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Fancy offering your services as a contributor to the latest - and most exciting - careers and lifestyle website to be aimed squarely at the UK creative media industries? And you don't even have to be a writer… [url removed, login to view] is the only independent career search, information and advice site dedicated entirely to the UK creative media industries. A niche resource in a generalist world, mediadeparturelounge will put candidates in touch with agencies, and agencies in touch with candidates more effectively than ever. Combining a unique, industry-specific and completely FREE job search, job application and messaging system, together with comprehensive information, advice and lifestyle-based content areas, mediadeparturelounge is set to be the one-stop-shop for anyone wanting to break into the UK creative media industries, find a new job within the industry or just take their career forward. Your task is to contribute to a stock of rolling content for the site - which means aiming it at anyone in the UK creative media industries, from copywriters, to art directors, designers, planners, account handlers, new business people, production people, new media designers, programmers, interaction designers, editors, journalists, subs, project managers, and admin staff. Basically, anyone who falls into the following categories - Creatives, Suits and Production, whether it's advertising, design, new media, marketing, publishing or PR. Briefly, the site will comprise of an industry specific job search and job application feature, together with the comprehensive user-driven content we've just mentioned. So, basically, we're looking for features, reviews, news and plenty of career advice from you. Just use your imagination. The tone of the site will be informative, but not too serious. Fun pieces are especially welcome, although don't pull the piss out of anyone too strongly as we probably won't be able to afford the legal fees. Overall, we want to achieve the feel of a trendy, cosmpolitan, style-led international magazine. Don't get too carried away, but think Wallpaper*, 360, i-D, Creative Review, Design Week, Metropolis and Blueprint. Ambitious? Maybe. Wanna try pulling it off? Here's what we're looking for in slightly more detail. It's not fixed, so if you do have any more ideas, send 'em in... Features sections… Features will either be a) pieces focusing on careers in the UK creative media industries, or b) lifestyle and cultural pieces aimed at people in the industry. Initially, we're looking at around 500-1500 words for each piece, although this is definitely just a guide. And if you can supply decent pix of at least 72dpi, all the better. Sample ideas include the following (feel free to use them). Or tell us your ideas… Do you run, work in. or have ever worked in, a creative or new media recruitment agency? Got any advice for candidates? Are current salaries fair? Do you have a radical view of careers or recruitment in the UK creative media industries? Have you taken an interesting career path to get where you are today? How do you handle your clients? Working from home - good idea? Or bad? Can you provide overviews of specialised creative services - recruitment advertising, DM, packaging, healthcare advertising, etc. What about job descriptions, working relationships between suits and creatives and just agency life in general? Any ideas? Do you have advice to offer on anything from choosing a university course, to putting a portfolio together, to writing a CV, to talking to recruitment agencies? Could you give an (honest?) opinion of what it's like to work in the industry? What's the best way to break into the industry? What's the best way to remember how everyone likes their tea? What's the worst day you've ever had at work? And what's the best? Top ten tips for anyone wanting to go freelance? Could you provide write-ups of relevant or interesting events, or even award ceremonies? What about travel pieces? Could you make it relevant to the website? Ever worked abroad? How does it compare with working in the UK? Never worked in the UK? What's it like working in advertising in New York? Graphic design in Berlin? Web design in Stockholm? Or anywhere else in the world, for that matter. Where the best place to go for a swift one after work in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Barcelona, Paris etc, etc, etc? Advice section… This section of the site will act as an advice database for anyone in the industry. Users can ask questions which will appear on the site - then the rest of the community can answer them - providing a deep, constantly updating, user-driven advice community, rather than the usual static, one-dimensional service normally offered by career sites. So, in the first instance, could you provide questions like these? And answer them yourself? When the site goes live, people just like you will start adding their own questions - and hopefully answering other peoples'. Just think…this could be huge. I'm a new media designer - what's the best format for my CV? Flash, HTML or downloadable PDF? I've just finished a university course in advertising - what's the best way to get a foot in an agency's door? I'm thinking of starting up my own agency, how hard can it be? If an agency offers me an unpaid placement, should I take it? Which course should I do - graphic design or advertising? What should I include in my portfolio? Great college work from fantasy briefs, or less exciting work from live client briefs? Interviews Could you provide interviews with the industry names? Or just with anyone that you and the rest of us might find interesting? Ideally, these need to be career focused. But if you have other ideas, let us know. Showcase section… Has your agency just completed a big project? Or have you got some recent work you're proud of? Either way, if you want to get your stuff in front of people and let them know what you can do - send us some jpegs and a couple hundred words about it, and we'll include it on the site. Simple. News section… Got anything to report? Start-ups, client wins, mergers, buy-outs, awards, new appointments, takeovers, births, marriages, deaths and anything else that’s remotely interesting and related to the UK creative media industries. Let us know and we'll include it. Reviews section… Could you provide reviews of music, books, gigs, hardware, software, gadgets, and just about anything else that's relevant to people working in the UK creative media industries? If you can, let us know - or just send 'em over... Right now, your thoughts are probably turning to cash, right? Well, please bear in mind that our budget isn't huge - but we'd like to know what you'd charge for supplying us with pieces that fit the brief. Please note that we can't pay for pieces that fit the Showcase, News or Reviews sections, but you're welcome to contribute to these whenever you like. You'll also have the opportunity to get your work in front of a very savvy national, and maybe international, audience. You'll receive full credits on the site, together with a link back to your own personal site, your work site, or anywhere else you want. Our content system will also automatically cross-reference your words with other stuff you've written for us, too, so the more you contribute, the bigger the impact on the site, and the more chance people will see - and admire - your work. Eventually, we'll be looking for a handful of writers who'll be able to contribute regularly to the site, which could entail all kinds of wonderful rewards. But in the meantime, where else would you find a brief as open as this, you lucky people? So go on, write about anything you want. As long as it's relevant to the industry and/or it has some kind of career slant on it and/or it's dead interesting, the chances are we'll publish it. In the first instance, just reply to this ad with a short note telling us what you think you can do for the site, and what you plan to charge for it. Remember, you don't have to be a writer - if you have the ideas, we have the expertise to turn it into something to remember. Cheers! PS. We're launching early this summer. So get your arses into gear.


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