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Develop Custom wordpress module for swapping items - Develop Cybersource payment gateway module for Prestashop Develop Daily Deals Website - Develop database + data entry Develop database and interface using Filemaker Pro 13 - Develop dating script: PARTNER WANTED ONLY! Develop Dating Website (Graphic Part already done) coding and design - Develop design for T shirts Develop design for the new screens for application. - Develop Detailed Design and Database Design Develop Detailed Functional Requirements: Business Technology Analyst (Telco Industry Billing) - Develop document storage system w/ permissions management using PHP, Smarty & MySQL Develop Documentation From Existing .Net Code - Develop Drupal real estate site Develop Drupal real estate site(repost) - Develop e learning module - ​ SCORM 1.2 and above compliant E-learning Develop E Learning portal - Develop E-Mails LIsts Develop E-Mails Lists - Develop Ebay Store & listing template design Develop eBook - Develop Ecommerce Store Builder Site Develop Ecommerce type iPhone app - Develop Elearning Driver Education Computer Base Training Site Develop eLearning module on bioterror agents - plague - Develop Email Plug ins for IE, Firefox, Chrome for web email Develop Email Plug-Ins - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop Employee Affairs system Using SQL Develop Employee Based "Affiliate Program" - develop equipment rental site with quote form Develop ERP - Develop Excel Macro for Spreadsheet Develop Excel macro to read txt file and generate plots - Develop Existing Joomla Website Develop existing Joomla! Mosets tree custom field - multiple check boxes + text option - Develop Search Box - Html & CSS Develop expert 3D model/animation of mobile POS system - Develop Facebook & Dating Apps for Computer & Mobile Devices Develop FaceBook & Twitter Feed using API - Develop Facebook Chrome Extension Develop Facebook Contest App - Develop Fantasy Cricket league site Develop Fantasy Football - Develop FFMPEG program to switch channels and streaming it Develop FFT and STFT in STM32f429zi - Develop Firebase chat for iOS chat with desktop message viewer Develop Firefox addon with custom GUI - Develop flash animation Develop Flash banner with XML connection for Google Adwords - Develop Flash Modules for DNN 6 with given Design Develop flash of JQuery Module for DNN 6 - develop for me a website develop for me a website - open to bidding - Develop four powerpoint presentations Develop four websites using wordpress - Develop front end only in HTML 5 using Angular/EmberJS and Foundation Develop Front End Pages for Website (ZTle1) - Develop full website (+php development) Develop full-featured HTML5 Android App - Develop game develop game - develop games develop games - develop Gmail addon for mail merge and schedule Google Sheet Develop good animated Menu based on graphic provided in few mins - Develop graphic logo for dating website Develop graphics and brand identity for our Social Media project - Develop Health App with AI develop health care project - Develop higly convertible landing page budget max 600 inr Develop hispanic health/medical blog - Develop HTML / CSS for a project Develop HTML 5 GAME - Develop HTML5 Mobile App - Then Convert to iOS, Android Develop html5 mobile banner with call to action - Develop Icon For Clothing Brand Develop Icons for App - Develop in PHP a method to extract data using Inspect Element XPATH calls Develop in PHP and MySQL web application - Develop Instant Message server and client on Windows Develop Instant Messaging Android App - Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting - Develop iOS & Android App develop iOS & Android app - Develop IOS and Android app like UBER Develop IOS and Android App with nice UI - develop IOS app develop ios app - develop ios application (replica of an android app) Develop iOS application - Safe browser - Develop ios Nearby app Develop iOS new app - Develop iPhone & android application Develop iPhone Application - Develop iPhone and Android Apps Develop Iphone and Android apps for DJs - Develop iPhone app Develop iPhone app - Develop iPhone app with given UI Develop iphone app, iOS app prototype build - Develop iPhone Application/ Apple Wallet Update - Source Code Supplied Develop iphone applications - Develop Iphone, Ipad and Androide Game. Develop Iphone, Ipad and Androide