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image upload/resize in coldfusion

Simple Brief:

I am looking to add an image upload facility to my website. The site is Coldfusion MX7. Currently it is only running on my local dev environment but it is soon to moved to a proper hosting environment where I am told I will have access to CFFILE and CFX_Image (I personally have no experience with these tags but I suspect that you may need them to do this job).

I do not need any layout or design work done on this job as I will take care of all that, what I am hoping to achieve is to implement an upload facility without having to learn all about CFFILE and CFX_Image myself (although if I can learn from studying the code you’ve written then so much the better :)

More detailed brief:

1. create “[url removed, login to view]” page that contains a form:

“Browse..” button

Input (displays path of user’s selected local file)

Submit button

Preview of image they have browsed to (width = “150”) before they submit (if easy to implement)

Client side validation of file type and maximum file size (if poss) (jpg, gif, png, bmp all ok, no exe or cfc cfm etc) (max file size = 1MB)

2. server side

if the following folder(s) do not exist then create them “profile_photos/#session.profileID#”

and a “profile_photos/#session.profileID#/temp” file

save uploaded image to profile_photos/#session.profileID#/temp

check the image is indeed an image (and not a nasty like a .exe etc) check file size is LTE 1MB. If uploaded file fails these checks delete file and

(is this how people handle these things? Please suggest alternatives if I’m going about this the wrong way.. thanks)

3. convert image to a jpg and resize (and save) it to 3 different sizes

profile_photos/#session.profileID#/thumb#session.profileID#jpg width=75

profile_photos/#session.profileID#/medium#session.profileID#jpg width=320

profile_photos/#session.profileID#/big#session.profileID#jpg width=450

4. move original to admin/uploaded_photos/temp_originals (ie /temp folder should now be empty)

5. go to “[url removed, login to view]”

A part of what I am wanting to pay for is to ask you to explain to me (intelligent bloke, intermediate CF coder) how cffile works and how cfx_image works. Including heping me ot get cfx_image installed / set up and working on my cf mx7 environment. Thank you

If you have issues with either of the tags I have mentioned and wish to recommend an alternative solution then please do say so. I am looking for a professional and robust, secure solution that doesn’t require me to persuade my host to do anything non-standard.

I am a professional buyer (please see my feedback from my last job – assuming he’s posted it by now (job only completed yesterday) I am myself only an intermediate CF coder, but have plenty of experience managing website development.

I will pay promptly by escrow through GetAFreelancer.

Thanks very much for reading my brief.

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