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541484 Development of Automated Prospecting and Member Management

Automated Recruiting/Prospecting and Member Management System

(Main Objective – Recruit and Manage Unlimited Number of Prospects and Distributors)

Overall System Requirements

- Replicated Capture & Presentation Pages

- Secure Members and Download Areas

- Tie All Training Into One Central Location

- Complete Built-In Tracking Tools for Capture Pages and Ads Items

- Automatic Generation Of Advertising Banner Codes

- Applicable for New Completely Different Websites

- Applicable for Completely Different Domains

- Software must work in most commonly used server and web hosting.

- Provide Editable Page Templates

Member Features

Managing Member:

• Add, Edit, Delete Member/Prospect

• Search Member/Prospect Based on Filter Criteria (by region, nationality, gender etc)

• Set Custom Commissions Per Product for Each Member

• Custom Members Links with Support for Search-Engine Friendly Links

• Option to Redirect Member Link to a Custom URL on a Per Member Basis

• Support for Dynamic Subdomain Member/Prospect Links (http://userID or [url removed, login to view])

• Support for Member/Prospect Link ID Encryption

• Customizable Member/Prospect Signup Forms - Make Certain Fields Hidden, Optional or Required

Communicating With Member/Prospect:

• Mass Emailing Option Allows for emailing to All Member/Prospect

• Ability to Send Emails to a Particular User Group, Member/Prospect Program Membership, or Status

• Send Text, HTML or Both Email Types to your Member/Prospect Members

• Send HTML-Formatted Emails Easily with the Built-In HTML Editor

• Use Email Custom Tags to Enable Personalization for Each Email Sent

• Customizable Email Templates for Member/Prospect Signups, Commission Generation and More

• Unique and Customizable Welcome Email Templates for Each Member/Prospect Program

• Create Custom Email Templates for Frequently Sent Email Content

• Built-In Follow-Up Sequence Module - Send Member Follow-Up Emails on a Preset Schedule

• Support for Third-Party Autoresponders like AWeber and GetResponse

Paying Member:

(Each of these features must have the option to enable or disable by Admin)

• Automatically Set Pending Commissions to Unpaid on your Preset Time

• Approve Commissions First before Payment for Security

• Multiple Payment Options to Pay Member/Prospect Members

• Pay Member Directly or through Mass Payment Option

• Customize and Print Member/Prospect Payment Invoices for Check Payments

• Automatically Marks All Related Commissions Paid after Payment has been made

• Set Custom Minimum Payout Balances per Member/Prospect

Analyzing Member/Prospect Performance:

• View Member/Prospect Performance with Built-In Dynamic, Flash-Based Reports

• Analyze Member/Prospect Performance on a Daily or Monthly Basis

• Graph Click Referrals and Commissions

• View Top Member/Prospect Performers by Clicks or Commissions Generated

• View Daily or Monthly Member/Prospect Signup Totals

Commission and Sales Management Features

(Each of these features must have the option to enable or disable by Admin)

Commission Settings:

• Setup Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Lead, or Pay-Per-Click Commission Payouts

• Create up to 10 Commission Payout Tiers / Levels

• Commission Payouts can be Flat-Fee or Percentage of Sale Amount

• Option to Auto-Approve Pending Commissions on a Preset Time

• Support for Any Currency Symbol

• Ability to Add Custom Payment Option

• Option to Give Out Signup Bonuses to New Members

• Option to Give Out Bonuses Based on Performance Criteria

Managing Commissions:

• Add, Edit, Approve, Disapprove, or Delete Member Commissions

• Support for Recurring or One-Time Payment Commissions

• Support for Custom Recurring Frequency at Checkout Time

• Search Commissions By Status and Date or Search Term

• Add Custom Fields to Commission Generated for Better Tracking

• Create Custom Commissions Per Member on a Per Program Per Level Basis

• Automatic Refund Module allows for Deletion or Refunding of Member Commissions

Analyzing Commissions:

• Dynamic, Flash-Based Reports for Viewing Commissions

• View Total Commissions on a Daily or Monthly Basis

• View Top Commission Earners by Member or Website Referral

Marketing and Member Tools and Features

Member Banner Ads:

• Create Unlimited Banners Per Program

• Upload GIF, JPEG, or SWF (Flash) Banners

• Option to Redirect to Custom URL per Banner

• Option to Store Banners in Database - For Added Security and Flexibility

• Built-In Banner Ad Rotator allows for Members to Rotate your Member Banner Ads

Member Text Links:

• Create Unlimited Text Links Per Program

• Option to Redirect Each Text Link to a Custom URL

• Built-In Text Link Rotator allows for Members to Rotate your Text Links

Member Text Ads:

• Create Unlimited Text Ads Per Program (a la Google AdSense)

