I need changes done to my website in Admin Panel by an expert and some website work. The site is I have a list of about 40 items & I was quoted this would take 20 hours or less. Some items can be done quickly (10 minutes or less) and some will take more time. I was working with a different developer on this site and he made lots of changes, but never tested the changes he made to make sure they worked. This cost me a lot of money because he made many mistakes. He used .php to make the website. He also did not meet the time requirements and I was forced to take it him to arbitration. Please bid on this project based on how long it will really take you. I want to offer my classes online and need a solution to do this. Youtube only offers video that are 15 minutes or less and my videos are approximately 2.5 hours. I need a solution so people pay $ to watch a video and it lets them watch that video. Utube does not offer this functionality. I have the exact details online and can attach a word file .

## Deliverables

The old developer did something wrong at godaddy. He hosted the website on 2 different urls. It was [[url removed, login to view]][1] & [[url removed, login to view]][2]. This needs to be moved to one. Please be very careful and make sure you understand how he did this. The websites are talking to each other.

The old developer created a switch class link that is not working correctly. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work. I think this because half of the website is hosted on [[url removed, login to view]][1] and the other half on [[url removed, login to view]][2]. Please fix. I also need an option that says send confirmation email that I can click that automatically sends a message

The ourcourse page needs to have two urls:

<[url removed, login to view]> (it has this url already, Do not change this)

<[url removed, login to view]> (duplicate our course page on this url so I can start giving people this new url)


I need a page in the admin panel, that says that the pre-registration for the class has ended. Each class needs to have a time when a person can pre-register in the course page in admin panel (this is done). I need this to default to the day of the class, but allow me to change it (if I need to). Additionally, some people add the class to their cart a few days before the class, and then I cutoff registration. They are still able to sign up for the class. This needs to be fixed.

I want another option that allows me to add someone manually from admin panel in view all attendance and manage courses. This has NOT been done

In view all attendance, I need to sort by date or name. I also need to be able to search by name,email. I also need a drop down for the last 30, 60,90,120,150,180,210,240,270,300,330, & 360 days. **Create a Search by email or name field in view all attendance. Include an unsubscribe link in view all attendance in admin panel**

**Have an option in View all attendance to unsubscribe a person from receiving all and any emails and any course**

**In the code in admin panel, when I enter a promo code that makes a class free, the admin panel says the person paid $20 for the class (even though they paid $0 dollars for the class)** **ADDITION NOT WORKING RIGHT WHEN A PERSON HAS A COMPED CLASS. IT DOES NOT GET THE RIGHT TOTAL in excel.**

**When I add 2 seats for class, website does not show this information.**

In the pop up window in the our course page, If a class does not have a flyer attached to it, it still shows the words, CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL FLYER. If no flyer is attached and the person clicks on this, a error page comes up. Try The class CONTRACT ISSUES IN THE NEW FINANCIAL REALTY BY CLICKING ON VIDEO AND GOING TO VIEW THE FULL FLYER FOR CLASS AND THE PAGE WILL CRASH

<[url removed, login to view]>

The ARCHIVED COURSES in the admin panel is only supposed to have classes that are in the past. In the manage courses, it should ONLY have class dates from the future. For example under manage courses in the admin panel: Strategic Default of A short sale vs foreclosure has classes that from the past. IT should not have Any those dates and only dates from the future. I have asked the developer to fix several times and not fixed

In the admin panel under manage course, class dates from the past should not be there. Only classes in the future.

In View ALL ATTENDANCE & ALL CLASSES THAT CAN BE EXPORTED TO EXCEL FIRST NAME & LAST NAME ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SPLIT UP IN 2 different fields. I have attached a layout of the information I would like.

**Create Rules To Capitalize First Letter Of First and Last Name When Entering Names On Website and In Excel. Create rules to always keep the phone number in the same format. For example, all numbers should appear like this (480) 797-1560. Numbers need to be in same format when exported in excel. They should look like this (480) 797-1560. ( if you export the page, you will see this)** Need all names in the same format when exported in excel

**Make .pdf flyer pictures show up at 100% Value size, not 150% when clicking on a class course. Also, make this showup as a popup, not the whole page.** Make the .pdf page VIEW THE FULL FLYER FOR THIS CLASS a popup page (instead of a full page). Make sure the popup page is at 100%.

**Add the number of people signed up for class when you export in excel in an excel field. Number all pages when you export to excel. This does not work correctly.**

The upload video function is not working. I need this fixed. This does not work whenever you try to upload videos that are 300 mb or bigger. I need a solution so people will pay money to watch videos online. I also need to be able to add HTML text, key words, etc.

Whenever you save a file or export a file, I need it to default in this format

Class Name (3 first words)_Current Time_Class_Date_Roster_List.

EXAMPLE: STRATEGIC_DEFAULT_CLASS_1245pm_1_20_2011_Roster_List

Calendar does not move forward in the future correctly.

Add a field if a person is adding 2 seats in registration. Make the person fill out all the fields for the 2nd guest as well and make sure all fields export to excel. Ask for the same information twice: full name, email, etc.. **Please add the godaddy secured image picture (with code) to the final checkout page. I have emailed this to you already.**

On this page <[url removed, login to view]>, make Continue Shopping and Checkout Now button very large

On this page and all pages, <[url removed, login to view]>

Make the "VIEW THE FULL FLYER" Larger.

