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Create Artwork for short story - Create contact us form in sidebar and page Create ASP.NET Dynamic Website With CMS - Create Assembly instruction artwork in Adobe Indesign CS6 Create assembly instruction mini-app - Create Attractive Banner Ads for Our Product Create Attractive Briefing Book Using the sample and content we provide, - Create auction website Create auction website for invoices - Create Audio Page Create Audio Player - Create Australian Call Centre Leads List- Call centre size 50-100 users Create Australian Call Centre Marketing List - Create auto embedder for streaming site Create Auto Facebook comment BOT - create auto start iso for dvd from mp4/mov Create Auto Strava Kudos C# Application - Create AutoCAD from pencil sketches Create AutoCAD from pencil sketches - Create automated GUI from cmdline script Create automated gui tests for android and iphone with appium / selenium - Create automatic Instagram Mass Account Creator script Create automatic install package for Weblate - create autoplay disc with 6 documents Create autopopulate script for order forms - Create Avia Shorcode Layout+Content+3 Widget Create Aviation MRO Inventory Web Application in Vaadin with connection to Oracle Database, - Create awesome screenshots of my game.. CREATE AWESOME TOUR PAGE FOR MY SITE - Create Azure Web App that manages Azure RM resources and Azure AD accounts create b card - Create back/front end Create BackBlaze Plugin for Media Storage - Create background curtain with sponsor logos Create background curtain with sponsor logos - Create Backlinks Create backlinks - Create Backlinks for my Website create backlinks for my website - Create backup for my website Create Backup For Website Files and Quick Web fix - create bank statement temeplate for chase or citi create bank statement temeplate for chase or citi - Create Bannar Create Banner - Create banner ads for website (repost - low budget) Create Banner Ads in Flash - Create Banner for Promotion Create banner for Rummy Card Game - Create Banner/header Create Banner/header image for 5 pages of my website - Create Banners and Landing Pages Create banners and products images+description - Create Banners from Existing Pics Provided, Experienced Typographer Needed Create Banners from my Photos - Create base template system for Appengine website. Create based on open source "Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System" (Multi Vendor Market Place) - Create Basic CD Cover Create basic CMS for a product gallery in PHP - Create basic Joomla template from PSD Create basic knowledge on demand app - Create Basic Services Website Create Basic Site for adsense clicks - Create basic Wordpress theme - repost 2 Create basic Wordpress website - Create Beats for 5 Tracks Create beatsite Wordpress Template - create best logo. Create best marketplace website - Create Big Commerce Listings Create Big Commerce Template (brkfo) - create bindings for php5 for STAF Create bindings or port c lib to Python 2.7 - Create Bitcoin Wallets Create Bitcoin, Buy/ Sell link with API - Design = simple but neat looking.. some style needed - Create BLISTER/PACKAGING Design Create blling page using whmcs api - Create Blog Content (AUT1984) to detail out the process in word document Create blog content for 2 of my eal estate websites - Create blog post with creative commons music Create Blog Postings and Creative offer content - Create Blog using Twitter feeds create blog website - create blogs and links for my site create blogs and links for my site - repost - create book Create Book appointment request on FACEBOOK, YELP, SOCIAL MEDIA, INSTAGRAM - Create booking forms, update web design, make css work Create Booking Joomla Composant - Create bootstrap 3 HTML from image Create Bootstrap 3.2 Templates - Create bot for a website. create bot for ddos pentesting - Create box Create Box & Bottle Mockup - Create Brand and Packaging Design for healthy snacks company -- 2 Create brand animation for 5 similar logo - for Ozzomoto - Create brand new Wordpress Wedding theme create brand thing - Create Breakout style minigame Create Bricologe Demo installation - Create Brochure for holistic health care clinic Create Brochure from bought Template - Create Browser Notification for a custom php website Create Browser Plugin - Create Building Plan Create Building Theme using Photoshop - create busienss paypal account Create BUSINESS FACEBOOK & TWITTER Account FULLY - Create business card layout for Create Business Card PSD Mockups - Create Business Email Contact Database Create Business Email Contact Database - Create business model/ structure Create Business Monogram - Create BUSINESS Social Media Profiles: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Create Business Social Network - Create Buttons and Icons for Webapp Create Buttons for - Create C# app that can calculate my trading P&L Create C# application - Create c# winform infomap control Create C# Wrapper class for Java JAR library - Create cache for categories drop-down menu create cache system for bulk php mail system - Create CAD layouts for construction from SketchUp model Create CAD layouts for construction from SketchUp model - ongoing work - create calendar c# visual studio Create Calendar Cake PHP - Create Camtasia/Flash Video Tutorials of B2B Software Create Can label - Create car game off-road desert sand dune BY Unity Create Car Icons in different formats and sizes - Create caricatures of 4 people create caricatures of team members - create cartoon characters create cartoon characters and add scenes for a childrens book - Create Cartoons Create Cartoons - Create Catalog and Brochure Create Catalog Cake Php Gmaps API - create categories and subcategories in our opencart store Create categories and subcategories with PHP on template - Create CD / Video Menus, Autostart, Add Music & More Create CD / Video Menus, Autostart, Add Music & More(repost) - Create Central Database and Then Web Tool featuring convenient Search, Filter and Output Options create central MySQL database - Create character for program