• Option to Redirect Each Text Ad to a Custom URL

• Customizable Font, Title, and Background Colors

• Built-In HTML Editor Allows You to Create Text Ads with No HTML Knowledge

• Built-In Text Ad Rotator allows for Members to Rotate your Text Ads

Member Hover Ads:

• Create Unlimited Hover Ads Per Program

• Option to Redirect Each Hover Ad to a Custom URL

• Hover Ads will "hover" on Top of an Member's Web Page until closed by Visitor

• Customizable Font, Title, and Background Colors

• Built-In HTML Editor Allows You to Create HTML Hover Ads with NO HTML Knowledge

Member Email Ads:

• Create Unlimited Email Ads Per Program

• Option to Redirect Each Email Ad to a Custom URL

• Use for Email Marketing Campaigns by Members

Member Article Ads:

• Create Unlimited Article Ads Per Program

• Option to Redirect Article Ad to a Custom URL

• Use for Publishing articles online or through RSS Feeds

• Viral PDFs

• Create Unlimited Viral PDFs for Distribution to Your Members

• Create a Viral Funnel of Traffic by letting your Members distribute them all over the Internet

• Let your Member members give out your PDF as free downloadable content

Other Built-In Marketing and Member Tools:

• Built-In Tell-A-Friend Marketing Tool

• Website Replication Module

• Allow Members to Track Their Member Links Using the Ad Tracker Option

• Built-In Member Link Protector Allows Members to Generate Web Pages to Protect Links

• Built-In Member Follow-Up Module

• Built-In Downline Viewer - Allow Members to View their Downlines

• Built-In Member Downline Email Tool for Emailing Downlines

• Optional Integration with Third-Party Autoresponders like AWeber and GetResponse

Program Management Features

Multiple Member Programs:

• Add Unlimited Member Programs with Custom Commission Tiers and Payouts

• Create Unique and Custom Member Programs for Different Products or Services

• Custom Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Lead, or Pay-Per-Click Programs

• Ability to Create Unique Marketing Tools for Each Member Program

Full Customization Options

• Unique Member Links, Welcome Emails, and Members Areas Per Program

• Support for Custom URLs After Signup and Login

• Customize the HTML Layout for Each Program - Allowing for a Unique Look

• Built-In Content Publisher Allows For Custom Member's Main Menu Content

• Ability to Add Your Own Language Packs

Advance Program Features:

• Built-In Authentication Module Allows for Custom Members' Areas

• Use the Authentication Module to Create Unlimited Membership Sites

• Built-In Download Authentication to Protect Downloadable Products

Statistics and Reporting Features

Admin Reporting Tools:

• Generate On-Demand Reports in Dynamic Flash-Format or Normal HTML

• Graph and Analyze Affiliate Program Performance

• View Reports on a Daily, Monthly or Yearly Basis

• View Reports on Affiliates, Commissions, Clicks, Marketing Tools and Referring Websites

• Data Export Options to Export Data to Tab-Separated, CSV, or Excel Spreadsheet Format

Affiliate Reporting Tools:

• Affiliates can Generate Reports in Dynamic Flash-Format or Normal HTML

• View Referring Website Clicks or Commissions Generated

• Ability to View Details on Each Commission Generated

• View Top Performing Ads Used with the Built-In Affiliate Ad-Tracker

System Integration Features

Included Integration Options:

• Track Affiliates Using Cookies, IP Address, or Sessions

• Set Cookie Timer to Whatever Time Length You Prefer (days, months, years)

• Option to Overwrite Existing Affiliate Cookie

• Append Cookie to URL for Integrating the System into Different Domains

• Integration Instructions for a Variety of Shopping Carts and Payment Processors

• Built-In Hidden Image Tag Integration Method

• Built-In JavaScript Integration Method

• Built-In PHP Integration Method

• Built-In Integration Method for a Wide Array of Shopping Carts and Payment Gateways

• Built-In Automatic Signup Module for Turning Customers Into Affiliates

• Built-In Automatic Refund Module for Refunding Commissions

• Flexibility to Create a Custom Integration Method using PHP

System and Security Features

System Management:

• System Events Viewer Allows Viewing of all System Transactions

• Daily Database Optimizations

• Daily Email Alerts Sent to Admin

• Monthly Email Reports Sent to Affiliates

• Option to do Automatic Database Backups

Security Features:

• Enable / Disable Affiliate Password Resets via Email

• Enable / Disable Admin Password Resets via Email

• Enable / Disable Admin Lockout Timer for Brute-Force Protection

• Email Admin on Failed Login Attempts

• Enable / Disable Duplicate Transaction Monitoring for Commissions

• Ability to Restrict access to [url removed, login to view]

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