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Custom Flash Pano Viewer

We are a small virtual tour company looking to convert from a java panorama viewer to a custom flash pano viewer.

We are looking for a competent flash programmer who can quickly deliver a small, fast, efficient single scene flash viewer that can dynamically load a specified JPG file and display it with certain features.

To see sample java tours, please visit: [url removed, login to view]

For sample tours done with our Java viewer. The flash viewer will need to look and feel the same as in this example:

[url removed, login to view]

The flash viewer only handles the items presented in the sample. The rest of the tour web page is done by our CGI engine.

We want our existing CGI engine to generate and display an html page (dynamically) that will load the flash viewer and pass it the scene specs via html on the page.

The specs in the HTML code will tell the flash viewer:

1) pixel size of viewer window (e.g. 500w x 400h)

2) the name of the single JPG pano image to show – loaded from the relative URL given

3) starting speed and direction of the pan when first loads

4) viewer help page URL link

5) full pano or partial pano or still flag:

a) Full Pano Flag means full 360 pan - all the way around in same direction and keep going. Like in our sample java tours.

b) Partial Flag means pan in direction specified until JPG edges are found. Then reverse direction until other edge is found,

reverse, and repeat, and so on…

c) Still – means just show the JPG image as a still image – no panning and no button bar.

6) Control the branding text shown in the viewer window

7) Control which control buttons are shown in the viewer window

The image to pan will be a warped JPG generated from our stitching software. Something like the pano file located here:

[url removed, login to view]

The html code we would pass the viewer would look something like this:


param name=movie value="clearvision360pano.swf">

param name=height value=400

param name=width value=500

param name=speed value=3 0 would mean no auto pan to start, otherwise, auto pan at this speed

param name=directon value=right starting pan direction: left or right

param name=panotype value="full" full or partial or still

param name=image value="Quploads/scene_1145556853-682302135-19127-01_main.jpg"

param name=brandname value=""

param name=brandbkcolor value="#FFFFFF" color value of the branding background bar area

param name=brandtxcolor value="#FFFFFF" color value of the branding text

param name=leftpanbutton value="Y" Y or N to show or not show this control button

param name=rightpanbutton value="Y Y or N to show or not show this control button

param name=stoppanbutton value="Y" Y or N to show or not show this control button

param name=zoominbutton value="Y" Y or N to show or not show this control button

param name=zoomoutbutton value="Y" Y or N to show or not show this control button

param name=helpbutton value="Y" Y or N to show or not show this control button

param name=helplink value=""


The viewer would load the image and start panning as instructed above. The speed would be a range from 0 (none) to 9 (fastest). Each higher speed setting would be a little faster than the previous. In our java tours, they are set at a relative speed of 3.

The brandimage parm is the name of the tour builder. That will be shown in the viewer window – see our example. It will always be rendered and the shown just to the left of the button set. We pass that to the flash view via the html code and the viewer pulls the image from the URL specified. Its displayed location is as indicated in the sample viewer image. Note: we will also pass the Background and text colors to use for the brand name text and bar area.

The control buttons location are as shown in the example. Go to our web site and view a sample tour to see how they operate. We would want the same thing in the flash viewer. Buttons from left to right: pan left, stop pan, pan right, zoom in, zoom out, display POP-UP help html page. If it's easier, we can embed the help text into the viewer’s parm specs so it displays the text we pass when the help button is pressed.

The viewer needs to take the warped JPG image attached and change the perspective in such a way that is displays correctly in the window.

The final swf file must be small, fast, and reliable.

Up completion of coding and testing, we require that you provide the final flash source code files (documented) as well as all runtime files needed to run the viewer.

Fähigkeiten: Adobe Flash

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