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Background: Rewrite a current code using functions. And, there are to be modifications. You are going to code a rude vending machine that has a pension for snarky comments and a mind of its own.

Specifications: For this program, you will make judicious use of functions to simplify your code. Thus, with proper use of functions, you will simplify the main function, delegate tasks, avoid repeated code, etc. ... all good things functions do for you. You will be graded on how well you do this. The way you choose your functions will be up to you. Furthermore, you are to compose this program in multiple files. And, you are now required to accompany all function prototypes with appropriate documentation as you were shown in lecture.

First, change the initial quantities of the roots all to 12 except the first option; keep it at 5.

In addition, you will include the following modifications in the functionality.

First, you will write your code to randomize the menu choice. So, when the user inputs the menu choice, your code will assign its choice by randomly choosing between and including 1 and 7 (that's right, one more than legal).

Next, you will write your code to output a message along with this menu choice that follows this rule:

if the user's choice matches the (value of) your program's random choice, then the message is "Fine! ... but you're gonna be sorry."

otherwise, the message is randomly chosen from the following list of possibilities, followed by the name of the item corresponding to the program's choice.

"No, you really want "

"As my uncle Hal would say, "I can't do that for you, Dave. You want " "

"Only a loooooser would want THAT. Try this instead: "

"WRONG! I'm sure you meant to pick "

"PPpfffffttt. I think you need "

"Only idiots choose that. Better to have some "

"Tss, you must be Homer! Only Homer would want that. Lisa's preference is "

Furthermore, when it comes to ordering the amount of the item so chosen, your code will prompt and read in an amount as usual. But, your code will randomly generate a number between and including 1 and twice what the user inputs, and uses this new amount in the following bullet.

This machine-chosen amount will be included in an output message chosen accordingly:

if the user's input matches the program's choice, output "I can do that ... "


if the program's choice is less than user's input, output "That's waayyy too much for you. You want "

if the program's choice is greater than user's input, output "Naw naw naw, you need "

In both the foregoing cases, follow the message by how many the program chose.

And last, but not least, your program is to calculate the tax following the "trickle-down principle"

if the subtotal is less than $100, tax is 50%

if the subtotal is from $100 up to and including $300, tax is 27%

if the subtotal is above $300, tax is 2%... you know, like 2% malk.

This insanity would continue until your program's randomness lands on 6, the quit option. (The user might pick quit, but your program might not let them!) Of course, the subtotal, tax, and total is then computed and etc.

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