Enhancing Pet Adoption with AI: The Development of Whisker Wise

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I'm in need of a skilled writer to prepare a research paper and design a poster highlighting Whisker Wise, a Guidance and Preference Technology (GPT). This GPT is unique in identifying pet breed recommendations based on user input. The deliverable should focus on promoting the benefits of this GPT to potential investors.

- The core research should target two aspects:

1. Market growth potential

2. Addressing an existing market need

3- the urgent need for a more thoughtful approach in pet adoption.

- Implications of its benefits should be vividly presented, showcasing how it can ideally serve as a game-changing product for investors.

- Ideal skills for the task would encompass research abilities, technical writing proficiency, and graphic design capabilities for the poster creation. Experience in the technology and investment fields is an added advantage.

Making the audience appreciate the value and uniqueness of Whisker Wise should be the objective.

highlight, the problem of the increase of the number of abandoned pet because of mismatches and random decision during adoption.

The GPT can be put around pet shelters as a QR code and work as a one time payment guidance.

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