Gambling website + Steam API + Node.JS Create a CSGO Hack - Create a CSS Style Create A CSS Stylesheet for Buycraft Theme! - Create a CSV Product Excel Spreadsheet for Upload into WooCommerce Create a CSV Product Excel Spreadsheet for Upload into WooCommerce -- 2 - Create a custom Android app for Grandstream phones Create a custom Android Cordova Plugin Keyboard with Specifications - Create a custom Basic CMS in PHP(repost) Create a custom blackberry theme - Create a Custom component in Swift Create a custom contact form for Wordpress site - Create a custom Drupal webform template Create a custom Dynamics Navision 2009 webservice - Create a custom Filemaker database + mobile data entry form Create a custom filter and upload products from an CSV file from an old website to my new online store MAGENTO - Create a custom Genesis Framework child theme based on the Agency theme Create a custom GIF Animation for page preloader - Create a custom Joomla 1.6 template for given layout Create a Custom Joomla Contact Form - Create a custom Map and integrate into Wordpress Template create a custom map with google maps v3 - Create a Custom Order Form create a custom order form for doughnuts - example link - wordpress/woocommerce site - Create a custom PHP Soap WSDL Class create a custom php website - Create a custom Prestshop theme from themeforest html Create a custom product extension for woocommerce - Create a custom Search Result page (search.php) for Search & Filter Pro plugin for Wordpress Create a custom search results page based on mockup (plus couple other tweaks) - create a custom template in wordpress Create a custom theme for a wearable device - Create a custom web application Create a custom Web Audio API Player - Create a Custom Wordpress Child Theme Using Genesis Theme Create a custom wordpress form plugin based on existing script - Create a Custom Wordpress Site Create a custom wordpress site - Create a custom Wordpress Theme Create a custom Wordpress theme - Create a custom Wufoo form and integrate in the website Create a custom XBMC Android Build - Create a customers display from customer list in wordpress Create a customisable 'Dental Practice Template' App - Create a customize ROM of the Android Operating system Create a customize software for trading plaform - Create a Customized Script Based on FiverScript Clone Create a Customized Spray Deck for an Inflatable Kayak - Create a CV(Resume) Wordpress Template create a cvs file and atributes for me. - Create a dance flash game! - repost Create a dance flash game! - repost - Create a dashboard with qlikview (excel files included) Create a dashboard with real time information from Sybase SQL Database - Create a Database Create a Database - Create a database – Indonesia (Jakarta) Create a database – Vietnam (Hanoi) - Create a database for customers Create a database for customers - Repost - Create a database for Irish