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create a 3D brochure from 2D plans - Create a 3D design out of a sketch Create a 3D desktop game based on a flash one - Create a 3D illustration and drawing for a kitchen shelf Create a 3d image - Create a 3D Medical Presentation using 3D Studio Max & V-Ray Create a 3d mesh of this piece of furniture - Create a 3D Model from a hand drawing Create a 3D Model from a picture - Create a 3D model of a yard in Sketchup Create a 3D model of a yard in Sketchup - repost - create a 3d object from a room Create a 3D object from an outline - Create a 3D rendering in STL format based on the images Create a 3D Rendering of a Bus Stop Awning, and photoshop it into a picture. - Create a 3D Version of Logo (Enhance) Create a 3D Video - Create a 3D video transition from a logo Create a 3D video using openGL C# or Java - Create a 4-5min overview video of sports day Create a 4-5min Youtube video of a Facebook app - Create a 5 minute 3d animated Video to pitch for a StartUp Idea Create a 5 Minute 3D Walkthrough for a New Residential Township Project - Create a 5 second Animated Logo Create a 5 second Animation (gif or html5) - Create a 59 seconds videopromo/teaser Create a 5min Flash Video for a kickstarter project - Create a 60 second music track. Create a 60 second Product Explainer Video - create a 7 second custom intro with my logo Create a 7-10min video from GoPro footage - Create a 90 second video Create a 90 second video animation - Create a a new photo and video gallery pages to a WordPress website CREATE A A PERSONAL OVERLAY APP FOR FACEBOOK (Like #PrayforParis flag, or LTGB Pride) - Create a addon for the game The Elder Scrolls online to work with a website create a admin & front script to exhisting site - Create A Adsense site Idealy Spanish football related Create a AdSense site to Earn $20+ a day. - Create a affiliate system in idevaffiliate that integrates with my membermouse account & optimizepress 2.0 site Create a affiliate system in idevaffiliate that integrates with my membermouse account & optimizepress 2.0 site - create a alterable PDF Create a Alternate Cryptocurrency - Create a android app (Celfie) Create a android app - repost - Create a animated 2d Video Create a animated 360 Video - Create a Animated professional Video Create a animated tutorial on a website - Create a animated video to vectors Create a Animated Video with narration in max 2 mts given on a topic - Create a animation video Create a animation Video - Create a app Create a app - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - Create a App for me Create a app for me - Create a Application for managing customers online Create a Application Form & Setup - Create a ASPX Template Create a ASPX Template - Create a Automator script (or applescript) to convert a folder of sub-folders containing HTML files to PDF Create a automization for reading table in an excel file from public ftp and store 15 variable data of this into mysql - Create a backend and editor for html websites - repost Create a backend and setup wowza for a live streaming website - Create a background stencil from an existing eps file Create a background theme for my mobile app - Create a Bank Account Create a bank module for Prestashop - create a banner 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall create a banner 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall-- - create a banner for a website Create a Banner for advertising beanies - create a banner utilizing our logo create a banner with 2 clock counters incremental - Create a basic admin panel for an existing mysql database with search form Create a basic after effects video - Create a Basic ecommerce website on and add products using csv feed Create a basic educational website - Create a basic mobile responsive myBB theme Create a Basic Mobile Website from Template - Create a BASIC web canvas game using Google Dart Create a basic Web page form - Create a batch file for SSD Optimization for Windows 7/8 Create a batch file for SSD Optimization for Windows 7/8 -- 2 - Create a BEAUTIFUL Line Chart -- Excel attached Create a Beautiful Marketing Presentation for my company - Create a benchmark for comparing the performance of three open source web servers; JBoss, Tomcat, and Glassfish Create a bespoke CMS platform. - Create a beverage distribution plan Create a bew Wordpress Website Whooza Good Dog - Create a Bill of Landing Create a Billboard Advertising Concept (Campaign) - Create a bitcoin payment page in wordpress Create a bitcoin payment system - Create a block of content with html/css. Create a blocking access software with panel - Create a blog - Modified brief create a blog - repost - Create a Blog for our Website powered by WordPress create a blog for us - create a blog page for my website create a blog page for my websitesshnnu - Create a blog whic will be self hosted create a blog which generates 5-10$ a day - Create a blogger template Create a blogger template - Create a book create a book - Create a Booking Form for my WordPress site Create a Booking Form on Word Press - Create a boot animation for Android Create a bootable ISO image based on current server setup - Create a bootstrap template with an elegant design Create a Bootstrap Theme - Create a bot for actions on create a bot for an android imulator - Create a bot that automatically posts classified ads online Create a Bot that Logs into Our Site - Easy - Create a Bottle Design Create a bottle flip game (Under Cproductions Company Name) - Create a Brand And Logo Create a brand and logo .Build a Website - Create a brand name for a UK garment company Create a brand name for chiropractic/physical therapy clinic - Create a brandname for our Facebook Application Create a BRD - Create a brochure and business card create a brochure and help with some forum topics for a php complex script - Create a Browser Extension Create a Browser Extension for Google Chrome - Create a bug (a short animated video) for a youtube channel + logo Create a build for Kodi - Create a Business / Company App Create a Business and marketing Plan - Create a business card for choclate strawberry company Create A Business Card for My Audio/Music Services - Create a business List for Ireland for csv import to CRM Create a Business Logo - Create a Business Plan Create a business plan and financial model - create a business website (design template HTML provided) Create a Business Website - Website - Create a Buy Sell Mobile Application Marketplace iPhone Droid Smartphone Create a buyer's guide / supplier directory database website - create a c# dll that is com based