Game. - repost - Develop java algorithm for accurate page orientation determination Develop java android app to detect changes in Internet connections. - develop java web site and deployment Develop JavaFX screens - Develop Joomla Component Develop Joomla component for tracking containers on website - Develop JScripty on Google App Engine with Python Develop JSON code for digital signage application (media signage) - Develop larger proposal to modify network monitoring system (i.e. Nagios, Pandora FSM, Zenoss) (repost) develop launcher - Develop limited email solution (cloud) with internal operations/external service touchpoints Develop limited email solution (cloud) with internal operations/external service touchpoints -- 2 - Develop login and MLM WEBSITE Develop login function for car parts website - Develop Logo for Photography Interview Website Develop Logo for Startup - Develop Loyalty Rewards Plugin For Buzztoch IDE & Integrate with Scandit SDK Develop Loyalty system using Ofbiz - Develop Magento Base Project Develop Magento Category Upload Extension - develop magento theme Develop Magento tracking extension similar to Google Analytics - Develop marketing plan and place ads Develop Marketing Plan to get 2 million user to our website in the next 24 months - develop MATLAB simulations for range and Doppler shift estimation in an automotive radar application Develop Matrimonial site. - Develop me Chess and Checkers multiplayer (1803762) Develop me Simple Online web Base application System - Develop Messenger service Skype Develop Messenger service Skype application - Develop Minimum Viable Product Develop missing pages - develop mobile app Develop Mobile App (CRM software) in hybrid development framework. - Develop Mobile App for my widget Develop mobile app for my wordpress - Develop mobile Application Develop mobile application - Develop mobile applications for iOS Develop Mobile Apps - Develop Mobile phone testing app Develop mobile portal for WordPress site - develop module
Develop module "Catalogue of products / services" - develop MongoDB Index process, simple php web query interface develop MongoDB Index process, simple php web query interface - open to bidding - Develop MS office like application Develop MS Office plug-in - Develop Multivendor ecommerce project Develop Muscles Really Fast! - Develop my CV Develop my database application - Develop my new mobile app Develop my newsletter in 30 minutes - Develop my web site. Develop my webshop in shopify ecommerce - Develop my website using joomla Develop my website using template - Develop native iOS Business Application Develop Native Iphone, iPad App - develop new corporate identity, logo and stationary develop new corporate identity, logo and stationary - repost to include list of items required - Develop New Highly Dynamic Website: AJAX, PHP, MySql, Linux, Develop New Highly Dynamic Website: PHP and MySQL (or .NET.. - Develop new or modify existing Wordpress plugin develop new OSC web site from existing site - Develop New Tracking System from ASP to ASP.NET Develop new user-facing features on actual Website (Checkout, Product Detail Page, etc) - Develop New Wordpress Plugin Develop new Wordpress Plugin - Develop NSQL Data Base Develop NSTextField subclass specialized for IP Address input/display. - Develop OFDM(Wireless System) models using Simulink Develop offer/deal APP - develop one module in pproject for .net Develop one MVC Page - Develop onemap with arcgis api functions using javascript and c#.Net -- 2 develop online 3D application for PC and Mac/ipad - Develop online form processing Develop online game - develop online reservation web application project Develop Online RPG Game site similar to Gaia Online. - Develop Online web base application for my university project Develop Online World using Multiverse Platform - Develop OpenERP module Develop Opennebula Sunstone extension for custom VM scheduling - Develop Order processing module for our website. We need the procedure of checkout, with payment option and shipping module. using Angular JS , .NET Web API , C#, SQL , Bootstrap. develop organiser for Android - Develop our e-commerce web site and generate traffic to it Develop our Email list for marketing - Develop Outlook Addin/Plugin Develop Outlook macros to integrate with OneNote - Develop Partiall created IT website. Develop partnership scrip for Joomshoping - Develop Payumoney Payment