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525601 Auction Management Site Need to be created

I need an online auction management software designed and created. I am attached screenshots of a competitors site of how it functions, i need the same features and functions created.

step one for the customer would be to select there plan and signing up, they will be logged into their account where the set-up wizard will guide them through the steps necessary to start managing their listings.

the software would be used over the internet with a web browser. they don't have to install anything, or worry about upgrades. When they use Online Auction Management their office is everywhere. At work, at home, a hotel, at a client's office, even on their mobile phone. they data is accessible anywhere with internet access. We handle all the security, up-time, backups, upgrades and “IT guy” stuff. their data is stored on our enterprise-level servers in a state-of-the-art, highly-secure data center. In addition, their data is automatically backed up on a daily basis. Online Auction Management works on any platform with a web browser and internet connection. Mac, Windows, Linux are all supported.

Importing and exporting their data

it will provide an easy interface for importing and exporting their data. The export file can be downloaded, changed and then used as an import file to update their data. the file format can be generated automatically by many inventory control programs and can also be created manually in any text editor or Microsoft Excel.

Supported marketplaces and listings

Online Auction Management needs to export for listings on the [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] marketplace sites. Online Auction Management supports all marketplace listing types, including auctions, variations, fixed price and fulfillment by amazon (FBA).

Powerful repricing engine

The competitive repricing tool was built with simplicity and power in mind. We provide the tools that are needed to completely automate pricing research and updates for their marketplace listings. Pricing research is essential for every retail business and plays a huge part in determining who captures a sale. Online Auction Management eliminates the need to manually research their competition and update their prices. Simply provide Online Auction Management with the minimum price they are willing to sell their item for and leave the rest up to us!

Compete with total price

Online Auction Management will frequently search their competition and retrieve the item price + shipping price, or “total price”, to adjust their prices automatically so they remain truly competitive. Unlike other repricing tools that retrieve the item price only, Online Auction Management always uses the item price and the shipping price to calculate their competition and reprice their listings. The ability to retrieve the total price is essential to keeping they a step ahead of their competition and will help they win the buy box on all of their marketplaces.

Profiles and filters

they can set up unlimited profiles which allow they to control how their listings are repriced and who they compete with. We are constantly adding new filters that can help they gain an edge over competition and increase chances of winning the Buy Box, while maximizing their profit margins. Beat competition by a fixed dollar amount or percentage or match the competition instead of beating them to avoid price wars. Choose from filters like item condition, seller rating, feedback count, limit price range, featured sellers only, exclude hidden prices and much more…..

Repricing frequency

The frequency that their listings will be repriced entirely depends on the plan that they choose. The available intervals can be seen by comparing the plans on the pricing page. We can reprice an average of 10,000 SKU's an hour. The re-price now function (coming soon and available to select plans) gives they the ability to reprice without waiting for the next interval.

eBay catalog repricing

True repricing works by identifying a product and then downloading all of the competition that is listed to that product. eBay has recently added a feature called catalog that enables sellers to submit a listing of a product that exists on the eBay website. Since regular eBay listings are not listed to an existing product, Online Auction Management will only be able to reprice eBay listings that are attached to a catalog or include a product identifier such as the UPC code or ISBN number. Repricers that claim to reprice non cataloged listings find their competition by performing keyword searches, which prove to be highly ineffective.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Online Auction Management fully supports the repricing of FBA listings and provides special filters that enable they to choose how they want to reprice their FBA listings and how they want to compete against others.

Winning the buy box

It is fairly common knowledge that having the lowest price is not necessarily going to guarantee they the Buy Box placement. Online Auction Management will adjust their price upward in certain situations in order to maximize their profit without losing the chances of winning the buy box. There are many powerful filters available that will allow they to increase their chances of winning the buy box and maximizing their profit.

Prevent loss and maximize profits

Each one of their SKU's will have a min price that they can set in order to avoid any financial loss. No matter the situation, Online Auction Management will never lower their price under the min price that they set. A max price can also be entered in order to avoid being priced too high and to maximize profits when there is no competition.

Powerful inventory automation

Inventory synchronization is crucial to their business if they are selling on more than one marketplace. Constantly having to worry about overselling and updating their listings when inventory changes is both time consuming and a huge distraction. Online Auction Management completely eliminates these issues for they by keeping all of their marketplace listings in sync with one another at all times. When their eBay listing sells, their Amazon listing gets revised to reflect the new inventory. Never miss a sale due to unlisted inventory, track and manage quantities across multiple marketplaces to avoid overselling, automatically relist restocked items and display low inventory to attract more buyers.

Updating their inventory

Inventory can easily be updated in the app by setting the new quantity and assigning any optional profiles that tell Online Auction Management how to distribute that inventory. they can also update their inventory in bulk by importing their latest inventory numbers via an import file. Online Auction Management will automatically revise their live listings within minutes to reflect the new quantities that they have set.

Greater flexibility with inventory profiles

Inventory Profiles allow they to control how their inventory is managed. they can choose from four different rule types; list a percentage of available inventory, list a fixed number regardless of available inventory and add or subtract from available inventory. There is no limit to the number of profiles they can create and we make it extremely easy to assign them to their listings.

Sell more with auto-relist

they can choose to have their listings relist automatically when available inventory is set. This feature makes sure that their items with inventory are always available to buyers, so that they do not miss out on any sales. If they are an eBay seller, this feature will help boost their chances of securing the Buy Box and showing up higher in search results.

Sell sooner with max to list

Sellers find that their listings perform better when a buyer feels the sense of urgency to purchase. If buyers see a limited number of items left, they may purchase it sooner. Max to list allows they to input a number less than their available inventory which it will then display to buyers. Once real inventory goes below Max to list, their real inventory will be used.

Revision frequency

their listings will be updated within minutes of a sale or a change in inventory. As soon as Online Auction Management records a change, it immediately takes proper action so that their listings are as up-to-date as possible.

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