Create a C# DLL with a GUI call it from C++ - Create a C++ Server like Create a C++ Server like -- 2 - create a calculation tool in Excel create a calculator - Create a cam site integrator Create a cam website similar to or - Create a car finding application for Windows Phone 7 Create a Car Magnet Ad - Create a cars collection database create a cart - Create a cartoon character from a photo Create a cartoon character of a girl - Create A Cartoon Promo Video for my Business - open to bidding Create A Cartoon Promo Video for my Business - repost - Create a cash system for my porn site. create a cashback affilate and coupon website - Create a catalogue in In-Design Create a Catalogue of Men's Fashion Background Images - Create a CDR file from a given design Create a CEdit style control with mouse value adjustment. - Create a character animation Create a character animation video - Create a chase bank statement for proof of income Create a Chase Bank Statement Template in Excel - Create a Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence. Create a chatroom for my site (spanish chatroom) - Create a Chess-like game on Facebook Create a chic online store, high end - Create a Child/Parent size variation for my Amazon ASIN's in the Cell Phone Wireless Category create a child_theme for dokan marketplace theme - Create a Chrome Extension Create a Chrome Extension - Create a chrome plugin for Facebook Groups Post Submitter -- 2 Create a chrome ring - Create a claim/slogan for our company Create a Clan Logo and Banner - Create a class which defines a "Garment" object. Create a Classic Controller Enabler code for Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 - Create a classifieds site like craigslist Create a classifieds site. - Create a clean, smooth and easy to use website for Selling Bitcoin -- 2 Create a clean, yet nice LOGO - Create a Client List Create a Client List - Create a clone of - Same funcionalities Create a Clone of BlaBlaCar or BlaBlaCarScript - Create a Clone Site with Database Create a clone sofware - Create a CMS and redesign current site Create a CMS and Webservice for Mobile application - create a cocoa applescript app for I/O testing Create a Cocoa window with a webview that can play a Netflix movie. - Create a CodeIgniter admin panel Create a CodeIgniter Module for Website - Create a Colored Coin and Bitcoin Web Wallet Create a Colorful Video - Create a Coming soon page WordPress Create A Coming Soon Page, With A Contact Us Form. - Create a Commercial Video to Sync up to a Radio Advertising I Have Create a Commercial Wordpress Template with Framework - Create a Company Business Video Create a Company Contact List - create a Company logo create a company logo - create a company profile create a company profile - Create a Company Wikipedia Page create a company wikipedia page - Create a complete and comprehensive Ebay category tree, including all sub categories and refinements create a complete animated video - Create a complex Facebook Campaign Create a complex Javascript tree table - Create a computer language with antlr4 Create a computer OS - Create a Conference Kickoff Video Create a Conference Outline document - Create a contact database - repost 2 Create a contact database - repost 3 - Create a contact list of potential clients: up to 20 companies initially, more companies later Create a Contact List of Wineries & Vineyards in NSW (postcodes provided) - Create a content popup within Feng office Create a content slider using Tumblr or RSS as input - Create a cookie function Create a Cookie Stuffing Script - Create a Copy for a Web Page Create a copy of a Metatrader Expert Advisor without restrictions (starting from an .ex4 file) - Create a copy of Magento using multistore Create a copy of - Create a cordova plugin for android and ios and integrated it into ionic2 Create a Cordova Plugin for both Android and iOS - Create a corporate identity for a company in aviation Create a corporate identity for a new company - Create a Corporate Video for an online finance magazine Create a Corporate Video / Cartoon - Create a couple corporate identity videos for small business services provider in the staffing/recruiting vertical. Create a couple of 10 to 20 second videos with sound and sub-titles - Create a Coupons Website Create a coupons website - Create a Covetella INSEAD talk Video Create a Cow Walking Illustration Vector Graphics - Create a creative company logo Create a creative Company Name - Create a CRM in php - Jquery on a MVC or Yii framework - relisted - Repost Create a CRM in php - Jquery on a MVC or Yii framework - relisted - Repost - open to bidding - Create a cross platform mobile app Create a cross platform mobile app -- 2 - Create a crowdfunding plateforme with a wordpress template Create a crowdfunding site - Create a Crystal Report from Teradata Create a CS GO trading website - skins for cash -- 2 - Create a CSGO Gambling Site / Casino (Moderately Big) Create A CSGO Gambling Website - Create a css for two developed components in Joomla Create a CSS form - Create a CSV file to upload to Amazon Create a CSV file upload with converting csv to a standard csv structure - Create a Custom 3D Texture Create a custom 404/401 error page - Create A Custom Artwork File For Our Caps (5-panel/6-panel) Create a custom attack module for AppSpider in C# language. - Create a custom checkout, my account, cart page in woocommerce Create a Custom Chrome and Firefox App-Extension - Create a custom deck of cards, a logo and the box Create A Custom Design - Create a custom excel script Create a custom excel sheet for project management - Create a custom for an Android app Create a custom forgot password function in WordPres -- 2 - Create a custom illustration for use on a website Create a custom image Google Map w/support for setting up markers - Create a custom Linux OS that only runs Network Manager Create a custom loading .gif using my logo - Create a Custom module for Drupalgap Create a custom module for Magento - Create a custom page template for my wordpress site Create a custom page template that integrates posts and WooCommerce products - Create a custom plugin that integrates with wp-invoice Create a custom plugin that integrates with wp-invoice -- 2 - Create a custom registration page with a post Create A Custom Report - Create a Custom Slider like Netflix Create a custom SMS / MMS Android App - Create a Custom TLS Create a Custom Toolbar Using Alexa Features & Our Search Box - Create a custom tumblr Template