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Project scope

Requirement overview -

We require an app to be developed in which individual customer data and content will be displayed. This data will then need to be sent to a database for visual reporting on a web platform that can be viewed by customer administrators.

The app must contain -

1. A sign in page which allows the user to select what organisation and department/team they work in at their place of employment.

2. An individual profile based on 5 key areas. The profile will be a combination of data populated by an external .csv file which will be identified by a unique ID.

The external data will be in the form of 10 individual measurements. Each of these should be displayed in a cool looking table on one screen.

The remaining data will be entered by the user by answering a series of questions relating to 4 separate topics. The separate topics will be displayed creatively on 4 separate screens.

So to summarise this there are 5 key areas. The first is populated by external data. The other 4 areas will be based on questions.

When the external .csv data has populated the app and questions relating to the 4 remaining key areas have been answered by the user a result or score will be provided.

Based on this score and the unique data within the profile, relevant content and third party goods and services will be made available to the user.

This profile will be updated every 3 months and we need to provide the user with variance analysis from the first time data was populated.

These will need to be listed on a screen and linked to 3rd party websites.

In the user profile the user will be able to identify one of four charities. We will have a separate screen explaining each charity. It needs to be displayed on the app how many people have nominated each charity

The app must be able to receive third party data such as the Apple Health and the Android health apps (i.e. steps data). It must also be able to receive data from wearables such as fitbit and jawbone.

This data will need to be displayed on the app showing the users progress

All data from the profile and the wearables will need to be provided to a database for reporting that will be displayed on a separate web platform.

The individual data will be combined to show the organisations overall data profile derived from the individual users.

The web platform will be accessed by a database of identified administrators. They will be able to search data by department which was selected by the individual user.

The web platform will need to generate reports based on the data.

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