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Create an email list - Create an Email Marketing template Create an Email Me Form for an exiting Website. - Create an Email Template Create an Email Template - Create an embeddable widget from my WP Posts Create an Embedded Browser using Node-webkit - Create an engeneering calculator for Windows environment Create an engine that will extract data from a website - Create an ePub reader Activity for Android Create an EQ, Compressor and a Limiter with the JUCE framework. - Create an event application Create an event calendar - Create an exact .jpg copy of a custom T-shirt image Create an Exact Clone of, in Html5 , Jquery, and Javascript. There will be no flash to use. - Create an Excel database from the site: Factual - Global Places Create an Excel database of Doctors by searching the internet - Create an Excel formula that will total time Create an Excel Function - Create an Excel or Word Template Create an Excel or Word Template - Create an Excel Spread Sheet for Australian Brownlow Medal Create an Excel Spread sheet Template. - Create an excel spreadsheet from 1200 contacts Create an excel spreadsheet from 1200 contacts - Create an Excel Spreadsheet with reasearch Create an Excel spreadsheet with solver and macros - Create an Excel-Template for me that translates a German Table into an English one Create an Excel/Access Spreadsheet - Create an Expert Advisor Create an Expert Advisor (EA) for Binary options with my terms - Create an explainer Video Create an explainer Video - Create an explainer Video Create an Explainer Video -- 2 - Create an Explainer Video for my Business Create an explainer video for my iOS app - Create an explanation video Create an explanation video - Create an extra checkout pane that will trigger only on non-recurrent products Create an extra feature in my Wordpress Template - Create an Financial Android/iPhone application in Xamarin -- 2 Create an fitness animation - Create an Google Developer Console Create an graphic motion Video ads - Create an HTML ebay template to use on Sellbrite Create an HTML ebay template to use on Sellbrite - Create an HTML Graphic/Feature Create an HTML Interactive form using PFF form - Create an HTML Signature for email Create an HTML Signature with active links to website, Facebook, etc. - Create an HTML5 Animation for website home page Create an HTML5 APP - Create an HTML6 compatible website Create an HTTPS NODE.JS server - Create an Icon for Mac App and few images. Create an icon for my game - Create an if or else,,need it sent to its own page Create an if statement or else for links - Create an illustration based on the layout of Create an illustration drawing video - Create an Illustrator version of an existing graphic. Create an Illustrator version of an JPEG Image -- 2 - Create an image editor plugin Create an image email signature - Create an image of a Bottle with the provided Label artwork that i provide. (18 labels) Create an image of a house - Create an import plugin for the "Rise of Flight" 3D model format. Create an impressionable logo for my start up - Create an Indian based Classifieds Wordpress Template Create an Indian/Pakistani resturante/hall website - Create an Infographic Create an Infographic - Create an infographic Video Create an infographic Video with script n voiceover (project awarded after seeing the sample) - create an inner page for a website based on the design of the homepage Create an Inno Installer Setup - Create an Instagram video snippet for advertising purposes Create an Instagram wall on a bootstrap website - create an installer script to install software Create an installer using Nullsoft NSIS for custom program with MySQL automatic setup - Create an Instrumental for "God Bless The Child" Create an instrumental for a rap song - Create an Interactive Dashboard In Tableau Create an interactive diagram using adobe flash - Create an interactive medical form in wordpress Create an interactive multimedia scrapbook or website for a family history with pictures, scans, video and audio - Create an interactive UK map on a Wordpress site Create an Interactive Virtual Folding Invitation Compatible with Multiple Platforms - Create an internal project management, invoice and payments portal Create an International Calling and Messaging App - Create an intro Animation for My Event Create an Intro Animation for Website - Create an Intro Video Create an Intro Video - Create an Introduction Animated Video For - repost Create an introduction function - Create an Investor Video for iungo Create an Invitation Card - Create an iOS & Android App using Estimote iBeacon Create an ios & Android Music app ... - create an ios app Create an IOS App - Create an iOS game Create an iOS game - Create an IP program Create an IP Redirect to a US version of an online store - Create an iPhone & Android App Create an iPhone & Android app - Create an iPhone and android beauty-booking app Create an iPhone and Android Game - create an iphone app Create an iphone app - Create an iPhone app same as existing Android mobile app Create an iPhone app similar to Wahanda - create an iPhone application create an iphone application - Create an iPhone application ios 8 keyboard Create an iPhone application Mock UI from a PSD Design - Create an iphone game app for me! Create an iphone game called Jumpers - Create an Iphone/Android application like Wallapop create an iPhone/android application READ FIRST! - Create an IT Shop/Consulting Website Create an IT Support site from Avada Wordpress Template - Create an LMS Create an LMS - Create an LVM and Help me Configure IP Block On solusvm Create an Macro Enabled Excel Spreadsheet that can lookup and display folder names and files within the project folders - Create an Mobile Application Create an mobile application for iPhone and android app - Create an MS Access query in a database that will be used as an eBay FileExchange Data Feed Create an MS Access Switchboard that lets user select Area->Equip->Print Form - Create an new Pagetype in an existing WP Theme Create an new side menu & featured/bestseller section - Create an offline data entry form Create an offline map from a WMS source - create an online art site with different painting types, so that members can create their own gallery and post articles Create an online article writing platform - Create an online car auction Create an Online Card Game, Coding - Create an Online Database Create an Online Database - Create an online form create an online form - Create an Online iOS App for classified Stores for Clients create an online IT store using opencart - create an online ordering and stock control system for a mail order company Create an Online Ordering App for a Store for android/iphone - Create an online report connect to SQL Server
