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Create a 15 to 20 second animated infographic (video) Create a 15'' Video Animation Create a 15-20 second video introduction Create a 15-22 seconds Video for promoting an app Create a 15-page broschure (tutorial) based on a WORD file using a predefined template - within 2 days Create a 15-sec animated ad for our mobile game Create a 15-second Animation for LED Ribbon Board for a Stadium Create a 15sec digital commercial ad for Youtube and TV display Create a 15sec video from footage - just editing Create a 15second Product Video Create a 15second Video Advertisement about Gelatin Benefits create a 16 x 1 image in photoshop Create a 16 x 16 windows Icon of the letter K Create a 16-bit gothic Wordpress theme Create a 16-bit Sound Processor Using Java Create a 16-bit style animated character sprite Create a 160 character SMS message that converts
Create a 16x16 animated GIF... Create a 1:15 Product Promo Video Create a 1:30 minutes white board animation video Create a 1:30 video for a slideshow. Work for a 5-star freelancer! Create a 1:30-2 min still video slide show with enhanced visuals. Create a 1m30s animated Story of our Company Create a 1min fun professional explainer video Create a 1min after effect / 3d medical animation Create a 1min after effect animation Create a 1min intro video for a mobile app Create a 1min long 2D Animated video Create a 1min Video Promo for a website Create a 1min Video w/ Animated Graphics Create a 1min Video with motions text and pictures Create a 1min video(Animation) for presentation of an idea. Create a 1minute 10 second video explainer Video for Social Networking website create a 1minute attractive you tube video for an online store