Extension For Abantecart Develop PC and Mac Software Similar To TVMC Kodi - Develop PG dot com website Develop Phase of construction project - Develop photoshop like software using open source software Develop Photoshop Plugin - Develop PHP function to merge text segments Develop PHP Help Desk - Develop PHPFox module (1) Develop PHPFox modules - Develop plugin for Front Accounting Develop Plugin for Job and Store listings in Joomla 1.5 - develop point of sales system Develop Poker (Slot) Machine Application For Iphone with IN App Purchases - repost - Develop PPT update for email workflow based on designs Develop PPT's, activities and case stdies on given topic for management students - develop prestashop tpl file develop prestashop tpl file -- 2 - Develop Product Number generator Develop production drawings from existing Solidworks 3D model - Develop program for Motorola RFID handheld scanner -- 3 develop program that scrapes data from ecommerce and imports to opencart - Develop prototype assembledboards from block diagram (5 pcs) Develop prototype for new word/spelling game app for iOS - Develop Python program to (1) integrate previous python modules and (2) create algorithm to value oil & gas assets under various financial theories. Develop Python program to download, analyze and visualize data - develop Quick Checkout open cart Develop QuickBooks Online App - Develop Razer Keyboard Application - URGENT Develop Ready to Use payment platform with Cyclos 4 - Develop recruitment international website Develop recruitment platform - Develop Reporting Module for an Online Service Develop Reporting Tool for a web application - Develop Responsive Theme on Genesis Framework Using Parallax theme from PSD develop responsive web site - Develop Restfull Web services in Java Develop Resume and Cover letter variations - Develop Root for SM-J320YZ -- 2 Develop Roulette - a multiplayer Flash game that communicates with the remote server running php - repost - Develop Sales Quote Tracking DEVELOP SALES TRANSACTION APP - Develop SCORM API for our J2EE E-Learning to make it SCORM Compliance Develop SCORM Engine - Develop script function Develop script in selenium - Develop Section of Website Based on Design (DNN 6) develop sections of site and some re-design - Develop server elektrik di Indonesia Develop server part of iphone ap - Develop sharepoint list with User Interface for data entry, forms and workflows Develop sharepoint list with User Interface for data entry, forms and workflows - Develop shopping search engine develop shopping website - Develop Simple Android App Develop simple Android app - Develop Simple Cloud-based Sales Automation Develop simple CSS theme for website - develop simple iOS app that simply shows pages with info Develop simple iOS game similar to Bubble Diver Game - Develop simple mobile app in IBM Bluemix Develop Simple Mobile Application - Develop Simple Prototype - Hybrid App Ionic Develop Simple Prototype - Hybrid App Ionic - open to bidding - Develop simple website in Joomla! Develop simple website in PHP or CF or .NET or HTML - Develop Single SSRS Report to include GPS and Images Develop Single Use-Case iPhone App - Develop site/script like Develop site/script like - Develop small module using d3.js Develop small PCB for 6VDC/1A output converter - Develop SMS Application(repost) Develop SMS Applications - Develop Social Media News Feed Develop social media pages (Facebook, Twitter) - Develop Social Sports Betting website and IOS. develop social work site - Develop Software - Google And Amazon Data Extractor Develop Software - Google And Amazon Data Pulling Needed - Develop software for documents administration Develop Software for downloading various media - repost - develop software for Y O U T U B E views -- 2 Develop software for you. Java SE. - Develop Software to Auto Post Videos from Youtube Vimeo Metacafe to Blogger / Wordpress Develop software to automatically generate catalog pages - Develop software/database for buffalo dairy farm management Develop software/database for buffalo dairy farm management - open to bidding - Develop some new features for a website Develop some part of iPhone App - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop something like "Taskrabbit" for another industry Develop something on my Wordpress site - develop spider/crawler - repost Develop splash page from designs - develop Sql query for Typo3 database