Create an online responsive testing tool - Create an online spreadsheet Create an online stencil designer plus checkout function - Create an online store based on Magento (1839720) Create an Online Store design - Create an online survey for Technology Audit Create an online survey on own website - Create an online virtual school Create an Online WEB PDF - Voice System for Our Build Website - Create an Opencart Options Add to Cart Mod Create an OpenCart Page - Create an Operating System Create an Operating System - Create an Order Form & Order Update Functionality Create an order form for logo design (WP-Site) - Create an Original Logo create an original logo - Create an Outlook VBA macro to parse incoming airline confirmations and create calendar appointments from othem Create an Output document in Servicemax - Create an print ad Create an processing sketch that manipulates images(Java) - Create an Rocket Animation with Js & Jquery. Create an RPG Map for my Game, and RAW Heightmap - Create an SDK for Unreal Engine Create an SDK ot droid/ios app - Create an simple extension Create an simple HTML template 2 - Create an Sportsmen/developer(Suhan Gorya) website Create an SQL component to remotely a sql database and send sms from the database to email - Create an Template using an CSS Framework for Opencart (Bootstrap, Skeletor or other) Create an test modbus master tool. - Create an Undelete Program Create an under construction template with timer - Create an upload form for "Fancy Product Designer" Create an upload functionality similar to plpupload in classic asp - Create an video intro and a banner for my youtube channel Create an Video intro for my youtube channel - Create an website with fast and RM1000 Below Create an website with video and audio conversion api - Create an xls to make format letters Create an xmas card banner for staff - Create Analog Clocks For Website Create Analog Gauge In C - Create and add minor feature to Iphone App -- 2 Create and Add Modifications to a Directory Script - Create and Animation Create and animation - Create and build a Landing Page Create And Build a PHP website in full - Create and configure a SharePoint virtual machine Create and configure a Wordpress Template for Document Building Software website - Create and customize a wordpress page Create and Customize a Wordpress website - Create and Design a Logo for "Student Chemistry" Create and design a logo for a product - Create and design a wesbite create and design a wordpress review website (french) - Create and design Essay writing website - 2 Create and design fillable PDF - Create and design supplier scorecard template in Excel Create and design the rest of a site - Create and develop one page on squarespace Create and develop Social bookmark accounts - Create and edit fillable PDFs Create and Edit HTML email Templates - Create and enhance a number of Vision diagrams Create and enhance images for website using photoshop - Create and fill in a spreadsheet with data Create and fill in a spreadsheet with data - Repost - create and implement a Graphdb for social media application create and implement a high-conversion landing page for a website - Create and import products from XML file in Magento Create and Import xml data file into Joomla Database - Create and install a Shipping & Order Editing module for an Oscommerce 2.3.1 installation Create and install a Shipping & Order Editing module for an Oscommerce 2.3.1 installation - Create and install stats page and user area for website Create and Install Template from Draft Design - Create and integrate facebook campaign system Create and Integrate instagram filters effects in PHP site. - Create and launch new interesting singles dating website called 1GF create and launch social media fanpage (Twitter + facebook) - Create and maintaine product DB create and maintanence VPN platform - Create and Manage a PPC account Create and Manage a PPC Campaign - Create and manage an email campaign - open to bidding Create aND manage Blog for crowdfunding website - Create and Manage our PPC project create and manage our social media (facebook, pintrest, twitter, google+) - Create and Market Create and Merge Woocommerce Categories - Create and optimize professional automatized Amazon, eBay and etsy stores from our Prestashop store (furniture) Create and or modify an AppleScript that Extracts Metadata from iTunes including album info and put into Filemaker pro - Create and Post Messages to 500 Forums Create and post Pinterest banners - Create and publish 18 articles on Create and publish 18 articles on - repost - Create and redesign my Wordpress/Buddypress site Create and Redesign some graphics - Create and send out newsletter (mailchimp) Create and send out newsletter via mailchimp - Create and solve Exponential Growth Create and Some Edits to Wordpress Template - Create and Submit Videos to Youtube Create and successfully submit a wiki page about us - create and upload a new firmware on ARM based wristband through bluetooth. Create and upload a sitemap file to Google Webmaster Tools - 2 websites - Create and verify 450 Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail email accounts Create and verify a Google profile - Create Android & IOS appilcation Create Android & IOS Application - Create android and ios mobile app. Need Urgent reply as this is for one of my client Create Android and IOS phone app with geolocation and information - Create android app Create android app - Create Android App / Android / IOS Create Android APP / IOS APP like Freelestic ( more simple ) - Create Android App from existing iOS App (part 2) Create Android app from iPhone app - Create android app with out root Create Android app with push notification - Create Android Application - Port from iOS Create Android Application -- 3 - create android based safety app-1 create android based softwares,online shopping sites , in java hibernet based software - Create android game fast and cheap SEE BELOW! READ ALL! Create android game fast and cheap SEE BELOW! READ ALL! -- 2 - Create Android Market Developer Account Create Android memory editor - Create Android TV UI along with curation of TV channels, Movies, Sitcoms Videos within TV Menu Items -- 2 Create android version existing app iOS - Create Android/iOS app to access Angolan/African sport data stored on Web DB Create Android/Ios Apps with Seattleclouds - 50$ - 100$ - Create animated "splash" screen for iPad app Create animated (standards-based) landing page - create animated catalogue of my products Create animated character - Create animated GIF from logos Create Animated GIF Logo - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 30 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 31 - Create animated icons and smileys as gif create animated image - Create Animated Promo Video Walking Through Our Product Create Animated Promotional Video - Create Animated Video Add for my website Create Animated Video based on existing photo - create animated video of 10 professional services