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I want to you crack this software to full version.

[Application Name]

Tick Data Suite v2.1.1


[url removed, login to view]

[Target URL]

[url removed, login to view]


Scanning -> C:\Program Files (x86)\[url removed, login to view]\Tick Data Suite\Tick Data [url removed, login to view]

File Type : 32-Bit Exe (Subsystem : Win GUI / 2), Size : 807096 (0C50B8h) Byte(s) | Machine: 0x14C (I386)

Compilation TimeStamp : 0x57F76056 -> Fri 07th Oct 2016 08:44:06 (GMT)

[TimeStamp] 0x57F76056 -> Fri 07th Oct 2016 08:44:06 (GMT) | PE Header | - | Offset: 0x00000088 | VA: 0x00400088 | -

-> File Appears to be Digitally Signed @ Offset 0C1C00h, size : 034B8h / 013496 byte(s)

[File Heuristics] -> Flag #1 : 00000000000001001101000000110101 (0x0004D035)

[Entrypoint Section Entropy] : [url removed, login to view] (section #4) " " | Size : 0x90 (144) byte(s)

[DllCharacteristics] -> Flag : (0x8540) -> ASLR | DEP | NOSEH | TSA

[SectionCount] 5 (0x5) | ImageSize 0xCA000 (827392) byte(s)

[VersionInfo] Company Name : Birt Ltd.

[VersionInfo] Product Name : Tick Data Suite

[VersionInfo] Product Version :

[VersionInfo] File Description : Tick Data Manager

[VersionInfo] File Version :

[VersionInfo] Original FileName : Tick Data [url removed, login to view]

[VersionInfo] Internal Name : Tick Data [url removed, login to view]

[VersionInfo] Legal Copyrights : Copyright © 2016

[.] .net @ FileOffset 0x7F2AC | MetaData->Version 1.1 (struct version) -> [url removed, login to view] (net version required)

[.] Flags : 0x0 | Streams : 0x5 (5) -> #~ | #Strings | #US | #GUID | #Blob

[!] File appears to have no protection or is using an unknown protection

- Scan Took : [url removed, login to view] Second(s) [000000129h (297) tick(s)] [503 of 577 scan(s) done]

[File Size]

Size of the actual download install/kit.

([url removed, login to view])

[Program Type]


[Limitation of Program]

-Trial 14 day .

-Limit use on single computer

[Registration method]

Registration with License key.

[Registration image]

[url removed, login to view]

Fähigkeiten: Algorithmen, C++ Programmierung, Ingenieurwesen, Java, Matlab und Mathematica

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