Create character from IRL photos - Create chart in Excel -- 2 Create Chart in Google Doc - create chat client program - ongoing work Create chat component for iphone app - Create Checkout Process with Shipping Calculator for UPS/USPS/Fedex w/ Email & Database Tracking Create checkout website, design provided - Create Child Window Control(repost) Create child WooCommerce Storefront theme - Create Chrome Extension Create Chrome extension - Create Chromium Plugin For Cordova Create Chromium-based Text Editor like TextMate (Open Source, great opportunity!) - Create class contact information spreadsheet - repost Create class day - Create ClassiPress child theme & add customized features Create ClassiPress child theme & add customized features -- 2 - Create Click-Through 2D animations - repost Job to be completed today Create clickable demo with Sketch and Invision - Create Client-Server Stock Market Game in Java using Sockets, Putty and RMI Create clients and websites on a cpanel server - Create Clone of Wordpress Site Create Clone of Wordpress Website - CREATE CLUBHOPPER NIGHTLIFE APP CREATE CLUBHOPPER NIGHTLIFE APP -- 2 - Create CMS Website Create CMS website - Create Code in Coldfusion Create code in php to get realtime data - Create Codeigniter CMS Backend from Website Template Create CodeIgniter Functions in Model - Create Color Palette and Some Logo Customization create color palette from logo and update my wordpress from cpanel - Create combined file Create combo items in SAASU accounting software. - Create common crawl script Create communication between wordpress and a customized checkout script. - Create company Letterhead create company letterhead - Create company logo - technology background Create company logo and business cards - Create Company Posters- You need to be creative. Create company PR Kit - Create Company video - open to bidding Create company video for website - Create competition page on wordpress website Create competitive and revenue producing website similar to - Create Complety Website (for Nycky) Create Complex 3D Models For Movie Use - Create CompTIA Security+ Blog Articles Create Comptuer Media Player - Create conditional formatting for excel file Create conditional formatting for excel file - Create Construct 2 cross platform childrens game/app Create Construct 2 Facebook Plugin - Create Contact Form in .HTML File Create Contact Form In Wordpress - Create Contact List on Excel - repost 2 Create Contact List on Excel - repost 3 - Create content and manual for training program Create Content and or Edit Existing Content - Create Content for Online Courses Create content for our experts' websites! - Create content of CSS Senior quiz with 40 questions Create content of HTML5 Senior quiz with 40 questions - Create Contract File Create Contract Management Database - Create cool infographics Create cool original website template 'shell' - Create Copyrights for two Logos (patent) Create copywrite that converts.... - Create corporate Letterhead and Packaging Designs Create corporate logo - Create count down timer and enhance search Create Count down timer Android App - Create course outline in PowerPoint 2013 Create Course Selection Program - Create CPAGrip Addon for EvolutionScript Create cPanel Account in WHM - Create CrazyTalk Animator 2 G2 characters from my front drawing Create CRE Loaded 6.2 templates from existing design - Create CRM system for business Create CRM tool using php, html and mysql - create cross platform apps + website Create cross platform illustration - create crypytocurrency create crystal report - Create CSS Animation of SVG image Create CSS based themes for a exisiting webapplication - Create CSS HTML EMAIL Create CSS HTML page based on PDF file - Create CSS template from PSD file Create CSS template using Less Framework 3 - Create CSS/HTML from PSD file Create css/html from psd file - Create CSV file in VB.NET Create csv file of downloaded html descriptions - Create CSV to add 250 t-shirts to a WOOCOMMERCE site Create CSV to import "post" to my - create custom adsense block.. Create custom advanced script for facebook (private message send to all users) - Create custom bittorrent-based mobile software Create Custom Black and White Icon Set - Create custom CMS Create Custom CMS For An Electronics Website - Create Custom Dating-like Site on PHPFox Create custom db with web interface and remote data retrieve - Create custom Excel spreadsheet to calculate pricing and costs Create custom excell sheet and download it - create custom folder Create Custom Font - Create Custom Google Map with Form Create custom Google Maps from PDF plans - Create Custom Iframe for Youtube Embed Chat Embed for Volusion Website Create custom illustrated, animated music video - Create Custom Joomla & PHPbb Templates Create custom Joomla component / plugin - Create custom logo starting from example Create custom LOOP on Wordpress - Create custom module for Mobile App Create custom module for Prestashop - create custom page for alert. Create custom page for existing wordpress template - Create Custom Php ProxyJudge URL -- 2 Create Custom PHP Script and Database Design - Create Custom Post Types in Wordpress Create custom post types with WP Geodirectory plugin - Create Custom Reports Create custom reports - Create custom search module Create Custom Search String URLS + Css, Iframe - Create Custom Social Networking Module on Web site Create Custom Software - Create Custom Theme for SMF (SimpleMachinesForum) and Install Create custom theme site with custom admin module panel and dynamic user profile account - Create custom web based software/ database Create Custom Web Browser For Windows - create custom woocommerce plugin to use paypal pre approval payments Create custom woocommerce report - Create custom wordpress plugin create custom wordpress plugin - Create Custom Wordpress Theme from Existing Bootstrap Theme Create Custom Wordpress Theme/Functionality - Create customer dashboard for recruitment in Wordpress. Create Customer Data Spreadsheet - Create customizable embed code Create customizable Facebook Application - Create customizated fields in Joomla extension - realestate