Remove Add to Cart All Classes. Add a popbox that says would you like to sign up for another class.

**On the Confirmed Class Page, lets have a page in which the class they signed up for has an attachment and they can print out their confirmation page and it also will get emailed to them. Many people are not receiving the emails when they finish signing up for a class. Additionally, I want the website to email these people a reminder of the class the day before the class at 10:00AM with a map. I can send an email the day before the class. Also, include a receipt for tax purposes with a transaction id that is made up. We also need the same information on the page in html that is sent in the email.**

**I also want a thank you email sent to them where we ask them to like the school after the class through facebook. I would like a central page to upload files too that I can give the students access to. We need to upload the powerpoint for the class with a password. They enter their name and date attended in a form and then it gives them access to download the powerpoint.**

I need the website to remove past classes added to cart after 1 hour.

When you export any excel spreadsheet, we need to have the information in a box that is numbered for each student.

Create a rule that does not allow you to pick the same url link for classes in our courses in admin panel

**Fix the picture on this page** [**[url removed, login to view]**][3]**. It does not look professional.**

**Change the facebook link to this.** [**[url removed, login to view]!/pages/Crystal-Real-Estate-School/130859443646673**][4]

**We need an add sponsors link in the site module in admin panel. After this is finished, then we need an option with a drop down to add the sponsors when a date is created in admin panel. Go to manage course, then go to available dates, then pick a date, then have a sponsor drop down so I can add sponsors.**

**In our courses page, dates should be sorted in chronological order. Sometimes, when you input 2 dates, the older date shows up first.**

**Make the titles bigger on this page**[**[url removed, login to view]**][3]

**Then add CLICK ON CLASS TITLE BELOW FOR DATES, LOCATIONS, & TIMES under Upcoming Renewal Classes**

**I just need one permanent URL for each class that I can create**

[**[url removed, login to view]**][5]

**I need an option to enter the price of the class in the add date section in our courses. The price needs to be removed from the add courses. This way, one class can cost $20 on June 10th, 2011 and one can cost $30 on June 11, 2011**

**I need an option to be able to display 2 classes on one link that are on the same day. Is this possible? Can I have an option to do this?**

**Change Cart on top right to the same**

The web developer needs to create an unsubscribe page, similar to this. It needs to work with admin panel, so I can change the unsubscribe message and export the data in csv.

<[url removed, login to view]>

make the Question bigger on this page. <[url removed, login to view]>

Remove the paypal logo as we do not accept paypal. Add new logo

<[url removed, login to view]>

Remove the checkout now tab after it is pushed and add a button that says printout receipt for class. Then display a map for the class all information needed.

Change the from email to <crystalrealestateschool@[url removed, login to view]> whenever I send a confirmation email.

**Remove the Click on Title For Dates, Locations, & Times under course schedule on this page** [**[url removed, login to view]**][3]

**Use a video management system to upload videos that are 3 hours long or so. Need seo capabilities, key words, etc.**

**Create a facebook page so when someone wants to download the presentation, they have to like the school and give a testimonial that gets share on their facebook page with their friends.**

**Need to have company name, name of agent, class attended in a form with a testimonial to get information.**

**After signing up for the class, have a big link that says like the school.**

**Be able to select sponsors from a drop down menu in each class date. Make a required field.**

**On the failed credit card page, we need to have code of why the credit card has failed. I need this coded into the payment failed page.**

**It should say,"**

**Your Credit Card Has Failed For the Following Reasons:**

**10505-** Your Credit Card Has Failed. The Billing Address you have entered is incorrect. Please try again.

**10764-** This transaction cannot be processed at this time. Paypal or your credit card company is experiencing technical problems. Many times, it is fixed within a few hours so just try back a little later.

**15005-** The transaction was declined by the issuing bank. Please attempt another card.

**15004-** The transaction was declined because the CVV entered does not match the credit card. For Visa/Mastercard/Discover, the three-digit CVV number is printed on the signature panel on the back of the card immediately after the card's account number. For American Express, the four-digit CVV number is printed on the front of the card above the card account number.

**10544-** The transaction was declined by PayPal or your banking institution.

**10527-** This transaction cannot be processed. Credit Card Number and/or Credit Card Type is invalid. Please enter a valid credit card number and type.

**10541-** This transaction cannot be processed. Please enter a valid credit card number and type. The credit card entered is currently restricted by PayPal or your banking institution. Contact your banking institution for more information.

Please use the email that I have emailed you whenever a credit card payment has failed.

Product Page needs to have the same layout at the ourcourse final checkout page. This page does not work.

The product page is not working correctly. It is loading an old page and is not working correctly with the credit cards.

**Please add the godaddy secured image picture (with code) to the final checkout page. I have emailed this to you already.**

**You cannot print people that had trouble paying for class. This in the cancelled order page in admin panel. We need a link so we can print people. We need to be able to export this information.**

**1.** **Paypal error code in cancelled orders in admin panel needs to be added. I Need Error Code in the Cancelled List in admin panel**

On the final checkout credit card page, the expiration date stop at 2015. This needs to changed.

Remove CSV NUMBER IN CHECKOUT PAGE to blank. USE RULE THAT forces you to enter this code.

The online course page does not work when you use a promo code. Additionally, I need to email the people the links for the class. I need to put testimonials in it similar to the our course page.


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